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How Good Are Those Knock Off Amazon Goggles You Bought? The Truth Might Surprise You!

When it comes to buying gear it seems people are perfectly fine with just buying whatever in regards to goggles. I get it snowboarding isn’t cheap and sometimes you cut corners, but what kind of long term effects are you doing to yourself and snowboarding by buying these cheap goggles? That’s what this video delves into. Some of you are going to be upset that your favorite snowboarding influencer goggles are crap. And yes I can say that after this, well I was saying it before this.

Buy real goggles here and yes these are all discounted:
Evo Oakley Line Miner XM https://bit.ly/3iXFPjA
Evo Oakley Line Miner https://bit.ly/3mLmvZ0
Snowboards.com Oakley Line Miner Women’s XM https://bit.ly/35WnKie
Snowboards.com Oakley Line Miner XM https://bit.ly/3iVwTLG
The House Oakley Line Miner XM https://bit.ly/2G7EfNl
Evo Smith Squad https://bit.ly/360FuZL
Evo Smith Virtue Women’s https://bit.ly/2Ex6AfS
Evo Smith Drift Women’s https://bit.ly/2G4vpQs
Backcountry Smith I/O Mag https://bit.ly/2FTtEWK
REI Smith Skyline https://bit.ly/2Hs1zWX
Utah Ski Smith Squad https://bit.ly/301LptM
Snowboards.com Dragon X1 https://bit.ly/3i4TZON
Utah Skis Dragon PVX https://bit.ly/33QuzPL
Backcountry Dragon PVX https://bit.ly/32Wat7t
Backcountry Dragon X2 https://bit.ly/3mJAJtv
Evo Dragon DX3 https://bit.ly/303sq1Z
Evo Dragon NFX https://bit.ly/2RTlxfe
Backcountry Anon Sync Women’s https://bit.ly/303PYUu
Backcountry Anon MFI https://bit.ly/3024nAl
Backcountry Anon M1 Women’s https://bit.ly/3hWTFRZ
Snowboards.com Anon Relapse https://bit.ly/3hVUvhK
Backcountry Electric EG 3.5 https://bit.ly/3cnMIbv
Evo Electric EG 2.5 https://bit.ly/33Wx1nR
Evo Electric EGG https://bit.ly/2RQTH3l
Moosejaw Electric EGG OTG https://bit.ly/32XesR4

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Filmed and Edited by Avran LeFeber
Music: Street Rhapsody

Buy from these online retailers, we need money.
1. Evo http://bit.ly/2KKsNnS
2. Backcountry http://bit.ly/2IEoFJE
3. Christy Sports https://bit.ly/2EGhwHS
4. Snowboards.com http://bit.ly/2rYG8Cj
5. REI http://bit.ly/2IE44oV
5. Moosejaw https://bit.ly/3lwvH2W
6. The House http://bit.ly/2GIBUmM
7. Gravity Coalition https://bit.ly/3gKzS7J
8. Bergs https://bit.ly/3hLdQ69
9. Cole Sport https://bit.ly/31JK0JC
10. Saint Bernard https://bit.ly/2GbEp6t
11. Utah Skis https://bit.ly/2YPDkI5
12. Leftlane Sports https://bit.ly/34Ko03g
13. Outdoor Gear Exchange https://bit.ly/3bapKEa
14. Gear Coop https://bit.ly/34QNr3i
15. Buckmans https://bit.ly/34QPhky
16. Bob Wards https://bit.ly/3lvPIqx

Amazon Store: https://amzn.to/37y7hid

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1. Blue Tomato: http://tidd.ly/5319a067
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