Yes Typo with Nidecker Ignitions A Brief Inspection

This was my second jaunt on a Yes board seeing what they had to offer. Their sidecut with the magnitude of serrations is pretty interesting and they do have some other technology that is notable. However Nidecker bindings can suck on a aids infested Elephants penis worst binding I rode all season.

Board: Yes Typo

Size: 156

Camber Option: Camrocker so cambered in the middle till somewhere around the inserts then into an early rise rocker. Basically when the camber is loaded the rocker actuates and rises up.

Bindings: Nidecker Ignition

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Winter Park

Conditions: End of the day push mounds with some sunshine and shade all over.

Preconceived Notions: Some people have been raving about how awesome this deck is and how I needed to try it cause it was just my style. I wasn’t overly impressed with The Dudes but we’ll see how riding a different flexing deck from them works out.

Flex: Right about middle of the road for a cambered deck.

Stability: Just didn’t find it overly stable at speeds or through chop and could feel every little bump that I hit.

Ollies/Pop: Think of it like loading a cambered deck with a shorter camber zone so you get the snap more under the back foot instead of at the tail, that’s basically how this felt. It had some OK pop but not anything that made me stop and go holy fuck that was awesome as shit.

Butterability: The rocker in the tips did lend itself to making things a little easier but being that it’s camber you were still having to load and unload your weight to get desired effects.

Cruising: Now this thing could rail a turn and hold it even on ice which was nice as hell.

Jibbing: Much like buttering it lent itself to having some minor help on presses but that’s not what these boards are really designed for in my opinion.

Rider in Mind: Guy thats still in love with camber and likes that feel.

Personal Thoughts: Still not overly impressed with the overall ride of these decks. I think they could tweak some stuff and offer a bit better of a ride.

What They Say: I wanted to do something easy and clear. So I just choosed some lovely typo and I tried to make it interesting. I think that snowboarding and YES. is just about fun and friends so I wanted to insert all these things into it. That’s why it looks so crazy and colorful.

Binding Compatibility: Maybe on a jibstick from 5 years ago they’d have worked well but the deck definitely over powered these things.

Binding Adjustability: Really wasn’t that much need that needed to be adjusted these things are so minimal in design.

Straps: I’d have been better putting a rubber band around my boot and than using these straps there was nothing to them at all.

Highbacks: Any highback I can put between my thumb and forefinger and fold in half has 0 stability or rigidity to hold you up.

Binding Flex: About as soft as Ron Jeremy’s cock after making Revenge of Frankenpenis. Seriously nothing stopping these from over flexing.

Ratchets: Reminiscent of something I used in the 90’s.

Rider in Mind: A jibber whose Delorean couldn’t get the 1.21 Gigawatts to get him back to the present.

Personal Thoughts: These things were a fucking pile of shit.

What They Say: The best of Nidecker technology for a freestyle ride on rails, in the park or pipe. The Ignition will give you total freedom for your biggest tricks !

Causes controversy!

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  1. Nic says:

    The Typo should be like the normal last year’s deck, isn’t it?
    But, does this deck have the ultimate grip?

    How could you compare the Typo with last year Yes.?

  2. With grace and ease I compared it in a loving and nurturing manner. Yeah it had Ultimate grip as I remember.

  3. nothing left to say says:

    but it is nonprofessional to test board (and publish a review) without a good binding which you are used to. good burton/union(do not use the contact!)/flux/ride bindings maybe do not make a difference in their influence but some others do…

  4. Am I professional? You need to think before you post.

  5. WTF? says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious the writer of the previous comment meant “unethical”, or perhaps “inaccurate”, when saying “nonprofessional”. You need to think before you reply to people’s posts.

  6. It’s pretty obvious the previous commentator had his head up your ass. It’s cool that you guys like the ATM so much but really know I think I know how it rode since I”m the one that rode it.

  7. Nic says:

    I think the binding influences the 40% of the board’s feeling…

  8. Nic says:

    You’re not funny, I’m serious. On one board i changed 4 bindings in one season and I can tell you (and you know it) that every binding makes the board a bit different.

    If you ride a 2010 PBJ (for example) with a responsive binding it’s not the same using it with a jib-specific one.

  9. But that doesn’t answer my question does it effect it 40.24% or not?

    Don’t blow an O ring I know what works and doesn’t work. Comes with riding 100’s of days.

  10. wow says:

    Dude, how are you professional if every comment you make is putting some one else down.
    These people are on your blog giving you business, yet you treat them like crap. You need to take a step back, if you wont people taking your advice on snowboards respect their opinion.

    They make valid points, bindings affect a board quite a lot, so much so that you in fact review them. So they must be important. I PERSONALLy think they impact a board quite a lot. If you did all your reviews with one set of bindings you were comfortable on, you would have a universal scale to rate snowboards.

    You are a professional snowboarder but put as much care into this blog as you do to snowboarding.

  11. If I was a professional snowboarder I wouldn’t run this site, but damn I guess pro standards are low or maybe it’s just yours cause I’m definitely not.

    I rode the board I rode the bindings I then wrote the review are you gathering anything here?

    Opinions are like assholes everyone is one.

  12. nowlege505 says:

    yes rocks!!!!! I have rode forum,lib tech and burton boards. I think the un-inc is a great board and yes took that as a platform and made it better. I am not a pro rider but have been riding plenty long enough to know good gear. ( BINDINGS DO MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE)!!!!!!

  13. Wow you know how to use capslocks. Board isn’t even close to being based on the Uninc.

  14. Djosh says:

    angrysnowboader is angry….
    but disregarding the binding conflict, if I were looking at The Dudes and the Typo, and I shred park, which one am I looking for?

  15. Chill says:

    Okay then…Angry Snowboarder stop snowboarding if it makes you so unhappy and/or angry. The point of snowboarding is to forget the stress of life.

    And man part of testing something is having the same standards and equipment for each test, do you think chemists repeat experiments with different chemicals expecting the same result…thats insane.

    I can’t trust your reviewing until you have some sort of formula for each board review, giving everything the same standards

  16. All I gathered from this is “I use the Good Wood test to pick my boards”. I definitely ride more in a month than you ride in a year. WAH WAH WAH!

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