Yes Too Reviewed

The Burton retirement program is going well and strong with their second movie. You have all your older Burton favorites like Tadashi, JP, Romain, and DCP. You know the guys that were enjoyable to watch when you were still in high school and your early twenties. Now add to that roster guys like Frank April, Colin Spencer, and Madison Ellsworth who are young and hungry.

Is this a well rounded movie with everything from giant jumps to backcountry slashers? Not really it ebbs more on the side of big mountain freestyle and pow lines. Which if you understand the Yes team then you realize this is where their strong suit is.

Frank April does stand up to the streets as their predominately urban rider, but his part in Enlighten is far superior to this. For all you powderholics that can’t stand seeing a snowboard slide cement just bare through this short segment.

These guys have a great sense of humor and that shows in the skits in this flick. Nothing like seeing JP as a pink rabbit running from a hunter while dueling banjo’s plays. Then there’s the filming of Trouble Andrews video part. I’m calling it now part of the year!

All in all it’s a short powder loving movie that won’t appeal to everyone. So jib kids if you have no inclination to ride pow avoid it, everyone else get stoked out.

Causes controversy!

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  1. SweatyCrack says:

    Looks like its worth watching.

  2. Dan says:

    Spot on review… I won this at a rail jam, watched it that night and was bored throughout 95% of it being a park rat myself

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