X-Games To Add Snowboard Ballet In 2015

The X-Games happened again this weekend in Aspen Colorado and of course those that actually care about snowboarding got to watch a spin to win triple chuck yourself contest go down in various events. The only high points were that Danny Davis won halfpipe with a run that included a switch method and Chloe Kim has added style to women’s halfpipe. Other than that all one needed to do was stick to the twittersphere and read Todd Richards hilarious commentary as well as a few other select snowboarding related personalities. But with no surprise ESPN has already preemptively struck with their answer to the spin to win madness by adding a new event for the X-Games, read the release below.

The new mandatory snowboard ballet uniforms for 2015 X-Games.

The new mandatory snowboard ballet uniforms for 2015 X-Games.

Monday, January 27th, 2014

In 2015, the 20th year of X Games, competitions will be held in Aspen from Jan. 23-26. “We felt after all the outrage from snowboarders like Sage Kotsenburg and Halldor Helgason to take their feedback and create a venue that speaks more to their emphasis on style and spinning.” Said ESPN spokeswomen Ima S. Kier.

After careful deliberation with the FIS and other skiing organizations it was determined that a lack of spinning style would hinder bringing a much broader demographic to the X-Games. Looking back through the history of winter sports it seems that when Ski Ballet fell off there was a drastic decline in winter enthusiasts. As much as the X-Games franchise is a spectacle for all to watch it still needs to resonate with the everyman which is why for 2015 the creation of snowboard ballet will be added to the venues lineup. Filling the void between MegaMo and Snowmobile Small Air.

The U.S. Navy has already signed on as the official sponsor of the SloMo Butter Pad. A new feature that will be added into slope style in hopes of breeding a cross format acceptance.

Snowboard ballet will be the culmination of ground tricks including spins, hand stands, and flips while cued up to empowering music. It melds aspects of slope style and half pipe riding with the fundamentals of edge control and rider prowess.

Confirmed Athletes Include: Shaun White, JunnoSake Takano, Ryan “Butters” McSwivel, Shirley McSpins, and more.

Three time Olympic snowboard half pipe gold-medalist Shaun White (2006, 2010, 2014) will attempt to emphasize his dominance in the art of spin to win, while also showcasing his skills in nut hugging fashion.

Shaun was quoted as saying: “Well after my win in Sochi in both half pipe and slope style I decided that to assert my dominance I had better branch off into a new venue that utilizes my uncanny cat like prowess of tight pants cheetah spins. Some older guys just go after the boardercross thing to maintain their glory, but I’m above that, plus I need to be first in everything and to win a new event like this just makes me look even more awesome to the moms that buy my clothes at Target. I do feel that I will be at a disadvantage with not being able to grab my boot, but I think I have the triple cork tail block in the books.”

ESPN and ABC will televise a combined 20 hours of live Winter X Games Aspen competition in high definition, which will also be accessible via WatchESPN and WatchABC to viewers who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider. An additional seven hours of competition will be carried on ESPN3 as well as the latest coverage across ESPN digital platforms, including XGames.com, X Games app, X Games pages across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

About X-Games:
The X Games is the longest-running event in action sports, featuring competitions in snowboarding, freeskiing and snowmobiling in the winter and skateboarding, BMX, motocross and rally car racing in the summer. The event has featured some of the most historic feats in action sports history, including the first back to back triple cork in a snowboard slopestyle run, landed by Max Parrot in 2014.

Causes controversy!

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    Sweet, more Japanese dominance.

    I heard they are gonna add wands for more appeal to the amateur go-pro demographic.

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