Who Cares About Rossignol?

Chances are if I were to mention Rossignol Snowboards to you your answer would be something to the effect of what about em? That’s exactly the point, what about them? Here’s a brand that’s been around for 20 something years in snowboarding and changed hands more than a hundred dollar bill in Las Vegas and yet they have nothing going on. With their exit from under the Quiksilver umbrella to being a bit more independent albeit under the Mont Blanc Group.

No seriously, what have they done? Where’s the power move to reassert that they aren’t dead in the water? What have they done in the last year or so that would make anyone pay attention to them?

They’ve lost Jeremy Jones, Kyle Clancy, and Chad Otterstrom. To think that once upon a time they had Todd Richards, Travis Rice, and other notables amongst their ranks. Is there really anyone on their team right now that makes you want to buy their product at all? Then again maybe their products are so good they don’t need a endorsement from sick riders, oh no wait they aren’t one of those companies.

What about their boot line? In North America it’s about as present as Billy Mays pulse. Rumors of the boots still being available in Europe have been whispered by reps in passing. Seriously they once had a boot line it wasn’t great and under the Quiksilver umbrella they were just using older DC designs to try and establish that they had some kind of boot division. Downsizing happens and is sometimes a necessity of survival but when you’re a multi-tiered brand like Rossignol it doesn’t bode well for your image especially after one season the boots were hyped then the next poof gone like Kato Kaelins career.

On the tech spectrum what do they even have going for them? They’re claiming Magnetraction which isn’t even their invention and is left over from the Quiksilver/John Jackson days from the JDub. Oh look they have reverse camber, oh no wait it’s just camber with the contact points pushed in so when you load it the nose and tail rise up. Yeah ski rocker design for sure, that involves weighting and unweighting. Looks like they’re a camber company. In their binding line they have E.H.T or Extruded Heelcup Technology woo hoo they learned how to mill out a heel cup to reduce weight and can now make a claim that it gives 50% more board feel. Any proof to that claim or is it just more marketing hype?

Rossignol has always been a ski company and that’s the image they’ve always had, in this day and age with their rebranding or whatever they’re doing to be The Pure Mountain Company they somehow forgot that snowboarders are on the mountain. The proof is in how much more money and time they put into their ski side of things. If you compared them to K2 or Salomon they aren’t even on the same page in term of marketing, tech, teams, or even market share. Even Atomic and Volkl are steps ahead of what they’re doing.

Which now poses the question of when do you pull the life support plug? Think about all the different incarnations of this brand over the last decade and you have to wonder if maybe the company should just go concentrate more on playing with the pole and less on sliding sideways. So I’ll ask the main question who cares about Rossignol?

Causes controversy!

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  2. doug says:

    some of the best skis from my childhood years, but I never ever took them seriously when they put out boards, and it made me sick to see who was riding for them over the yrs. They should get out, if they wanna be in snowboarding they should fund some rider operated/controlled project, free of the rossignol name.

  3. acme says:

    i wouldnt expect burton to be any good when it comes to making skis

  4. Andrew says:

    I DON’T care about rossignol.
    Their a ski company…
    I snowboard….
    I have never taken any interest in any of their products…

  5. doug says:

    K2(Ride, Lamar, Morrow), Head, Elan, Salomon, Atomic, Volkl… all ski companies too

  6. justin says:

    I think the last time anybody cared about Rossi was when that Seoane board came out that Jamie Lynn did the topsheet art for

  7. justin says:

    …and they only cared cuz JL did the art

  8. merk says:

    Haven’t actually seen anybody riding Rossi snowboard gear on the hill in years. Props to Jones for getting his own stuff going.

  9. Polykeller says:

    “I think the last time anybody cared about Rossi was when that Seoane board came out that Jamie Lynn did the topsheet art for”

    Amen to that!!

  10. pj says:

    what about xavier de le rue?

  11. Andrew says:


    all of which i don’t care about…

  12. Andrew says:

    i didint even know volkl made snowboards…

    K2 owns 5150 too

  13. nvansluy says:

    The only originally-ski companies that matter in snowboarding are k2 & Salomon. k2 has won too many awards and introduced enough new technologies (not all successful) to be dismissed. Hey, TAS uses k2 Formulas as his default bindings.

    Salomon has the most comfortable & low profile (fusion) boots out there, and their board line, while somewhat hit & miss, has enough winners to be called a success.

    Elan, Head, Volkl, Rossignol? Give it up guys.

  14. txester says:

    No good riders? jaja and what about Xavier de la

  15. I'm the guy they call stupid says:

    Elan makes a lot of your beloved “core” brands. K2 was the first to bail out to China. Salomon can’t make up their mind. Sad fact is, without SKI companies, snowboards wouldn’t have developed so fast. Dummies.

  16. Jake says:

    Nice article, I’ve been wondering where my childhood rossignol has gone lately.

  17. Elenchus says:

    Yes. “Real” snowboarders want to buy from a snowboard company. “Real” skiers want to buy from a ski company.

    BUT… Weekenders who aren’t that into the culture, being core, or looking cool… they still buy gear and I think there are a lot of weekenders with dollars to spend.

    When I go to local hills (granted I’m in the Midwest) the vast majority of boards I see weekender kids using are (#1) Lamar / 5150 and (#2) Burton with (#3) K2.

    Over in the park it’s a different story, but the park kids are a real minority compared with the rest of the people on the hill.

    So who cares about Rossignol? Nobody really. Those that ride the boards don’t care, and those that don’t ride the boards don’t care . But they still sell to those moms and dads that don’t want a Stepchild “Whale Cock” and to their kids that are just happy to go ride and get a hot chocolate with the family.

  18. fattrav says:

    The 04/05 Decoy was a nice ride, not sure about there stuff now though. Looking at the winter ‘collection’ they just posted up on facebook, they are clearly targeting the people who dont go to the mountain but want a snow stlye jacket, ski mums and latte drinkers.

  19. R120 says:

    Rossignol make some great boards, the JDUB and Experience being two of them.

    Their marketing sucks, and they certainly dont appear to know what direction to take their snowboarding arm in.

    The Amptek rocker design is identical to the Camrock used on Nidecker, Yes and Jones boards, designed by the same guy, Stephane Radiguet, who is one of the top board designers out there, and a legend in the French Alps.

    Perhaps the sad truth about Rossignol, is that because they have such a large presence in European markets, where they dominate the snowboard rental markets, and get a lot of business as a result, that perhaps the snowboard side of the business is profitable enough without having to go down the route of big name riders to bring in sales, and the money they would have to spend in a very negative North American market that remains very anti ski companies to form such a team, means that it would be a waste of money, and a stupid direction for them to go down.

    Your article totally forgets that the snowboard market is global, and that whilst Rossi may be a minor player in the US, they are a much bigger player in other markets.

  20. No r120 the article is addressed globally all my friends in Europe to NZ have said the same thing it’s becoming a brand that you see the rental stuff but not the high end.

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  22. Leo says:

    I never cared for Rossi stuff until I demoed the 2011 One Magtek. I actually really enjoyed that board. That’s pretty much it out of their line though. The Taipan and Angus weren’t bad, but nothing special.

  23. acme says:

    Elan manufacturers a lot of brands’ snowboards. Head’s snowboard division is actually the old Blax Snowboards.

  24. R120 says:

    Angry – thats exactly the point i am making, why would they shut down the snowboard division when they have huge rental sales? They may be a rare sight on US mountains, but in Europe, particularity France, they are a very visible brand.

    Its a great shame that many people wont go near ski brands – Head make some great boards, their ICT line are some of the best riding freeride boards out there, and Atomic and Volkl both make some great boards too.

    For me they are far more legit than the likes of K2, who pretend to be something they are not – K2 used to actively campaign against snowboarding, now they are all down with the kids. At least the ski brands don’t pretend to be something they aren’t.

    Its a shame that companies who put money into building great product get ignored, the snowboard industry and its product is sold on hype and marketing, not quality of product, and the industry as a whole is so obsessed with image, that the performance of the gear they are hyping comes a very distant second.

  25. Well R then they should go concentrate on the rental model. Rental boards aren’t production and they ride like a 2 x 4 which can be said about a few of their models. Every top tier brand has a rental division and it’s just lower margins for buyers and more profits for the companies. Rossi I know for a fact was giving away their rental products with some of the most absurd margins, hence why it is everywhere.

  26. TDB says:

    Yeah your argument isn’t very good my Angry friend.

    1) Rossi make some amazing boards…..you’d probably know that if you’d actually ridden any.

    2) Amptek, although similar in design to Wavelength and Camrock actually feels very different……better in my opinion. Also, any company that puts as much money into R&D for the design of a board like the Experience, a pretty niche product I’m sure you’ll agree, is definitely adding the something to the sport. Think they’ve had a return on that investment yet?……Probably not.

    3) They’ve developed some great boards over the years; the Experience is one of the best freeride boards ever built, the Angus is a wicked freestyle board, this season’s One Mag and Decoy decks are also wicked.

    4) Sure they don’t push their product as hard as some of the other big brands but the snowboard side of their marketing department is apparently really small……so it isn’t really possible.

    5) They don’t claim to be a massive part of snowboard culture and just do their own thing; pushing well-made quality decks. So, sure the kids that want to buy what Travis Rice and Haldor Helgason are shredding won’t be interested……but those that do a bit of research on product will definitely look on Rossi decks favourably.

    6) Their team; well Xavier De La Rue and Jonas Emery are two legends of the sport. Xavier has been pushing freeriding, along with a few others, over the past couple of years…..nobody has won the World Freeride Champs as many times.

    What I’m trying to say is that although Rossi is a big company, associated with skiing, the snowboard side of things is a very small operation that is creating good products with the aspiration of growing slowly and organically. It’s run by snowboarders that are passionate about the product so there’s no point in saying “it’s a ski company so I don’t like them”…….surely we’re past that immature bullshit anyway? Yeah they don’t have the coolest image but it’s a brand that is working to change that by letting their product to the talking, which I kinda admire. They won’t have anywhere near the budget that K2 or Burton have.

    I don’t work for Rossi I just love their boards………and like you I was a cynic before I knew any better.


  27. OK TBD so I guess you work for them because I have yet to find anyone that goes out of their way to want one of their decks. The Angus is a crock of shit it’s heavy, dead flexing, and doesn’t do shit. Sure they paid a bunch of mags to give it awards but the people that can’t be bought know it’s a pile of crap. I’ve given them numerous chances over the years to wow me there’s been a few decks that are fun to ride and occasionally one gem that’s solid. But the company continually fails.

    Just like you said they have a smaller budget than their ski brand counter parts. Sorry but if you’re going to try and make a product for the masses you either should go at it full throttle and do something worthwhile or pull the fucking plug. No one cares about Rossignol snowboards because there’s nothing to care about the products are sub par, the team is non existent oh woo hoo Jonas and Xavier. OK tell me this does the average rider wake up and go I’m going to go point it from the top of Hemispheres at Baker and straight line it like what Xavier would do? Fuck no they wake up and want to go cruise some groomers and have fun. Their decks don’t cater to those people.

    Their tech is nothing its the lazy way out of claiming hybrid reverse camber oh we pushed the contact point in so when you weight it the nose and tail rise up but essentially it’s just camber. Might work for a few people but at the end of the day it’s still camber. Magnetraction not anything they invented. Their bindings are a complete joke. Where’s the boot line these days? Seriously where’d it go I remember having to sell it a decade ago.

  28. TDB says:

    No like I said I don’t work for Rossignol……..but you’ve used a very predictable come-back.

    How does a company continually fail if they make good boards?……so they don’t have Chris Bradshaw or Scott Stevens on their team. How can you say their boards are sub par when you’ve tested one Rossi board…..you’re not making any sense. Sounds as though you’ve got a preconception of the brand; so how can your opinion by impartial and unbiased? It’s an opinion and it doesn’t carry any weight.

    I really liked the Angus; it’s not a heavy crock of shit. That’s your opinion and you share it with very few people. I thought it was a great kicker board….for hitting big jumps. It’s not a jibbing board but it’s got loads of pop when you’re hitting obstacles with lots of speed. Not every board is built with the same purpose in-mind. You reviewed the Jibpan as being poppy…….well it is at 10mph but when you’re hitting jumps at three or four times that speed it feels week and unpoppy. And Amptek isn’t just camber; you should know that by pushing the contact points back you make the board easier to initiate turns and press. Just compare last seasons One Mag to this seasons One Mag……massive difference; this years One Mag is far easier to ride.

    And yeah a lot of people aspire to ride like Xavier De La Rue…….I don’t wake-up and think fuck-it I’m gonna do double cork’s over 30m booters like Staale Sandbeck. I’ve never heard of any of the Never Summer riders…..doesn’t make it a shit brand; infact I kinda admire that.

    I don’t really care that they don’t have a boot line because you wouldn’t get me to swap my Vans for any other boots, even if they were Gold plated. Force yourself to ride a few Rossi decks this season and try and loose the preconceptions…..it doesn’t make for impartial journalism.


  29. Lets see Angus, Decoy, Jeremy Jones, The One, Alias, Alias Works, RPM, Yeah I can name more than a handful of decks of there’s I’ve ridden over the last 4 years. Like I said I give them a chance and they continually disappoint. The last fun deck of theirs I rode was the RPM. I’d ride more of their decks but honestly after continual let down why even bother? I’ve sold the brand on and off since 2001. Yeah it sold a lot easier when Crawford and Rice were on the team, even JF’s name moved product. Now you can’t move it. Every shop I’ve talked to that carried them has said the same thing it doesn’t move and there’s no real support.

    Oh yeah everyone wakes up with aspirations to go straight line through some of the gnarliest terrain on the planet, cause yep it’s so readily available and blue groomers are the hardest thing to find. Fucking think here buddy the average rider goes 5 times a year cruises blue groomers and generally just goes down the hill. Rossi can’t even get their marketing or board make up right for that person.

    Yeah no ones heard of NS’s riders but their tech speaks volumes about their boards. The fact they pulled 250k worth of advertising to go do a coast to coast tour and get people on the product speaks volumes again. That company understands customer service and customer interaction. They base everything around that interaction. Does Rossi? Last time I even tried to speak to the rep he was so off in La La land with what he was talking about I didn’t bother following up.

    So funny you and the others are going off on the whole I have preconceptions about “ski” brands fuck that I base my conceptions of a company based on who they’re catering to, marketing, how well the product rides, who rides for them, and what business aspects are being mentioned to them in the news. Rossi is a failing brand on the snowboard side of things. I’ve had numerous discussions with people from their ex riders to other company owners that say the same thing. The brand needs to either have a major over haul and reinvent itself or pull the plug all together let the idea of Rossi snowboards die then bring it back under a new moniker.

    Oh and product reviews are not all rainbows and sunshine. That’s what distinguishes this site from others, I don’t give a fuck to call a turd a turd. Other people will polish it and hide it under the guise of “it didn’t work for me” or else they’ll only concentrate on the one or two good things. Yeah I could sit around and circle jerk this whole industry and cup the balls or I can do what I’m doing and say fuck it I know what works and doesn’t and maybe some of these companies will take their head out of their ass and realize too many people are scared to speak the truth.

    Impartial journalism? Have I ever made the claim I’m a journalist? There is no such thing as journalism in snowboarding.

  30. The Rude Rider says:

    You’re too busy jerking off the Never Summer management to have time for the rest of the industry!

  31. Aww where to go with that statement?

  32. TDB says:

    What Rossi boards have you tried this season?…..because a brand is only as good as the products it’s currently pushing. And you can polish a turd……you recently did it with Flow. But that’s only my opinion.

    Pro riders are there to inspire and sell product……surely that was your argument in the first place? You don’t go buying the product which Xavier De La Rue is pushing unless you’re well into your freeriding, that’s why Rossi have him on their team. He’s there to sell freeride snowboards and gain coverage……..which he does very well. And yes terrain like that is very accessible in Europe….literally just off the side of the slope could be one of the gnarliest faces you’ve ever seen.

    Rossi boards have gone through a bit of a design revolution over the past two years, Amptek really has made a massive difference, and I’m sure that their team will grow because it’s what you need to do to shift product in the States. Unfortunately I think it’s probably very difficult to hold onto riders when you’ve got so much bureaucracy, associated with a large company, and pressure from the boardroom for results. Riders don’t like having their freedom compromised; I remember reading an article by JP Solberg saying that there was too much of that going-on in Burton……but riding for Burton obviously has its benefits too.

    They definitely haven’t got that cool image that brands like Arbor and NS are now working so hard to achieve, and by all accounts are achieving; nevertheless they’re still non-entities in Europe. Sure I can see that from a shop perspective you want the brands you’re selling to have a team that is going to make a difference to sales and freeriding is a minute percentage of sales……..but the team doesn’t define whether a brand makes good boards and should become defunct.

    Why would Rossignol kill their brand identity when they’ve got thousands of loyal consumers across Europe? Nevertheless I heard quite the opposite with regards to the Rossi Angus……apparently they almost sold-out of the 2010 model last season.

    I completely agree that they need to sort-out their distribution network, problem is that the snowboard side of things is distributed by the same companies that distribute the ski’s…..the company in the UK is useless too.

    With regards to reviews; a review should be written so that you’re giving an honest account of how a board rides……it shouldn’t be an opinion. I like medium flexing zero camber decks but that doesn’t mean that if another board I’m trying doesn’t fit that criteria it’s shit. If you give a genuine account you’re helping the consumer with the purchase, not hindering them. We all know you’ve got your favourite brands!

    And you’re right you’re definitely not a journalist..

  33. TDB says:

    So in conclusion……..quite a few people care about Rossignol Snowboards.

    Game, set, match…..

  34. How about I dive into the fact that you run snowboard-review.com and that The Rude Rider is your brother Rich huh Tom? Now I’m going to guess that you didn’t think I’d IP check you guys or check the email addresses you’re using to leave comments? You guys have your thing and that’s fine if the sheeple want to follow you guys I’ve checked the site enough to know you guys cup the balls of companies. How much does Rossi kick back to your site? Kind of curious on that one. Actually how many companies are kicking back on what you’re doing in general? No advertising other than google ads really makes me wonder. Or is it that my reviews are just effecting your business model over there and you feel the need to chime in on that? Seriously why are you two not linking back to your site with these comments? Man so many questions on that front.

    I’m really curious what did I polish with Flow? Cause last time I checked wasn’t raving it’s the second coming of Jesus and gave a break down of various rear entry bindings on the market and their ins and outs.

    Yeah a riders job is to promote a product and build stoke. Rossi has 2 maybe 3 freeride decks if you count the Jdub as more freeride instead of freestyle in the mens line. The rest are more freestyle focused even the Angus which you said you ride for booters. Last time I checked Xavier wasn’t double chucking into tomorrow. So the belief that they’re a freeride company is a joke, plus if they were wouldn’t Jeremy Jones have stayed with them? Even he jumped ship because it wasn’t working out and I don’t blame him.

    Rossi has 0 brand identity in the snowboard side of things. Unless you’re counting the rental image then I’ll give you that one. 10 years ago any mag whether it was from the U.S. or Europe would have 2 to 3 ads with Rossi in it at prime placements. Now it’s either non existent or put in a place that is less than ideal for any brand that was once in the top tier. Which goes on to answer your point of why I haven’t ridden any lately, why would I? Their a dying brand that isn’t giving any support to shops in the states or snowboarding in general. Add to that the amount of let downs I’ve had on their product and why would I give them space on my site? Sprinkle in a crap binding line, I once again ask why would I? The tech doesn’t do shit and in my opinion falls into the category of companies that just pushed something out so they could claim they have it.

    Guess we can conclude the people that care about Rossi are people like you who have a site based on interacting with them and (possibly taking kickbacks) now can’t we?

  35. Grill says:

    As a shop manager based less than 100 miles from Rossi’s HQ I can safely say that they don’t give a toss about their snowboarding division. Even their rental lines are starting to falter as companies such as K2 (yeah, those guys) are gaining ground because they have innovative products that appeal to rental shops (rocker boards, ptex topsheets, integrated metal nose and tail protectors instead of crappy drilled rubber ones). The only reason they still ship any rental equipment is to due with long-term contracts with the big chain rental shops (Ski Set, Twinner/Sport 2000, Intersport, etc.).

    Mont Blanc group is struggling and is doing everything in the pro power to save money. The pro team is just one example. Take a look at the ski line and you’ll see that they’ve gutted Dynastar and all available funds have been funneled to the Rossi race division as that’s the only one that makes any real money. Couple that with the money they lose at their Spanish fab (mostly due to labor disputes and poor quality in general) and you can see why they don’t give two shits about the snowboard line.

    Sure they’ve made some good boards in the past, such as the Undertaker (best swallow ever) and the Decoy was quite good, but most of their line is just the same old recycled planks. Even the Jones/Experience is over-rated (on-piste it handles line an APO Apocalypse) and survives simply as a halo board to a now defunct company.

    BTW- Jarden put up around 20% of the venture capital money MBG needed to buy Rossi/Dynastar/Look/Lange.

  36. Ben R says:

    I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about Rossi… but my girlfriend has ridden a Rossi Zena for the last four seasons (averaging 40+ days a year), and she absolutely loves it… I keep trying to get her to buy a Capita or a Gnu and she always goes back to her Rossi… so I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. I personally have never ridden a Rossi so I can’t say shit either way.

  37. Rich Ewbank says:

    Yes the Rude Rider comment was me, I tried not to but I couldn’t resist the hand-out. Apologies it was a bit sneaky… as soon as typed that old email into google I knew I’d be foiled.

    As you ask, revenue is something we’re trying to develope on the site as we currently make jack, and the reason? We wan’t to remain completely impartial when we suggest a snowboard, and you’re right we do try not to cut down manufacturers when we ride a board that we’re not keen on it; it’s completely counterproductive to slate a board just because it doesn’t fit the ‘lapping and jibbing groomers’ category. Do we get kickbacks? I bought some Drake bindings at trade the otherday but I haven’t had anything else. Do I rate Rossi? For sure I’ve owned 4 Rossi boards since my Todd Richards, they’re bomb proof, the technology they’re using is considered and works and the materials are top spec, where else would you find a board with a 4.4k sintered base, carbon and kevlar reinforcement, magnetraction and amptek / camrock for $400. their small margins and buying power (thanks to the ski industry) means that they represent value for money that few other brands can compete with. Rossi’s marketing and team might not be upto scratch, but I’m too old to care about that.

    (P.s. Your site is great and stirs up some great debate, so keep being angry, but give Rossi a break. Funnily enough we’ll be publishing an interview fairly soon with the head honcho at Rossi snowboards, it might change your opinion on their operation… might)

  38. TDB says:

    We don’t get any kickbacks from any brand, that’s not the idea of the site. The idea of the site is to give honest reviews that will help consumers buy the right board. That’s our niche; we didn’t want to fill it with links to shops and bullshit like a lot of the sites out there……..much like your niche is being angry upset about the state of the industry. If we’re on the subject of no advertising and kick-backs you’ve kinda shot yourself in the foot……let’s see Never Summer, Flow. But that’s cool, I enjoy reading your site and I’m not about to criticise what you do. Simply arguing my point; having ridden hundreds of boards I think I’m qualified to have an educated opinion on whether a board is any good. Rossignol boards are good……if they weren’t then I wouldn’t be sticking up for them.

    Your conclusion isn’t very good is it?…..you’re stating that two people on the planet like Rossignol boards; lots and lots of people on our site share our opinion of their boards. I’m afraid you’ve lost this argument but you can’t win ‘em all.

    By the way I ride a Stepchild Headless Horseman which I bought from the TSA in Covent Garden and paid lots of money for.

  39. TDB says:

    And in fairness you’re completely right; they don’t have a good brand identity………but I wouldn’t recommend a product to another rider based on how many ads they have in Transworld each month. Unfortunately I’m not sure the guys that run the snowboard side of things hold the purse-strings……..advertising and running a team costs lots and lots of cash money; which I’m sure you’re aware of.

  40. TDB says:

    Apologies that this is coming at you in waves, it’s how my brain works.

    Jeremy Jones jumped ship to start his own company. At 35 he’s no spring chicken and a sponsor doesn’t carry-on paying your wage if you’re no longer riding. He was approached by NDK and it was a massive opportunity………he’s a clever guy; you’d have to be a mug to turn that one down. If it was a problem with the product then he wouldn’t have designed the Flagship to look almost identical to the Experience….would he?

    I also never said Rossi were a freeride company…..I simply said the reason they had Xavier was to push their freeride board, of which there is one; the Experience. The Jdub is an all-mountian freestyle deck.

    And if you read a couple of interviews in Transworld you’ll find that Rossi are doing a lot to try and get the cost down for shops….to increase margins. Sounds to me like they’ve been spending lots of cash on retooling so I’m sure when they manage to bleed a bit of money out the management they’ll get a decent team together. With regards to their distribution that’s definitely something they need to rectify as end-of-the-day it’s the distributors responsibility to sponsor local events and testing days. End of the day you’re based in the Rockies and there are quite a few brand headquarters near-by……..hence you’re exposed to the work that some brands are doing.

    I think the problem with Rossi is that they’re not the masters of their own destiny at the moment; hopefully that’ll change because they make some great products. Which you’d see if you took the Decoy, One Magtek or Experience for a shred.

    Take it easy mate.

  41. tooscoops says:

    wow… tdb… you are very strongly defending rossi… good for you i guess? nice to really have faith in a brand i guess, but do you really? i get the feeling you actually just disagree with the person saying it.

    from a business standpoint, a company with lower margins, who sell fewer boards, of which maybe 10% of the line-up get an above average review………. where is the companies core competency?

    tell you one place it isn’t, snowboarding.

    so while angry does tend to pick a side and beat the crap out of the point, you can’t argue the methods or the person, just choose to argue his point. which is “why is rossi bothering with snowboarding anymore and does anyone care?”

    from a business standpoint, the company is only its name, which is only existant because of the skiing product, they gave snowboarding a try… kudos and fine… but it should cut its losses. my opinion.

  42. TDB says:

    That isn’t strictly true with regards to the reviews; I think you’ll find more good reviews than poor reviews on this seasons line-up. My point is; why not continue making product if they’re making good boards? A leopard can change their spots….K2 and Salomon managed it.

    I don’t dislike what Angry does at all; hell I wouldn’t read his website if I thought what he was saying was crap……and he’s clearly well informed. I just happen to like Rossignol snowboards, along with a lot of other ‘consumers’.

  43. tooscoops says:

    fair enough.

    i just find every new board out there, unless it has some new technology to just be and average board. or at least it seems that way with the reviews. all the rossi’s seem to be average at best across the board.. lots of companies have similar results some years… but not every year.

    hell, i just told a friend to buy a rossi… but its because my local shop bought way too many and no one wanted them, so they are offering them for a hundred bucks. better than renting for my friend since i can get him the other equipment he’ll need.

    but for me, i feel like rossi shouldn’t be on the list with morrow, 5150 and all the other brands that are just cost leaders… so maybe its just that i feel sorry for the old rooster… it should be better, and its not.

  44. carver says:

    I rode rossi back in the day, they weren’t anything special although about 100 times better than a lot of the other more popular boards. It’s funny how no one seems to remember what pieces of shit K2 and Lib Tech were early on. I mean seriously 9 out of 10 times if you took a spill on a k2 you found yourself in the snow with bindings on your feet but no board. And Lib? you could actually toss one down in wet snow and watch it de-laminate before the session ended.
    As others noted Rossi has been more of a force in rentals. Maybe this is part of the problem? The big B seems to be muscling in on the rental biz so I guess the writing is on the wall.
    You made no mention of Atomic. They have always made good boards,better than Rossi imo
    However I think they are headed down the same path.
    These days it seems like Advertising and brand image are much more important than quality.

  45. doug says:

    the old rooster hahaha, i now realize that we have a rossi beer deck (bud light i think) on our rack rusting away. Dave took his first backyard fs boardslides on that turbo-chicken ;).

    Honestly, I loved rossi skis. If I was a skiier born again, rossignol is the first ski company I’d check out.

    And I know that because they have the good ski tech, and they can EASILY translate that shit into snowboard manufacturing, and buy a team, and marketing, bla bla bla, that they can make a competitive snowboard product. And I’d even throw 5 bucks into a pool that says they have competitive boards THIS SEASON…

    but at the end of the day, they’re friggin Rossignol man, they should focus on what they do best, and that’s making skis dude. I cant recall a rossi board that ever stood out in the performance-minded side of snowboarding. Yea I know Todd Richards had a pro model, which made me friggin gag, honestly when I found out they had bought him. I even recall him talking about his pro model something like “I designed a lot of duds in the past and this is definitely not one of those” or something to that extent. (puke). One of the godfathers of competitive snowboarding was riding for a ski company, and that made me sick. Sorry Todd I dont know the details behind it all but that’s what I saw and I’m sure many many people share that opinion.

    Anyway, rossignol, ski company, can they make good decks? sure! Other ski companies make good decks. But, would you buy a skateboard from Rollerblade or CCM or some other “skate” company, even if it was top notch? Think about it.

    I dont know, my loyalty lies with the products that come from within, that come from snowboarders, that come from people that have far more at stake. All those liquid, morrow, lemur, k2, what decks? When I started snowboarding there was a company called Black Snow, that basically made the cheapest snowboard appearing things for as cheap as possible for tools who thought they could get into snowboarding for cheap. Snowboarding is expensive, you gotta pay to play, or you get what you pay for.

  46. doug says:

    sorry k2 is like something I fence-sit on, I know that k2 as a brand is stuff that’s at the forefront of tech, sometimes. From my point of view, its a front from a multinational corporation of suited fucktards that dont know shit about snowboarding, but have too much money to burn from selling cheap-ass other brand snowboards, and bikes, and rollerblades, and hiking shoes and teeshirts, so they can afford to keep the k2 brand around as their “snowboarder operated and driven” or whatever they have to say about it store-front. I have friends that work for k2, and make a lot of money, or at least make enough to keep working for them, and love the stuff to death. k2 really does put out sick shit. And I’m sure there’s tons of great people working there. And I pray for them, because at moments notice some jerkwad could become dissatisfied with WHATEVER, damn show up to the friggin board meeting hung over, and pull the plug on some branch or aspect of k2 or whatever. Then bam all the k2 buddies that I know are out of a job, but morrow, liquid, the todays versions of “black snow” push on, and boards get assembled for cheaper in africa, and msrp’s drop so volumes increase somehow in a market where less boards are being bought.

    Rossignol’s in that same position, getting ping ponged around by different corporations or venture capitalists who throw money at it, then try to lean-six the product line, to figure out how the books are gonna balance out. So yes, they might have a shitty usa presence, low key marketing, though still have the potential to put out an amazing product, because somehow they are still somewhat tied to that company and mfg that has been a staple in the ski industry.

  47. Are you grasping at straws or what? I’ve lost yet you agree that the distribution sucks, the image sucks, the team is highly lacking, the money is tied up by the ski side of things, and over all the only thing in your opinion they have going is their tech which is still highly debatable and suspect depending on who you talk to. Like others have said they have the rental thing and even that they aren’t leading with.

    It’s also obvious you guys are highly withdrawn from the retail side of the industry. Go work in a shop and you’ll see things a lot different.

    Rich don’t bother apologizing you took a pot shot and thought you’d get away with it. Truth be told you got busted and now you’re trying to back peddle either stick to your guns with what you said or shut the fuck up you little chicken shit. Too many people that don’t have the balls to back up what they believe or say. Fuck it you think I suck off NS good for you stick to it.

    Impartial my ass I looked through a sizeable chunk of your reviews everything was good and I mean everything. Awesome way to be the store sales person review! People that do positive reviews only are looking for a pat on the back and free product. Come on man talk about some of the cons of a board where’s the impartial nature you speak of? You guys too scared to say something fell short? Fuck that’s one of the biggest issues with reviews everyone wants fluffy bunny rainbows and that’s it.

    I seriously want to know what Flow has given me cause if I’ve gotten anything from them I haven’t seen it. Sure I was a product tester for Never Summer, I’ve done other product testing work for other companies. When you actually know your ass from a hole in the ground companies will ask you to do things for them. I’ve never hidden what I do for various companies nor have I ever hidden in anything I’ve written about with where it’s come from. Go ahead label me a Never Summer whore that’s fine go read my latest Evo and Raptor reviews I definitely didn’t favor them at all and wasn’t pleased with those products. In turn NS isn’t too happy with me now but I don’t give a fuck. I ride what I like and I’m not a greedy little pig like a lot of these blogger fucks that do it to get free stuff. 90% of the gear I get ends up in the hands of someone that needs it and not for myself. There’s a slew of kids out there right now that have decks, bindings, and other things because of companies giving me shit.

    It’s also pretty evident that Rossi loves instructors and always have they give one of the best proform deals, you’re an instructor Tom 2 +2 =? Yeah so you can say what you want but your die hard love for a brand is admirable if it’s pure but I don’t believe it is and the fact that you and your brother are the only two arguing it really makes me wonder. Let alone the back peddling that I’m witnessing now that I mentioned that you run a review site. So many people have commented to me personally how awesome this post was because it’s the fucking truth. The brand is so dead in the water they need to pull the plug.

    But like Mike said you can argue with me personally or you can try and argue about the issue. You feel so compelled about this brand why don’t you go write something for your site entitled Rossi is alive and well? Seriously you’re not making headway here and you won’t, I’ll argue till I’m dead that this brand is a pile of shit and is a mere shell of what it once was. Could it come back? Maybe but I’m not putting any faith in what Rossi is doing across it’s lines whether ski or snowboard because I’ve dealt with it on so many levels at my day job that they’re just not important.

  48. Rich Ewbank says:

    Angry, I’m really not interested in getting it a slagging match with you, having a pot shot was childish, especially as this is your blog. As you suggested, lets bring back the debate to the subject of this article.

    Whether it’s impartial or not, everybody has loyalties to certain brands, whether it be through great product experiences or like yourself being involved with product development (a job everyone would love to do ). I’ve owned 4 Rossi boards which have all performed great and lasted 2 seasons of riding nearly every day, my impartiality has been earnt by Rossi through my experiences with the product. Granted their distribution and after sales care is shocking, I had some Jones Experience binidings that lost a couple of screws and AMG in the UK couldn’t sort replacements, I pested them for months, no screws. We’ll make sure we try and increase our slating review quota for next season.

    However your article was titled ‘Who cares about Rossignol?’ and the fact that there are 40+ comments on the subject is that people still do, whether that be nostalgia or because Rossi are making some quality product and pricing it competitively. In Europe Rossignol continue to sell a lot of boards, perhaps because their product offering is more relevant to the European market. Spend a day riding The Three Valleys in France and you’d be wanting a board that handles all aspects of riding a mountain and all conditions, Rossignol boards deliver that performance. Rossi might not be flying out of the shops in Colorado, but you’ve got to see the bigger global picture.

  49. Grill says:

    @Doug- You really have no idea how these large conglomerates are run, do you?
    @Rich – Rossi still sells boards in Europe because of their presence in Decathlon which is the Sports Authority of Western Europe. Funny you should mention the 3 Valleys as finding a Rossi there isn’t the easiest thing to do.

  50. Rich Ewbank says:

    Hookipa surf shop in Courchevel, stocked Rossi when I lived there. In Meribel you haven’t got a chance in hell, that’s where I got stuck with my screw-less Rossi bindings.

  51. Yeah I’m going with Grill on this one. 40 plus comments of you and your brother mainly bickering about how awesome Rossi is. Most everyone else is just laughing at the company.

  52. TDB says:

    The fact is that most people aren’t quite as anal about snowboard ‘branding’ as yourself. The fact is until you pick-up a Rossi board, from this seasons line, and ride it you can’t comment on the quality of their ‘current’ product.

    Apparently our opinion ‘has’ to be clouded and biased because we run a website that reviews snowboards…….that’s bollocks and a very weak arguement. If there’s anybody that’s qualified to have an opinion without biased it’s us. We don’t review every board as being ‘great’ read my reviews for the 2010 Nidecker Random or the 2010 Nidecker Legacy and then read what changes Nidecker have made to those boards for 2011.

    You’re right Rossignol do offer snowboard instructors cheap deals on Rossignol boards, all BASI instructors, but like I mentioned earlier I ride a 157 Stepchild Headless Horseman ……check my Facebook Page…….although you probably have already. Give me a shout if you want a lesson I’ll be in Tahoe all winter.

  53. Jesus christ you really just want the last word don’t you?

    I’m not talking branding I’m talking the whole fucking brand. I think the points I’ve made have spoken a lot about the brand. But now you’re pigheadedness won’t let you see past what you believe. Even Grill who works for a shop in the three valleys is saying they aren’t doing shit. The fact that people are going down the nostalgia train on older products and not hyping the new stuff speaks it again. You and your brother are the only two that care.

    Why would I look at your facebook I’m not fucking stalking you. So you claim one deck you probably have multiple boards just like I have multiples.

    Thanks for the offer of a lesson but if I wanted to ride worse than I do now I’d just break my legs instead of having to travel to Tahoe to deal with mediocrity. There’s some things you can’t learn from a book and snowboarding is definitely one of those maybe you should concentrate more on learning how to actually flex a board instead of filming crappy reviews and sticking up for shitty companies.

  54. TDB says:

    And I quote: I’m not talking ‘branding’ I’m talking the whole fucking ‘brand’……….eh? You’re not talking about ‘branding’ you’re talking about the whole ‘brand’? You’re definitely not talking about their current product so what are you talking about if you’re not talking about the brand?

    Pigheadedness – a resolute adherence to your own ideas or desires.

    I’m guessing that definition doesn’t apply to you then?

    I’m sure you accused us of being ‘chickenshit’ when we tried reasoning?

    And tracking a persons IP and email address does constitute stalking; but hey I’ve got nothing to hide.

    And yeah I like having the last word……but so do you and it’s your party so you’ll cry if you want to!

  55. R120 says:

    I have to say Angry that you come across as talking out your ass – Snowboard Review is a great site, and at least the guys there ride the boards they write about – all to often the comments and analysis you come out with are clearly based on personal beefs, and the products you big up based on hook ups you get.

    I have no personal love for Rossi, and they are not a brand i would ever think is cool, but they do have boards i like to ride, certainly more than any of the offering from other ski brands in recent years.

    This article was a total load of croc, and its crap like this that makes companies like Rossi turn thier backs on snowboarding – in case you havent looked around recently, the snowboard industry is going down the toilet pretty rapidly, and crap like this doesnt help.

    Grill who posted above, does know his stuff, and as i know you guys are mates, perhaps if you did some fact checking with him first rather than just running your mouth off your article would have been a lot better – however i have to disagree with him and say there are a lot of shops selling Rossi in the 3 Valleys, but they are shops that sell both skis and boards rather than the board only shops.

  56. R120 says:

    Actually i am going to apologise for the comment about your reviews, because though i dont always agree with them, i enjoy your take on product, and the blog is one of my favourite reads – i just think that this article isnt up there with your usual insight into shred matters.

    Was uncalled for for me to say that.

  57. Yet again you attempt at the last word. God you must not have done well with reading comprehension you and your brother back peddled once you got called out for who you are and he started apologizing for what he said. Yeah I check IP’s and Email addressed I like to know who is taking personal attacks at me. Didn’t realize we were talking about my own pigheadedness but hey if you want to try and reverse what I said go for it. Last time I checked this site wasn’t Snowboard-Review and I owned it. Hence it’s what I feel like writing about.

    R The industry is completely fucked because we have so many mediocre brands that aren’t doing shit. Rossi should turn their back on snowboarding they aren’t giving anything back or doing anything for further investment in it. Say what you want about this post I don’t care or the reviews I do or anything for that matter. You’re not the one running the site or putting out posts day after day, I am. If I wanted to make this site an ode to Unicorns being ridden by Robocop I could. You think you could do a better job with a post fucking write one for it and prove you should be writing for it. I’m not for everyone I don’t give a fuck I say what I want, how I want, and when I want to. Then I back it to the grave.

  58. Lou G. says:

    Ok, once and for all for Tom, Rich, and R120. Avran doesn’t get kickbacks for good reviews. I’ve seen him tell companies to straight fuck off for even hinting at an attempt to bribe a good review out of him. You guys are talking some serious shit, and why? Because you have nothing left to say for your cause…

    R120, “its crap like this that makes companies like Rossi turn thier backs on snowboarding”

    GOOD! FUCK ‘EM! What’s special about their shit? That they stole magnetraction? That they couldn’t figure out any tech themselves so they just stole amptek from Nidecker’s Camrock idea and slapped a different name on it?

    Fuck Rossi. They are like that annoying little prick who always sits next to you during a test and (not so) mysteriously comes away with your answers and your grade, but with his name on it. Rossi can’t create, they just emulate. That’s why they should just die.

    “Snowboard Review is a great site, and at least the guys there ride the boards they write about”

    What are you trying to suck their dicks? They’ve only touched the boards with the stupid stamp on them. The rest of the reviews are out-their-ass attempts to regurgitate product specs and draw conclusions on how they –should– ride. Total…fucking…BS to beef up the amount of reviews on their site.

    If it’s reviewed on this site it was ridden by either myself or Avran. If that’s the kind of shit that spews forth from your mind when you are sitting in front of the computer and have a chance to edit yourself I fear for the people who have to listen to you talk.

    And Rich, Tom… I’m sorry, I read your Rossi reviews and there is something incredibly off about them. Suck the teet much? Apparently (from your reviews) Rossi went from producing pure crap to shitting gold in a season, and I’m just not buying it.

  59. R120 says:

    The point is that if you write a post slating a company, and people have a different view to you of course they are going to comment on it.

    Personally i like your site because you aren’t afraid to speak your mind, but at the same time if you are going to put strong opinions out there, you are going to get strong opinions back.

    IMO Rossi make some great boards, in your opinion they dont. They license MTX, didnt steel it.

    Dont have a blog with comments if you dont what to have people disagreeing with you – you must know that a lot of people think you are on the NS payroll – whether you are or not is irrelevant, but a lot of the site content comes across that way.

    As for snowboard review, its another website, that a lot of people find helpful because they dont let brand politics get in teh way of reviews – and unlike a lot of the on-line snowboard media these days it isnt mostly composed of people slagging each other off.

    Also they clearly state if they have ridden the boards.

    As you say

    ” I’m not for everyone I don’t give a fuck I say what I want, how I want, and when I want to. Then I back it to the grave”

    In that case accept why do you care so much to go chasing down someones IP address – that just way out there.

    You run a great site, but part and parcel of being The Angry Snowboarder is that you are going to cause a reaction, which surely is the whole point of this blog anyway?

  60. We’re past Rossi at this point those two twats just went and made it personal and I then happened to check to see who it was that was doing it. Wouldn’t you do the same? And do you understand how an IP address works, every time you post a comment an address shows up under your name and email address. I have thousands of them, I can check when someone is using one name to shit on me and another to praise me from it, I can see where it’s coming from, I can do numerous things with it. I use it as a way to check peoples identities that are too chicken shit to have a backbone. If more people would be themselves instead of being keyboard hero’s that are anonymous the world would be a better place. But that’s another issue all together.

    Do you like my site or do you not like my site kind of lost here. Seems you only like it when it suits you and you hate it when something is too strong of an opinion for you. Yeah I have strong opinions and I have no fear in sharing them unlike 98% of all the other sites out there. I leave the comments on because sites like TWBiz are too scared to let anyone talk, go ahead leave a comment, have a debate, disagree with me,but make it personal with me and be prepared for me to shit all over you and not give a fuck. If you want candy coated shit I can recommend tons of other sites that are too scared to have an opinion on anything or just do the status quo.

    Their site has reviews for boards they’ve never ridden, that’s a sad way of building up content to drive hits. You claim I review shit I don’t ride wtf do they do then? At least everything I put up it’s obvious I’ve ridden it and didn’t just copy and paste some manufacturers statistics. Everyone can speculate all they want on who is and isn’t hooking me up I have no problem saying how I was able to get a board for demo, most boards I get end up in the hands of people that need them when I’m done with it. Case in point 2010 Evo rode it 5 days said fuck this thing gave it to my 16 year old shop kid to ride all season, then sold it to a guy in Utah that deserved a deal. Took the money and paid rent. Oh but I’m on the payroll right? I have no problem telling a company that gives me anything if I hate it, I’ll even post the review and not give a shit. Never taken a review down because I offended someone and I never will.

    Like I said I’m not for everyone and I don’t give a fuck. I’m going to say what needs to be said when I want to say it. I wrote this about Rossi because they’re a dead brand someone needs to sign off on the DNR and be done with it. They stopped offering any good product when Quiksilvers stock shit the bed and then they got dropped. Mont Blanc group is struggling to figure out what to do with the snowboard side of things while they have issues with their ski divisions as well. They don’t know what to do anymore. But the issue of Rossi is dead and over with at this point now it’s how much of a sell out I am, how I shouldn’t write something you don’t agree with, and how you can tell me what to do with my own site. Fuck that noise.

  61. R120 says:

    I am not telling you what to do with your site – i am disagreeing with the article you wrote, and think that its not up there with most of the articles you put out there.

    Like i said before no one is telling you how to run your sight, but if you are going to write a controversial article, you are going to get strong responses.

    You have not ridden any of this years Rossi boards, and yet you see fit to pronounce them pieces of crap – that is what i was referring too, not your board reviews, but your opinions on a product that you are dismissing in this article without having tried it.

    I dont think its very fair of you to try and push a company into the grave, that has supported snowboarding for over 20 years, based on the fact you think they are a shit brand.

    Rossi may be in a mess now, but they have poured a lot of money into boarding in Europe for many years, including getting comps up an running, funding for snowparks and pipes, and LTR type programs.

    Its all very well supporting the little guy and core companies, but its the big companies who have the budgets to put real money back into the sport – i am no fan of Burton, but only a company of their size can afford to run the programs they do getting people on the hill, decent parks built, and comps run.

    What you don’t realise is that here in Europe we need a successful Rossignol, Salomon other big companies, to help get shit happening – A successful Rossi is a good thing for us, because if these big companies pull out of boarding then there will be a serious shortfall in the money that gets invested into resorts to build parks, pipes, and other shit.

    That is why i accused you of not having a global view on this, because you clearly dont understand the impact that what you are asking for will have over the pond, and blogs written in the backwaters of Colorado can have serious ramifications for those of us the other side of the world.

  62. Grill says:

    @R120 – Really dude? Really?

    We don’t need a successful Rossi and the Rossi reps are the ones that keep telling me that. They all wish that they could concentrate on the race and rental markets as it’s they’re only ones that make any money selling. I actually have to pry info on the snowboard line out of them because they really couldn’t give two shits. You said yourself that the shops stocking Rossi are ski shops. The on;y reason they stock the boards (and you’d be lucky to find anything higher end than a One Mag) is because they can piggyback on their other orders and gain a lot more margin.

    What park is Rossi sponsoring? I see Burton, Apo, Ride, Salomon, K2, even Imperium who have no money sponsoring parks out, but no Rossi.

    You remember when Hammer went out of business? Probably not, but one of the big reasons had to do with the quality of the Spanish fab as their warranty rates were too high. Shame as they had some decent kit.

    BASI hasn’t seen cheap deals from Rossi in ages as Solomon picked up the hole in that market. Instructors in Europe can pickup pro-form from loads of different companies but you’ll find many (especially the French) really don’t care what they ride and tend to take what the schools give them for free (Blackhole…) as snowboarding has never been their primary focus or passion.

  63. R120 says:

    Grill i remember Hammer well – i did my first season in the Alps back in 95 in Espace Killy, – i know Rossi doesnt do much now (if anything) but they used to pump a lot of money into stuff, and were pretty instrumental in getting some good things going in Tignes and Val back then.

    I am aware that smaller companies sponsor jumps and other features, but its only the bigger companies that can fund creation of parks and pipes, like Burton do with the Stash, particularily in Europe where parks are very much not on resorts lists of things to do.

    Rossi has been through the ringer, and certainly their downward spiral has had severe knock on effects for other French companies that they were involved with as you have pointed out, thoug i understand both Imperium and Apo have new backers.

    I would rather see Rossi get its act together with its snowboard line, than fade away, as i think it would be far more beneficial for us in the Alps to have a strong Rossi pumping cash into the industry. Unfortunately as you say, there seems to be a general malaise surrounding the whole company at the mo, and the scenario Angry points out, seems increasingly the more likely outcome.

  64. If there’s one person that probably as a better understanding of global snowboarding it’s me. Why do I read between 20 and 30 sites from all over the world daily to see what’s going on? Why am I in contact with people all over Europe, NA, South America, NZ, and Japan? Last time I checked Breckenridge wasn’t exactly the backwaters I deal with more Euro pro’s on any given day then I do our home grown. I wrote what I wrote because it’s the gods honest truth the brand isn’t doing shit. If they were doing something would I have written it? No, but they aren’t.

    You want to go into this years line OK lets go for it. Having ridden hundreds of decks if not thousands over the last decade and continuously reading up on tech, talking with companies, and comparing/contrasting I’ve been able to see a dud a mile away. When the Banana first came out I called it before I rode it that the board would go flat and lack pop, gee what’s the major complaint from people? That it lacks in pop. If anything this should be a wake up call to Rossignol that they’ve lost any hold they’ve had.

    You want to talk history lets look at Santa Cruz snowboards what are they doing these days? How about M3? Anyone remember when Morrow and Lamar were actually top tier brands? Things change and companies either need to be prepared for that change and learn from the history of this industry or they will repeat the mistakes of them.

  65. Lou G. says:

    “I would rather see Rossi get its act together with its snowboard line, than fade away, as i think it would be far more beneficial for us in the Alps to have a strong Rossi pumping cash into the industry.”

    You make it sound like Rossi is the deteriorating backbone of snowboarding in the Alps, but it sounds like there are a ton of companies (Nidecker, APO, etc.) keeping the stoke alive and well. If you look at history…and not just snowboarding history, but history in general…empires fall and new ones take over.

    Do you realize how long ago 1995 is? Rossi has nothing going for it anymore. Everything you’ve pushed for them has backfired on you. They don’t and haven’t done anything for snowboarding in quite some time. Their tech isn’t even theirs. They don’t support their shops. They don’t support BASI instructors. They don’t sponsor any terrain parks. They don’t sponsor contests. They barely sponsor team riders. They DON’T DO SHIT!

    They will more than likely fade away, just like you’ve said a few times, and you know what the truth is? You, and snowboarding, won’t even notice that they’re gone.

  66. Christina says:

    @R120 – you need to make up your mind dude. Either you love Rossignal and you back them until the end or you let them fade away as another brand that just couldn’t handle the way the snowboard industry is changing. You can’t say you love a brand or certain boards a brand makes then say. “I would rather see Rossi get its act together with its snowboard line, than fade away, as i think it would be far more beneficial for us in the Alps to have a strong Rossi pumping cash into the industry.” With that statement alone you are agreeing with everything being said about Rossi being dead. Make up your mind and stop arguing about it.

    As far as Avran getting ‘paid off’ or ‘gear handed to him’ it couldn’t be further from the truth. But you wouldn’t know because you’re too far stuck up eachother’s asses to pay attention to what’s going on in front of you. So what you got butt hurt over someones opinion. That’s exactly what it is, an OPINION!!

    Guess what my opinion is? Rossignal is a fucking joke of a brand. The first lesson I ever took was on a Rossignal and I swear on everything I love that I walked away from that lesson wanting to buy my own board so I wouldn’t have to ride that one again. Their’s something seriously wrong with a company/board if a newb can figure out that the brand sucks.

    I’m sorry, but if DEVELOPED brand that’s been in the game for as long as Rossignal has been and can’t afford a team or sponser events and park features, then they are as good as dead to me. The only people ‘giving a shit’ about this brand are the people that have been around forever. Ask some kid off the street if they have hear about Rossignal and guaranteed the answer is no. But their is still love for the brand, so we all must be retarded. Bullshit!

  67. mrsimeon says:

    I have been riding a Rossignol Able board for the past 10 years. This Has been my 3 rd board, and I love it, I still ride it and I was looking at buying 2 other board brands and I started to research Rossignol this year and I would push towards the One Mag or the Scope as my replacement boards. I am keeping my Rossy I love it and its been great. The Base is very durable and smooth, Its a pretty Flexible board I like the Graphics amongst all things and its very Light weight. This board is a Cap construction, fiberglass, and HOLDS up well with abuse and markings at least those newer boards I compare to the Wood slabs Get pretty much banged up very easily.
    Rossignol has been good to me and My board has lasted me this long, I will keep it till I can’t ride any longer.

    To other Vendors please Stop with all the Flashy colors and the plain graphics, Get a Good Graphic designer to help you with some new Styles, soo many boards are what I would call ugly or just plain as can be .

    Rossignol bords,
    Reliable, Strong, Durable, Light Weight, Great Designs, Magnatraction, Great Price.
    Who cares what others think. There the ones with the bright pink and yellow boards that last 2 seasons or so. Rossy is a must in my book.

  68. mrsimeon says:

    To Christina Said referring to your quote above.
    You are a beginner, You have no clue how to ride Yet you are biased about the 1st board you strapped into. The 1st day of riding is frustrating as hell. Its not the board! sorry to say this BUT IT’S YOU > Any New Rider or Young person is very influential and if people would rather buy a Burton such as there lowest cheapest lineup they think they have the best board in the world. Such as buying an overpriced Loui Vuitton Bag instead of a Micheal Kors. Burton is overpriced and kids are blind and will pay for them. When truly you can buy a Great rossignol board at half the price of a burton board of less quality.

    You express yourself with the brand and most people would rather buy a junk burton low end board than a non recognized- or non popular board name. Kids are all about brands Grown ups know quality.

    have fun and I hope you are getting better at Riding.

  69. 10 years is eons in terms of tech advancements.

  70. BenR says:

    Rossi…sigh… wow that was a ton of bull shit to read…. I still don’t ride one, but my girlfriend swears by hers. It’s finally beat to shit and in need of retiring…so I bought her a Rossi Deva MegTek. She loved her last Rassi so much, and everything I have heard or read about this board has been good… so I bought it. AmpTek looks good (she is skeptical of reverse camber, so this sounds like an easy in between), and magnatraction is sick…so Rossi it is. You fellas need to relax and just ride what you like, all the branding and marketing is bull shit. I couldn’t give two shits to who rides for what company, do you really think that team riders pick their sponsors based on the quality of boards and not who will pay them the most?

  71. This coming from the guy that won’t give Flows a chance.

  72. rydog says:

    I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you’d had a chance to look at the 2012 Rossi jibsaw.It’s got a lot of tech in it that appeals to me (amptek,magnetraction, flat kick style nose/tail,zero camber and it’s available in wide).Do you think it looks a decent board,have you heard from anyone that’s tried it? or is there an alternative you could suggest.Cheers man

  73. Pretty sure if it has Amptek it’s not flat then.

  74. rydog says:

    ……my mistake It has 5mm camber between the bindings.

  75. al says:

    angry please try and get your hands on a Rossi jibsaw…

  76. Sim says:

    Salomon Bindings, Totally suck, They dont last more than a few years, 2yrs maybe, binding straps keep getting loose and are junk spring mechanism,

    Burton products, ARE low RAnge to HIgh RAnge, YOu Want good quality equipment, YOu need to spend Top Dollar. BUY Burtons low end products, CRap is always braking and I see many boards snapped at the slopes, bunch of Low Cheap Burton boards.

    I have my original Rossignol Board Boots and Bindings that is still in Good condition, Purchased from Vermont, back in 1997, I own the Abel Rossignol board, with SIS Step In System, Yes,, Step Ins, They are still in Working condition, I purchased Jan 2012, a new pair of Boots and Bindings, AGAIN SIS step in System only because they feel great as i ride, I hit jumps, and Land them as good as any other rider with all the Plastic CHINESE Crappy bindings out there, I own the One Mag from Rossignol now, its great, Both my boards are in mint shape and I get about 15- 20 Ski days on them annually, in the East coast, and WEst coast, I have been to Whistler BC, Vermont, New York Mountains, Mont Tremblant Canada, and Utah. People always ask me what kind of board I have, and the bindings that are aluminum best of all Have all the young kids and older guys wondering how the boot mounts to the binding,

    Rossignol Actually Took advantage of the Magnatraction and actually did something with it, BUT if you as a Rider don’t know Rossignol, YOU def know LIB TECH, and GNU, I wonder Who makes there boards, Or where did they Take the idea from, Guess rite, Rossy,

    Rossy all the way, I am a fan, and I will keep buying there products, They are fairly reasonable in price, and Quality is Top Notch, Long lasting boards, and equipment,

    MOst of you guys go through your snowboard equipment at most every 4 years.or 5 years. My Rossy, Abel board is going strong, 15 Years and its still in Good shape, FAst board, durable board, Cap construction on this bad boy, no split boards here and broken nose,

    Give a Rossy board a chance if you get to ride any of there lineups.

  77. All I got from this is you don’t ride hard and know nothing about snowboard equipment.

  78. Frank says:

    ROSSI FTW!!!

    ahahahaa, i knew mervin were copying rossi all along!


  79. phil says:

    rossi is the shit. if jeremy can shred gnarly rippable blower spines on their boards then nothing more needs to be said. i hate sking but their equipment is fuckin rock solid.

  80. phil says:

    hey bro. I apologize for giving you migraines and making you lose sleep but you hurt the ones you love. no homo. if you never made that review of those 390’s way back I wouldn’t be stoked on life. Theres no fuckin pow and the chicks here are fuckin crazy. so please cut me some slack. Livin the dream here is fuckin hard when your an alcoholic, broke and fuckin starving all the damn time.

  81. rossignol is TOTAL crap says:

    For all the people loving this brand..

    I tried a rossignol board after reading some reviews, and after 3 rides, the binding broke.. I almost ended up in a tree.. !

    Really, how a brand can be that bad, with so poor quality.
    I called their supposely customer service and they said that they cannot do anything for me..

    If i were you, I will stay away for everything from Rossignol !.. they almost went out of business few years ago, wonder why.

    A Really happy customer !….

  82. Cartwheel says:

    Check out youtube Boardersinsider reviews on the 2011 and the 2012 Experience One of the highest rated powder boards on the market Design by Jeremy Jones and…Xavier De La Rue the board that jones still uses in his line(The Flagship) and Xavier is a 3x world champion big mountain rider in my opinion better than Jones. Check out Jones’ Deeper film who is Jones following in the beginning of the film…Xavier De La Rue. So are they the best probly not and I don’t think they claim to be but they shouldn’t over looked!

  83. Board insiders is a fucking joke. They can go circle jerk each other and talk about tech that isn’t even in the boards all they want. Rossi is still a joke and the XDLR board has been around since he rode for Dynastar. Digest that.

  84. AngrySkier says:

    @angrysnowboarder you should try getting your hands on a 2013 jibsaw to test. I thought it was pretty good, but i would like to see a professional review on it.

  85. If you liked it what does my opinion matter. You’ll be the one riding it and what you think is what matters.

  86. Nate says:

    I’m a snowboarder/instructor and I bought a Rossi Retox whilst on hols back in 2011 (really good deal). Must admit I liked it on the mountain, held an edge really well in various conditions. also liked it in the park, not mega flexy but when i wanted pop it was there. I don’t think i’d buy anthoer, purely because after 6month the edge snapped and came right out. got a replacement 2012 board via warranty, 6 months in, same problem, more or less same place. I thought it might be my riding, but i have other boards, burton, nitro, salomon and all have no edge issues.

    Saying that, that is the only problem i had with the rossi, the customer service team were great, and i’m not in the process of getting my 2nd warranty replacment. Like i say the board rode great in many types of conditions, the edge was helpful on the mountain, but catch free in the park, because of the way it’s shaped, buttering and flat land tricks are a breeze in the park (bad pun).

    I wouldn’t say I care about Rossignol, but then I don’t care about many other brands, DC, BURTON and RIDE to name but a few.

  87. NeverSummersl4l says:

    Angry-you hate on Rossi but you have no other reason other than they’re a ski company. If I didn’t ride Never Summer I would ride Rossi all season. I beginning to question you’re experience with boards. peace

  88. Yeah cause I hate ski companies so much.

  89. EmpireITtech says:

    I rode the 2013 Taipan with some Burton Mission bindings this year, I have to say I was quite impressed. More of a “beginner” board, but I could see it doing just fine even for experienced riders as just a good all-around board if you don’t spend a lot of money on snowboarding (like myself)
    I wanted to try the new Templar bc it’s a sub-400 board and has their 5-point mag. I’ve used one of their boards with their 7-point mag and it was the best edge hold I’ve used considering I usually have to ride on the east coast and it’s icey.

    Have you tried the Templar? Or are you just done with Rossi gear?

    PS. love the site, been reading it for awhile but never posted.

  90. We’ll be talking with Rossi again next year.

  91. EmpireITtech says:

    When are the 2014 releases for board companies?

  92. Doc says:

    Wow. Lovin this thread. I like my RPM (a lot) but have to agree that there are better boards and most likely much of the animosity towards Rossi has to be the company’s reluctance to step into the culture through sponsorship, terrain parks, and the like. If Rossi was more involved with the goings on of snowboarding, I’d probably be more inclined to buy more of their gear. But unfortunately they simply make a solid product that needs to lighten up on its branding because some of the other companies are simply more involved at the grassroots level.

  93. Cam says:

    Rossignol have some of the fastest, meanest standard-size snowboards around and a sidecut patent similar to magnetraction. I know ppl who have been riding 30 years who have the quiver of a Cherokee, but still defend Rosi as their go-to board.

  94. mikail says:

    I love Rossi and their amptek technology,( dont forget about Xavier de le Rue how rides their boards),i have an Rossi Angus model from 3 years ago also i ride forum destroyer and rome reverb with the same bindings (rome 390) and with Rosii holds real good on pow ,slope and ice if the board is tunned up,doesnt mach the forum but way better then rome.

  95. Joe CE says:

    My One Mag (2011) broke in half after two season in Lake Tahoe, probably a total of 25 days.

    Clean in half.

    I had a board before that that lasted five years and was indestructible.

    It actually did cross my mind that buying a board made in Spain (Spain?, Snowsports?) was odd, but I wasn’t expecting it to crack in half.

    Anybody have any quality issues with Rossignol boards?


  96. sillyfucker says:

    Its funny…according to Leisure trends, Rossi is one of the FEW companies that are experiencing positive sell through and growth. They are up like 22%. Just for comparison, Burton, K2, Salomon are down in the 12-20% range. They are obviously doing something right. Team riders arent the end all be all, but Xavier rides for them and he arguably the best freerider on the planet. Yeah, the marketing dept. isnt doing a good job, but that doesnt really reflect how “good” a brand is either. You put your money where it matters, the product. Honestly, I like their boards. They are in and of their own. They dont ride like anything else, and have a stiffer/beastier feel to them. Even their jib boards have a good backbone. ANY board can break., and every brand has those issues. As a shop owner, Rossi is probably one of my best as far as warranty return ratio. Ive done 1 in 5 years. Their margins are really good too. Super important in this day and age. I love a lot of brands out there, and others not so much. I for one think they are pretty solid. And our team is digging them as well. Id suggest trying one or two out if you havent yet. I was able to ride the Xavier on a cat trip this year and it was one of the best big mountain/POW decks Ive ever ridden. Props to them.

  97. You look at the date this was originally written? Lots changed since then. I have the 2014 Angus, One, Templar, XV, XV split, Rocknrolla, Trickstick, Diva, Justice, and Retox sitting here for review. There’s a few that have stood out finally.

  98. […] The Norwegians release the second I Guess… teaser. The Germanic people release the Never Get Older teaser. The Snowpark Damüls gets ready for the season. The Shreddy Times crew sessions a fun-looking tube. Yobeat has another sexy Rhode Island backyard session. Maxwell Scott delivers an awesome bonus part. The bHappy Mt Hood Summer edit is good fun. Salvation’s Fat Ass teaser looks ghetto. Speaking of which, the Preseason Prison Rules Mammoth edit takes the same line. Bataleon rider Colin Clarke hits Mt. Bachelor. The Angry Snowboarder doesn’t care about Rossignol. […]

  99. ish says:

    Rossi may not be the most popular in the public eye but they do come out with some great products for 2 types of people, both of which are not glorified or popular styles; Big Mt and beginners. The XV for 2014 is an awesome board for Big Mt conditions as well as hard pack. On the other hand they make gear that beats the competition, price wise, when it comes to getting a beginner out there without breaking the bank.

    Just because they aren’t sponsoring a rail rider in the XGames doesn’t mean they aren’t doing anything. They’re smart for knowing their place and keeping the majority of their investments in those two areas. Don’t sleep on this brand, their face might be Xavier De La Rue but if you have been following his climbs you know the guy is badass.

  100. jcer says:

    Rossi boards are good, but not for the park. They are VERY strong in free riding and as someone stated earlier they can take a lot of abuse. I had the k2 stuff back when they made it in WA, then had a few brands, the chinese k2 stuff is pretty good but value for $ Rossi is pretty good for people who like the backcountry, all mountain riding, carving or beginners. I would never buy a rossi as a park board most of their stuff from the 2000’s for park was too heavy, I also wouldn’t touch their boots or bindings with a pole. I still have my old rossi premier from 2008 it’s been all over the north east and europe and it is still in better shape than some of my newer boards. I literally have what looks like a ski/snowboard store in my basement between my wife, my sister, and myself in the past 10 years we’ve bought 30 snowboards of various brands. Rossi is decidedly OK and is very good for the big mountain stuff, very stiff and cheaper than other brands for the features, I think I paid 350 for my experience last year most other carbon fibre type boards with sintered base were way more. At least they make their equipment most others are just marketing brands coming out of contract factories.

  101. Angry's Biggest Admirer says:

    Honestly who cares? Despite anything any of the companies say, they are in it for the money. Given the choice of being able to produce boards for free just to give to the public, no company would take that, end of story. People have different opinions on different companies, but in the end, the quality of a board isn’t necessarily defined by a certain company, but the board itself. Just my 2 cents, and im driving up to JH right now so im on a powder ahem power high. Thanks for the honesty angry, you r da best.

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