White Grave FULL MOVIE

Those wily Euro’s are at it again doing snowboard stuff on film. Watch what Ero One Films has put down for this years offerings to the online snowboard video gods.

A film by Florent Marot, Jon Vital, Julien Roserens and Vince Pages.

Management by Thibaud Pages and Florent Marot.

Riders: Mathieu and Sam Schaer, Florent Marot, Vince Pages, Féfé Pellacani, Julien Rochette, Dim Biau,Fred Couderc, Antoine Baduel Jani Sorasalmi, Chris Cunningham, Niels Schack, Anto Brotto, Fred Couderc, Emilien Badoux, Christian webe, Joel Ahola, Dan Premand, Arthur Giraud, Hans Kestila.

Picture 11

Causes controversy!

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