What Does Canada Bring to Snowboarding?

Most people that don’t live here mock it. Some people are envious, Some just don’t understand and Others think we are a hat (really?). Whatever you think or don’t think about this 9,976,140sq/km land mass that some of us call home is we have legit winter in about 95% for 5+ months (more in most areas).

Riding in America Jr.

Riding in America Jr.

Some areas have ice while the other has snow. Some is wet some is dry. It is natural that some of us have a snowboard surgically placed on our feet just after birth. If you go to one of the world class resorts or just see some kids hitting rails in Calgary, snowboarding is here and so is the culture that comes with it. We are going to be diving into what snowboarding means in Canada and what it has done for snowboarding. We will be looking into the riders, grass roots movements, resorts, snow, terrain, companies, shops, people, contests, rails, English, French, and whatever it is that makes the Canadian scene tick. So grab your beaver pelt jackets, Caesars, and learn a thing or two about riding sideways in Canaduh…

Every Tuesday we are going to get all Canadian up in here so get your shit together…


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  1. Babbers says:

    Great idea… we’re as cold as anywhere else in the world, might as well get some shoutouts for it! Go Canada!

  2. Canada is home to Rush and the Mackenzie Brothers. To mock it is to not understand its greatness. HAIL CANADA. I went on my honeymoon in Whistler, and it was some of the best riding (and people) I have ever had the luck to experience.

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