What Does Canada Bring to Snowboarding: The Riders (Prairies)

We have pounded out the people that matter in the east. As you move West of Ontario you find yourself in the flatter and colder regions of Canada. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are the heartland of Canada some may say. Some may love it because of the sheer wide open space while others may hate it because its lack of elevation excluding the Rockies just west of Calgary. For whatever reason you love or hate it people still snowboard in these cold, vertically challenged, and sometimes arctic like landscapes.

Flatter, Colder, Stronger

Flatter, Colder, Stronger

Manitoba is home to a large amount of lakes, the Winnipeg Jets, and the Forks Skate Park. This place gets fucking hot and humid in the summer and stupid cold in the winter (coldest temperature recorded was −47.8 °C, −54 °F). Manitoba does boast a few places to ride in the winter Asessippi Winter Park with a huge vertical of 498 feet. Manitoba has also conceived a couple of good riders you may have heard of though.

Jake Kuzyk
Jake Kuzyk just got himself a spot on the K2 Pro team for his years of service on their Am team. Jake is known for his effortless style through the kinks and keeping his slides as straight as can be. There are no zeaches in this guys legs. He hails from one of the coldest cities in the world, Winnipeg (dubbed “The Peg” by locals). So it could be style or it could just be frozen joints.

Andrew Geeves
Geeves is one of the underrated riders in the great north. Some may not be a fan of his knuckle tattoos, but the man can grab the shit out of his board and blow through more pillows than girls at a slumber party . Geeves is back in good hands with a DWD (Dinosaurs Will Die) under his feet. He has inspired a generation of DIY tattoo artists/snowboarders/dog owners.

Saskatchewan is Canada’s vertically challenged farming background cousin that everyone loves… It’s main exports are wheat, barley, canola, among other things and not as many snow sliders. That being said we have found 2 flat-landers that have done more than a 180 while being strapped in.

The McMorris Brothers

Craig and Mark are this dynamic duo having been spawned in an area that is very unfriendly to the common snowboarding enthusiast. Who would of thought that someone from Saskatchewan would win an X games gold medal. Mark is the contest kid in the family spinning double this and triple that all while getting podium places all over the map. Not to be overshadowed by his brother, Craig is more well rounded and works on solid video parts and the urban side of snowboarding. These brothers are doing what very few flat-landers have done.

Alberta is the land of cowboy hats and oil, the wild west as some may call it! Known for its weather mood swings (if you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes), insatiable hunger for Alberta AAA meat, and BFDJUT (Big fucking dumb jacked up trucks)!

TJ Schneider
Has been doing the online web series thing for the last handful of seasons which are a nice change to your random video parts with some music blaring in the background that you hear 35 times a day. TJ has been around the block some time and has taken up other interests on the artsy side of things. In short TJ is the man, or at least a well rounded artisan.

Andrew Hardingham
If I could have one personality to represent snowboarding in Canada it would be this guy with his unorthodox video parts and his wacky personality. He is someone that is often over looked by the common Joe Shredder. If you don’t know of him get educated because, “Everybody knows that snowboarding was invented by the tobacco companies”

Jed Anderson
Arguably one of the best rail dudes throwing down these days. He first started with a sponsorship on Forum back in the day (during the glory years) and said fuck it to getting free boards at a young age due to the pressures of being a contest jock. He later came back into the limelight with a simple Sunday In The Park video. Now Jed is everywhere and has been an influence to the next generation of kids(full face masks anyone?).

Next week we look at British Columbia the main spot to be if you are in Canada and want to ride. It’s massive mountains, consistent snowfall and vibe is second to none. Fuck the rest BC is the best.

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  1. Arnie says:

    Thank you for posting this!
    I must say as a Canadian, we are kinda quirky. This was really obvious to me when I went down to the states to meet up with my American friends. I think it’s our beer.
    (By the way, snowboarders in the US know how to party!)

    Anyways, great post, and the TJ Schneider and Jed Anderson videos were awesome!

    All the best.

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