What Does Canada Bring to Snowboarding: The Riders (East Coast)

Snowboarding has been ultimately successful because of the riders that have driven the sport to where it is today. Without the riders snowboarding would just be some awkward thing you do to get down a mountain (well, not really) Canada is ripe with talent. Looking from east coast to west we have had some of the most influential people in the game. So without boring you with any more words on how Canada is better than you I will get to the point!

Where da riders at?

Where da riders at?

East Coast

Not to much going on in the east these days. We have a tanked fishing industry, Eastern hospitality, Anne of Green gables, epic summers and easy to forget winters. It is not the most ideal place to breed snowboarding talent but we have seen a few escape its grasp to make something of themselves.

Trevor aka Trouble Andrew Nova Scotia

Andrew found his passion in skateboarding. When Winter came he looked at snowboarding as something to do when he couldn’t skate. Snowboarding quickly became the go to. With not much of a scene and relatively unreliable winters with little to no vertical, Trevor Andrews later moved to Whistler. Once there Trevor quickly progressed and found himself on the Burton Global team and later residing on the Yes team. His eccentric skate style has solidified him into the Canadian Snowboarding culture. He has been making his mark in the music scene as well but we don’t really know shit about that.


Move more west and we find ourselves in the French Belle Provence. Quebec has pumped out its fair share of riders that consistently push snowboarding that much further in terms of style, technicality of tricks, and creativity of features. Quebec pretty much runs the show when it comes to the urban/street scene and you often see film crews from all over the world hitting up those French features. Here are some of the riders that have helped shape what Quebec is known for and the ones that will continue to do so as the years go on.

Frank April –  Quebec

If you haven’t seen his Real Snow edit that he has put together in the last couple months you should. He drops more hammers than a construction site. He has a mix of technical tricks with some of the smoothest style out there.

Louis-Felix Paradis – Quebec

I remember where I was when I first saw Louif do that backside 270 and came out switch it blew my shit up. Louif has been holding it down for the last couple years. First blowing up like a lot of these French dudes did on the Bandwagon video back in the 2000’s. He has been one of the leaders in pushing what is possible.

LNP –  Quebec

If you wear tight pants and look like a person in a John Lennon Tribute music festival you probably look up to this guy. LNP (Laurent-Nicolas Paquin) is all about the high-speed urban bangers. Pressing the shit out of everything in sight and being a role model to the droves of Franco-shredders that hit the streets every winter.

JF Pelchat –  Quebec

Just read the interview we did with him… JF is one of the OG’s turned business man. You can find him in the line ups at the Creekside Gondola (Whistler) on any pow day. Keep your eyes peeled!

DCP –  Quebec 

DCP is one of the main men on the big mountain freestyle front. He made a name for himself while being on the Big B for 14 years, getting dropped, and than starting and co-owning Yes Snowboards. He still puts out the big parts (The Yes. Movies) and still stomps the shit out of tricks.

Benji Ritchie –  Quebec

One of the smoothest guys in the air that has called Quebec his home. Growing in up in the “Whistler of the East” Mont Tremblant. At the age of 19 he made the move to Whistler like most Canadians do once he decided that he wanted to be more airborne than on a piece of steel in the streets. He got a sled and the rest was history. Now part of the Yes Team, Benji has been filming with the Alterna Crew and this year had a part in Enlighten.

E-man Anderson –  Quebec

Yeah, he is from Quebec originally before he made his way out West to Whistler. E-man has solid style, constant quality video parts, a second place finish at the Nixon Jibfest a couple years ago, and to top it all off he just got himself a new pro model for next year. Add to that 5 plates and 20 some screws in his face from a recent knee to the face!

Other honorable mentions would be
Rube Goldberg, Etienne Gilbert , Alex Cantin, Will Lavigne, Ben Bilocq , Nic Sauve, Max Legend , Yan Dofin , and some that we forgot…Pardon…


Ontario is the most populous place in all of Canada. Although not mountainous it does have cities that are subjected to winter 4 plus months of the year. Cities like Toronto and Ottawa hold primo spots that can give riders that itch that they need to progress and push it in unique ways. Ultimately most Canadian riders find themselves in the West but they have to start somewhere.

Simon Chamberlain –  Ontario

I will go out on a limb and say he was one of the more influential rail riders in Canada during the mid 2000’s for a large amount of people. Some smooth style and every year putting out video parts (8 to this date) that are as timeless as the last. Along with that he managed to put together a outerwear/clothing company and 9 pro models to date.

Mark Goodall –  Ontario

While still relatively young he’s staring to have his time in the limelight. You can expect to see this dread head rocking the streets this season not to mention a pile of edits from Camp or Champs. Goodall is the future of rail riding for Ontario.

Kale Stephens –  Ontario

Originally born in California but later moved to Collingwood at the age of 2. At the age of 18 he moved to Whistler after he outgrew Blue Mountain. Kales ability to smash pillows while popping tricks on some pow landed him a spot on the infamous Wildcat team.

Andrew Burns – Ontario

Snowboarding this day and age is very specialized. You have kids that can jib but can’t jump. You have park kids that can’t hit backcountry booters. Burns is a utility knife on a snowboard. Pretty versatile in any obstacle he has in front of him. If you are a stalker you can follow his pirate life style at http://www.thepirateburns.com/

Kevin Young –  Ontario

If you are younger than 25 you may not have heard of this guy. He was at the forefront of bringing the style in the pipe and park and used it in the backcountry. Kevin has also been recognized as bringing international exposure to the Canadian snowboard scene. His exposure lasted for about 5 to 7 years as many snowboard careers do. He is not forgotten and shouldn’t be for what he has done for our big Ol’ nation.

Next week will look at the Western side of things. The Prairies and BC where there is tons talent, some double corks, some backlips, and some pow slashes . Get educated eh!

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  1. Frank says:

    I think one of the very big influence from quebec that deserves a mention would be Seb toots! one of the best in slopestyle competitions! also a huge shoutout to all the brofac crew!

  2. Weipim says:

    Bro u forgot seb toots from QC mangggg

  3. Paco says:

    Sebs slope style runs can’t hold frank April or nic suaves video parts jock

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