The frontier when it comes to shredding. Anyone that is anyone has been here and most likely lives here. When you were an adolescent snowboarder you probably had a wet dream or two about the place. British Columbia is epic. It has the mountains, the snow, and the vibe. It has also popped out a whole wad of riders that are better than you. Here are some of the best in the West.

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Sean Johnson -
Co-creator of a film or two (the Whiskey series) co-creator of a brand (Stepchild) half clown (the original Boozie the Clown, full legend. Sean Johnson is a force to be reckoned with. He made his start with his bad ass self in the Whiskey series and solidified himself in the snowboarding realm. After getting dumped by all his sponsors at 28 he decided with a friend (Brad Richmond) to start a snowboard brand known as Stepchild (going on year 11) and keeping it real since the start.

Chris Dufficy -
Duff is king some may say. Dufficy has done a whole bunch on a snowboard. Known for his versatility in the streets and taking that to the backcountry, part of the original Forum team, numerous first hits and a some head trauma to boot. If you see Dufficy at Seymour or Whistler make sure you thank him for being a part of what snowboarding is today.

Devun Walsh –
Style is a crucial aspect to any person making it. While dudes are whipping themselves around doing a flip or three there are some that appreciate the finer things in life. Back 1’s, nice boned out 7’s can beat the shit out of a flung double huck. Devun knows a thing or 2 about keep it classy while flying through the air.

Sean Genovese –
Geno has got mad respect from a vast assortment of individuals within the snowboard community. He does this by snowboarding with snowboards that have his name on it and throws down in a way that is very unique. Look at Sean as an underground punk band. They are always great, being all gritty and shit until they make that hit. Getting into the lime light many fall to the pressure of being “the shit”. Sean and his co-created monster Dinosaurs Will Die have yet to succumb to the growth that they have had as of recent. Geno will (Not) Die.

Shin Campos –
Growing up in the Kootaneys at a young age and later moving to Whistler in 91 and letting his riding do the talking. Shin is one of those guys that people often forget when looking back into the history of the shred. He was doing lines in 94 that people still don’t hit. With his skills and expertise in the backcoutry scene he finds himself now guiding people around Argentina and in certain zones within BC. Now getting older he is doing what he loves and there is no sign of slowing down.

Kevin Sansalone –
Known now for keeping people’s heads in check with Sandbox. Mr. Sansalone was born just south of the Sea-to-Sky corridor where he had some of the best places in the world to rip. With Seymour in his back yard and Whistler Blackcomb down the road he made good use of it. Kevin was killin’ it on his own terms doing video parts and competing but made quite the splash in 1999 at the X-Games when he beat out Peter line for gold with a switch rodeo. Kevin now stays busy making helmets for all us meat heads, riding for Switchback binders, making a couple boards, and being a Skid(s).

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    Viva Canada… thanks for the list…nice way to start a Friday work day… now all I want to do is find a mountain…keep it up!

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