Welcome To The Snowboard Industry adidas

I can remember the day Nike announced they were re-entering the snowboard industry. Sure they had failed at their first go around and left with their tail between their legs or maybe it was the lack of profit margins, but a second entrance meant that they had rethought their strategy and could potentially bring something to the table after all, skateboarding had seemed to accept them. So they went and hired a great group of snowboarders to run their snowboard division, they signed on some athletes, and then they released their boots and outerwear. Regardless of what you think about Nike you probably realized this signaled a change in the game and it was only a matter of time before others in the footwear market stepped in. So 686 partnered with New Balance and … well still not sure what else is going on over there they’re less in your face and just sort of doing their thing. But we all knew the big thing was when would adidas join the snowboard game to rival their competition with Nike. They have done goggles and we had that sneak peak back in 2009 when they worked with Salomon with 50 pairs … Continue reading Welcome To The Snowboard Industry adidas