This is the second and final film from the Piupau crew and as they claim, “the movie was filmed over the period two seasons with basically no budget. despite the nasty weather and the lack of mountains in Estonia we managed to capture the progression of our close-knit brotherhood of piupau.” Here’s what riding in the old world looks like

the riders include: Hindrek Väravas, Kaspar Grigorjev, Priit Palumaa, Keijo Ruuven, Sulev Paalo, Madis Bachmann, Siim Aunison, Kert Heinmann, Kristjan Juur, Armin Mitt, Daniel Lepik, Ranno Maasikmets, Mark Duubas, Mario Visnap, Britta Talumaa, Kaur-Rasmus Joost, Orm, Nicolas Polli, Kevin Kok, Alex Tank, Daniel Rajcsanyi and Jonah Owen.

cinematography: Priit Palumaa
additional filming: Juhani Särglep, Jon Mikiver, Henri Kivi and basically all the riders
editing and vfx: Priit Palumaa

Picture 19

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