They’re Snowboard Boots Not Fashion Accessories

The worst thing about snowboarding is that it is a fashion show where everyone is trying to one up the next with the cool factor. People don’t ride to ride they ride to be seen and show how awesome they are, well OK there’s a certain group of people that do that. One of the worst and most hilarious things about snowboarding fashion trends is when the mainstream bites onto something and runs with it. Anyone remember when douche bags were wearing goggles for no apparent reason? Yeah, it sucked and we laughed at it.

Well thanks to the appeal to the incredibly gullible and mildly mentally challenged youth of today rap star Lil Wayne was able to convince kids that wearing snowboard boots in their day to day life is socially acceptable. Now nothing screams proper foot support like snowboard boots, after all they’re totally sensible footwear when you’re going to high school.

Photo credit Bam Suckmelter

Now I know looking back on photos of our youth we made some horrible fashion choices especially if you lived through the 80’s and parts of the 90’s. Come on, no one wants to repeat day-glo and grunge rock again, or well maybe those sedated in time do. But that’s another topic for another time.

Now having worn snowboard boots to school in the past only to duck out and go on a shred mission I can say this is the worst idea ever. Not only are they uncomfortable for walking around in a social situation like that but they’re hot as hell. Plus when you’re not covering up the cuff with your pants you look like one of those she beasts that tucks her pants into her Uggs then proceeds to prance around a ski town looking for her TJ Burke.

Now blame doesn’t solely lie on Lil Wayne although I still believe is the main cause. But it seems Pharrell and Bow Wow have gotten in on this foot accessory kick in the past.

Now I know Nike and rap culture go hand in hand but this just might be a bit too extreme if white suburban youths are mimicking this, what’s even worse is they’re now trying to longboard with these ankle restricting pieces of footwear. Will someone please step up and slap these kids and tell them to go ride a real skateboard?

Will the creators of hologram Tupac please have him stand up against the injustice that is Lil Wayne, please!


  1. Bryan G. says:

    I remember Andre 3000 tried this a few times back in the 90’s, I guess even he thought it to be an odd fashion choice. All the rappers mentioned on this page are greater than tupac with the exception of bow wow…tupac’s life was a sham.

  2. SweatyCrack says:

    I’m a fan of wearing my boots while I jerk off. #BootJerker

  3. Kling says:

    I wear my Lil Wayne t-shirt on the OUTSIDE of my jacket just to embarrass my friends.

  4. Danny says:

    Ok, they wear there boots in summertime…happy cheese smelling

  5. nate says:

    Bryan G that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in awhile. Ill leave it at that.

  6. What chance of persuading these fashion victims to wear ski boots all summer? That would be seriously hilarious.

  7. Dan says:

    The fact that Bow Wow has the same boots as me fucking ruined my day

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  11. Rob be boardin says:

    totally agree with you bro these idiots think they are cool cuz they have boots and probably dont even snowboard. They just wasting 200 bucks that i could be using to shred you know? #idiots

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