The Year In Review: 2012

Since 12/21/2012 happened and we weren’t killed by the world exploding, the axis counter rotating, or flying molten hot kittens dropping from the ski it’s safe to say that the Mayans are liars. It’s these lies that ultimately brought about the demise of their civilization, or it was the opening of Wal-Mart. Either way the world continues on its path of globalization and resource domination. So without much ado lets take a look back at the stories that made the year that was 2012.

The biggest loss in snowboarding wasn’t from Burton killing off The Program but the passing of Tom Sims. We owe him a lot and whether you acknowledge it or not you should at least read this.

For all the seasonal locals who flock to ski resorts like the salmon of Capistrano we took an in depth look of both the female and male equivalents of pro hos.

The term Gnargoyle has become a daily part of most of you readers vocabulary as it is often used to describe the unholy creatures of the night that lurk in the mountain town bar scene. After little debate we brought to you the origins of this term and why it has come to be.

On the more serious side of things we pointed out that snowboarding owes you nothing and you owe it everything. I recommend this read for anyone that feels they’re entitled to anything snowboarding offers.

Burton managed to top the list again of memorable things when they announced they were moving the U.S. Open to Vail. People were not amused with the appearance of one slightly blurry phone photo of the event and law suits were threatened. You can read about that here.

If you haven’t realized that offending people is in the nature of this website you might live under a rock or just be mentally deficient. Either way we decided to take up a rally to pick on both ski bladers and dual snowboarders. One of them responded with a rant that was only rivaled by Brian from Nope. Snowboards which you can read more about below.

In the “What The Hell Were They Thinking” category we have the horse everyone loved to flog with NOPE. Snowboards. They had their ups, downs, and even sent some tragic messages to us that made us laugh. All in all this is what happens when people want to be snowboarders that haven’t snowboarded. Enjoy this trifecta of links:

Chapter 1: Pay Attention.
Chapter 2: We’re taking our toys and going home!
Chapter 3: Fuck you I’m telling!

Ted our resident shredologist decided to take a look at Bro Flo, Gaperian Motion, and The Pro Flow dynamics of a park.

All in all 2012 had its ups, downs, humor, truths, and veiled threats of being sued or beaten up. It was a great year and as the world hasn’t exploded yet we look forward to going forward into 2013. So take the time to check out these links and see what you missed.

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Causes controversy!

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  1. eatridesleep says:

    This is why, in part, I love this site.

    Origins of Gnargoyle, the pro hos. Where else can one be educated on such things?


    Looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

    One question: Were those flying molten hot kittens predicted to drop from the ski blades or ski boards? :)

  2. From the rectums of sodomized Gnargoyles actually.

  3. Arnie says:

    By the way,…this is a really good post!
    Anyways, good job on the site Angry, and to all snowboarders out there, Have an amazing 2013!

    All the best!

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