The U.S. Open of Snowboarding Moving to Vail

A few months ago a rumor started circulating amongst the contest kids that Vail was going to become the new host to the U.S. Open of Snowboarding. Dismissing this as everyone’s wishful thinking on an event that had serious history into something that somewhat sucks I passed on following up on that. Flash forward to yesterday when an email came in from an anonymous source stating that they heard about it from Kelly Clark at her charity golf tournament, I decided to reach out to some of my more credible contacts and see what they had to say.

While no one is officially making statements the general consensus is that something is in the works. My guess is that later this week we’ll hear about it amongst all the big news sources. For now the closest thing I could dig up that might suggest this is true is from the World Snowboard Tour site.

Not anything conclusive but it only states it’s in the U.S. where as the screen shot below lists Stratton as the home mountain.

If this moves is it a turning point in competitive snowboarding history or the death of the biggest event on the east? If any news about this topic comes in we will for sure be keeping you up to date, but for now it’s only in the rumor mill.

Causes controversy!

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  1. JPT says:

    Wow, this would totally suck. Burton is usually pretty good about representing and respecting their VT roots and there is so much tradition and history with the event being there. Most years I have gone the turnout is great and the conditions are decent as well so I wonder what the motivation is for the move.

  2. DonnaWho says:

    Reporting on here say at a golf tournament…….what investigative journalism.

  3. You’ll see Donna, oh you will see.

  4. Kling says:

    Not that the site needs to be defended, but I like (just kidding it drives me batshit) how people make literary criticisms when they obviously have no grip on the words they are using. Put down the keyboard before you embarrass yourself further Donna.

  5. “hearsay” is how all news starts. Honestly, moving it to Vail will suck for the NE, but for a lot of brands, it will be a nice change. Stratton is difficult and expensive to get riders to if they aren’t already in the NE. Vail, being more central, is cheaper to fly into; it’s a bit like the SIA show moving to Denver. for many companies it was awesome to have it in Las Vegas (made it less expensive a journey for Cali companies, for instance, and hotels were cheaper), but it just makes a bit more sense to have it in Denver.

    In the end, people will go wherever they need to to enter, but the numbers would point to it being better held in CO; 39% of all riders in the country live in either the Pacific or Mountain regions (AZ, CO, ID, MY, NV, NM, UT, WY). When you add in the other areas that are roughly equidistant or slightly closer to Denver than the NE (basically, the whole middle of the country and the southeast like Georgia, Florida, etc. ) that number rises to ~70% (Not sure why DC is considered “South Atlantic” in the stats, so I subtracted a generous 7% for states and areas hovering in the central atlantic area).

    There is cool historical value in holding it at Stratton, so that will be a bit sad (especially since it is a Burton event). But the event sort of gets lost up there in VT for the vast majority of the US population. I for one would welcome a venue change.

  6. Also, Stratton has no air service, so add onto the plane tix the cost of a week of rent-a-car or shuttles… It’s just a difficult place to hold a VERY major contest.

  7. Danny Hairston says:

    I heard this last night from one of the lift ops at Stratton. Talking to him, it seems as if this is all the talk there and, in his opinion, a done deal.

  8. Old School VT says:

    “Commander” really? You should actually read your comments before you post them. First of all the OPEN is legendary because of the tradition of having it at Stratton for 27 years. Riders and spectators have made a tradition of going to VT in the spring to a place that is embedded in the roots of the sport they love. For the East Coasters, it is the only chance to see the top Pros in action. This has lead to so many top Pros comimg from the East. Young kids can go watch and even compete against the likes of Lago, Mitrani, Davis, Kokabo, Powers, Haakonsen, White ,Clark, Bright and so on. You obviously don’t understand what kind of impact that can have on young riders. Vail is at least 2 1/2 hrs from Denver International Airport in good weather, no parking, no lodging, no history of putting on Major Snowboard events. This event will get “lost” in CO because the fans-spectators will have already been to the DEW tour, X-Games and Grand Prix. At the end of a grueling season with 20-30 major events all over the World, the athletes will be too tired to go to another event unless they are in the running for the BGO Series. The demagraghics lesson is just too dumb to comment on. I just don’t know anyone from the East that would go to Vail of all places for a vacation to watch the “New OPEN”. People will find a new tradition to see the top Pros and I doubt it will be Vail. The East is devistated and the hit on the local community is unfair to the people who have been supporting this event for so long. Shame on the people making this decision. Not a great PR idea.

  9. Kling says:

    I heard Texas is nice in the spring (sike I heard its hot and sucks ass like the rest of the time) u can take ur Ben and Jerry’s down there since Vail is such a crappy destination.

    FYI nobody wants to goto vermont.

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  11. Ramona Smith says:

    Definitely true…they have the full schedule out:

    Any word on if they signed a contract to be at Vail for a few years?? If people put up a big enough fight I could see it going back to it’s roots on the East Coast..

  12. It won’t go back to the east coast they don’t have the capacity to make it work.

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