The Spirit of No Boarding

If you have ever visited or had the chance to visit the Jerusalem of Snowboarding (Revelstoke, BC) you will find a swarm of snowboard enthusiasts paying homage to the gods of snow. While most respect this with their bindings strapped tight others free themselves from “shackles” of normality and loosen the laces to freedom. The spirit of No Boarding lives on the Powder Highway through the handful of riders that look at pow days differently than the average Joe Shred and Gnarly Jane.

The spirt in a solid entity.

The spirt in a solid entity. Trapper Snowboarders “Alpen Surf”

The birth of No Boarding is rather undocumented but it was some time around the days of people standing up on toboggans (the early 1920’s) and later on “S” in 1965 when a man (Sherman Poppen) made a toy for his daughter by fastening 2 skies together and attached a rope to the front. This became popular between the daughter’s friends and the father licensed the product. Millions were to be sold and no boarding was conceived. The death of binding-less shredding came around the same time snowboarding come to its maturation as keeping your feet strapped in was the future.

With the death of No Boarding the soul has remain stagnant for may years and in 1998 Greg Todds (RIP) and Cholo Burns re awakened this spirit and gave it a gateway back to earth and back into the feet of curious snow sliders. The average shredder was not ready for this freedom and the way to harness the spirit was worked on by these brave few in a cabin with in Revelstoke. 2002 the spirit was harnessed properly and first “No Board pad” was created for the public to admire. There has been advancements in ways to have this spiritual awakening. As of recent people have been trippin’ on custom shaped snowboards from Trapper, Venture, YES. Among others to experience the spiritual awakening that No Boarding can bring to the right person. No Boarding is not for everyone and some no believers will never try to experience or will not tap into the same spiritual wave like like others will. No Boarding is sacred and if you are lucky enough to experience this phenomenon don’t take it lightly open up your mind and free your feet. If you don’t know now you No.


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