The Scene

For as long as there’s been snowboarding there’s been the “scene” which is associated with it. Over the years the scene has changed from punk rock, to thug, to emo, to whatever the hell you want to call this current incarnation of it. Needless to say as time has progressed so has the scene, people have come, people have gone, snowboarding has grown, and now more than ever the scene has morphed into a mega global conglomerate mish mash of crap.

Crap? You say. Yes, that’s right crap! Now more than ever there are more succubus leeching off what once made snowboarding unique. Yes that’s right the horrible scenesters that cling to anything and everything that can give their mundane lives a sense of meaning. It’s these people that are helping to lead the decline of snowboarding.

Sure some might say it’s the gapers, it’s the mainstream media with people like Christine Brennan, or it’s just the fact snowboarding has turned gay. But really it’s these hell spawn that have crawled out of the Bromuda Trapezoid and sunk their fleshy meat hooks into snowboarding. These are the ones that put the fashion before function, the party before shred, and have to claim the title of snowboarder so as to be socially accepted.

It’s great that snowboarding is unique and has a rich culture to it, that does not mean you can drop some coin at your local Mall Fart store and buy a snowboard starter kit. It’s these people that buy into the scene so they can be a part of something that are killing what is great about snowboarding. The Internet does not make it any better, with social media (i.e. forums, blogs, and facespace) taking the front seat over porn as the most viewed sites on the planet this gives these succubi an even easier way to cling to snowboarding.

On a plus side their ever present fear of being rooted out as a tool keeps them always one step ahead of the game with being trendy. So in that respect they’re always buying more gear, magazines, or whatever else they can to keep ahead of the curve. Perhaps their buying in to snowboarding isn’t so bad as it does keep a constant flow of money coming for those of us that truly eat, sleep, and breath snowboarding.

Though the truly saddest part of this is that they just want a title associated with them so as to feel accepted and popular. Maybe it stems from low self esteem or perhaps it’s just the fact they weren’t accepted into what was cool in that glorified child daycare we called school. Either way snowboarding should always be about riding, having fun, and not about all the other bullshit of getting drunk, dressing a certain way, and trying to fit the perception people have of what a snowboarder is.

So after reading this think about why you snowboard and remember that those reasons are what keep a smile on your face and a passion in your heart, hopefully. Cause if they aren’t maybe you should go take up a team sport that doesn’t require being individualistic. Snowboarding is an easy thing to understand there are snowboarders and people who snowboard, which do you think truly represents us?


  1. Angelo says:

    as long as these posers keep putting money into snowboarding and keeping it alive i could care less what they do. I know I snowboard because it makes me happy and I enjoy it, so i dont really care about the stupid trends and fitting in with the emo-thug kids tryin to draw attention to themselves. It just gives me something to laugh at lol. I ve only been snowboarding for a season so I’m not as attached to the sport yet as you are Angry, so I cant really relate to your feelings to these people that you think are ruining the sport. But maybe in time I will.

  2. anonymous says:

    Snowboarding does not require you to be individualistic. I don’t have the most fun riding alone, it’s riding with my friends that makes this so great. Pushing each other’s progression, laughing if something doesn’t work out, talking about the great tricks one stomped or didn’t, that’s a big part of the sport.

    Who cares about those people who just want to say they were snowboarding? As long as they’re not in my way on the mountain, I couldn’t care less. They don’t have any impact on the fun and joy I have snowboarding.

  3. I’m sure you’ll moderate this (who moderates comments anyway?), but .. why do you even care? If you ride because YOU love it, why are you so worried about what people think of snowboarding, or why other people do it? How is some kid dressed up in a style other than yours ruining snowboarding for you?

    Do you really think there are a bunch of people out there riding that don’t actually enjoy snowboarding? Sure they may want to look fancy on the hill, but I don’t know of many people trying to wreck themselves learning how to snowboard just so they can say they snowboard (who thinks like this?, and would anyone even buy it?). I was riding up the lift with a guy in tight pants and a flannel as it puked snow from the sky the other day, he said he was freezing, but he was still out there riding the shit out of the hill.

    Stick to the good articles, you have a wealth of knowledge, bitching about trivial shit doesn’t suit the angrysnowboarder imnsho.

  4. Jimster716 says:

    I snowboard because from top to bottom on a run, I’m free…free from the bs of daily responsibilities. I don’t care if I ride with others or if I’m alone…I almost prefer alone, just me and the mountain.

    But the scenester thing, my take…snowboarding is edgy, youthful rebellion against the skiing snob establishment, and dangerous. Freestyle…individual style including taste in snowboard clothing and even attitude, roots in skateboarding and surfing IMO. Of course, like skateboarding, surfing, punk, emo…there’s a desire to set yourself apart from the crowd but you just pretentiously end up looking exactly like everyone else doing that, so who’s the sheeple then?

    Either way, most people may not be dedicated to snowboarding like locals but if they can have a taste any chance they get with the whole getup and attitude…that’s cool, everyone needs an outlet in some way and they bring what money that can into the industry.

  5. tooscoops says:

    meh. calling out people who don’t live and breathe the sport is a little too far in my mind, but you do what you like.

    sure, i hate the fashion before function and all that and sure, i’m not going to drink all day so i can’t get up to go riding the next day, but i don’t know about you, but i like to drink with friends and ride with friends.

    if anyone answers the question, “so, what are you?” with, “a snowboarder”, i feel sad. no matter how much you love something, don’t fall into a category for it. if one word categorizes you (whether its true or you are just a poser), thats sad.

    individualism should be an accumulation of who you are. not the one thing you like to do.

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  7. Nah I’m too lazy to moderate this and usually only moderate things if I can make 2 people fighting look like gay lovers or add more unicorn references. Actually I am mentioning people that are out there snowboarding not enjoying it, ever been to a Zumiez 100k event? I highly suggest you go to Keystone and watch the fashion show and the mall culture at large. Hate this article all you want, it evoked a response from you enough to warrant you leaving a comment. Also look at the name “Angry Snowboarder” would you not expect me to call out sheeple, mall culture, and scenesters?

  8. JR says:

    I’m just here to look cool…

  9. Lizz says:

    wait, so you’re saying…. that all these funky clothes i have to ride in are supposed to be warm?

  10. Lizz women don’t wear clothes you silly girl!

  11. tooscoops says:

    glad someone set her straight angry.

    thats crazy thinking that people are out there who don’t even enjoy it. sure, i’ve had days where the crowds or conditions make me wish i was just having a beer or something, but all it takes is one challenging line or one little stash of not total shit snow and it makes it worthwhile.

    i’m kinda interested to see one of those zumiez things now! might make me feel better about myself.

  12. Nolan says:

    I have a slight problem with it. I understand this whole more snowboarders keeps the sport alive blah blah blah. But lately when i go up to the mountain, the parking lots are full, so I hike a mile or two and finally get to a lift, and nobody are on them. Where are they? In the lodge? Hanging out in the shops? Am I cynical and they are all rippin it OB somewhere? I don’t think so. Prices are going up, but are those dollars being spent on the amenities for the gapers or on the lifts or the staff? i don’t see the hill getting any better. I just see the lifties working harder, and less of them. I like the other people could usually care less, but two weeks ago I was clipped by a skier who was totally in the wrong, and I am amazed that I am not paralyzed from it, it was one of those hits you hear about that change peoples lives….This person had no idea what they were doing. So my views have changed a little bit. I can only imagine the aggravation that Angry feels being on the mountain full time.

  13. dap says:

    here here, function is sexy!

  14. Diana says:

    Well put A!…I can’t wait to instill those kinds of values in my kid. He will never take the joy of doing what you love for granted I gaurantee that! Thanks for always saying what we all are thinking. Snowboarding came to me late in life and it changed it for the better in every way. Iam so thankful for that! keep up the good work!

  15. tooscoops says:

    but di…. what if your kid hates it and only rides to make you happy? oh no!!! you could be cultivating a new gaper!!!!! heh…

  16. Lizz says:


    sorry to hear about that accident, hope you didn’t get hurt at all. other than that, i’m also wondering where the heck all those people are. i can pretty much say that all the extra money the resort is making, isn’t going back into it’s employees… at least not us bottom rungers.

    and also, that damn zumiez kid sold me clothes i can’t wear, since us women don’t wear em!

    good read, man.

  17. esteban says:

    a lot of my friends are picking up snowboarding and many of them just say “i wanna get really goood, how do i get better, what am i doing wrong?” but to me the best rider on the mountain is the one having the most fun. its not a competition and there’s no rules to getting better..

  18. Blake says:

    HAHA!!! its more keystone in general that is a F-ing joke… I rarely see a smile on that damn park rat mountain. Yeah park features are fun… but not on pow days and not as something to be taken to serious. Next time you go to keystone, count the amount of kids in line without a smile, or the amount of kids looking up at the chairlift after landing a trick… bet you cant do it. Theres to many!!!

    Go for the fun… NOT the glory

  19. MTDirtbag says:

    You’ll usually find them shopping at your local Zumiez shop in said mall…..

  20. Mac says:

    God damn i hate the posers… there more and more each year, half these kids or decked out on a burton or lib tech board with some oakleys and the brightest jackets possible

    for example i just saw a kid a month ago with crowbars and some nice ass shit and he couldnt even turn without falling…. at least these kids make fun objects to spray

  21. Brutto_insetto says:

    Talk about posers! I come from the land of posers, namely Italy. Honestly there’s so many of those ‘sick’ kids rocking the newest gear and the priciest boards, and I haven’t seen many stomping tricks worth mentioning! The best part for me is just to look at the sheer number of skate bananas and TR pro models, not to mention the custom x’s just parked outside the lodge. Funny thing I always feel out of place in those places where the posers are the majority (one name that may ring some bells being Madonna di Campiglio, home of some killer mountains and a quite cool park), and I always find myself wishing I was out shredding instead of just trying to find a table to eat my lunch. One day I was queueing to get the pass and I overheard this guy claiming ‘I have bought all the newest and coolest gear this year’, unsurprisingly I haven’t seen him stomp even a single 50-50. Believe me! Now if for some of you Italy may not count, being it such a silly place, I’ll share my impression of the scene in Sweden. I was seriously amazed at the level of riding of some of the guys there, throwing 7’s like candies, and yet I just couldn’t get the feeling of a certain presumption off my chest. I may be wrong, but I ask myself where is the balance? It really seems like snowboarding is becoming more and more just a matter of showing off, or generally just trying to put yourself ahead everyone else. ‘course competition is also a part of it, but seriously how are we supposed to look at our sport? Is it just a run to get sponsored because you are the coolest kid on the hill? Or is it more a matter of enjoying yourself on the mountain and try to progress as much as you can because those few seconds in the air are the best there is? For my part I know how I want to live my sport! Big hello from Italy!

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