The Intern Did It Contest

You like free snowboards? I know you do that was a rhetorical question because who doesn’t like something for free especially in this highly over priced world we live in. Well our friends over at No Way! Snowboards have an intern that sucks and he fucked up. His mess up has allowed you the chance to win a snowboard, just keep on reading for rules and how to succeed in life.

As usual, we’ve found another thing to blame on our intern that probably isn’t his fault. Everything is a complete disorganized mess, boxes, T-shirts, snowboards and various stickers are strewn about the corporate warehouse (AKA mom’s basement). Really all we know is we have a couple 153’s laying around. Positive, Reverse, this years, and next years.

Whatever the hell it is, we’re giving one away. Enter to win a NW! Catalyst 153 of some sort here’s how:

1. Like us on Facebook.
2. Send a screen shot proving you have liked us to [email protected]
3. Wait until Friday night or maybe Saturday morning depending on where you live to find out if you won. We promise the Intern won’t pick a winner later than Monday but it could be the 7th Saturday of the month for all we know.
4. The Super Secret Conspiracy Option! Destroy a Nope. Snowboard that you own and make sure you’re over the age of 18 and have parents permission, not one someone else owns as that would be bad and we frown on unlawful destruction of property. If you do this you are guaranteed to win and probably get a special date with the intern. P.S. you have to pay for the interns portion of the date and he doesn’t put out!

That moment when you realize you gave your unemployed snow carnie of an intern the company credit card and sent him to Mt. Hood without a projected budget was the worst idea you ever had.


  • Valid to residents of the United States only sorry Siam, U.S.S.R. Atlantis, Indo-China Burma, the lost colony of Jamestown, and that island the man with the golden gun lived on. We will make exceptions to anyone with a secret underground submarine base, but only if you let us joy ride around in one of your subs.
  • Affiliates, contributors, and people I took on road trips are not eligible to win this contest, same goes with team riders/interns from No Way! Snowboards.
  • Sacrificing unicorns does not increase your chances to win, but we do like to eat Unicorn kabobs.

Causes controversy!

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  1. asshat says:

    Ballsy to put the heat out on nope. like that.

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