The History of Snowboarding in Colorado

Looking back on this I probably should have posted this a bit sooner but due to some unforeseen events beyond my control we’re just now getting to it. December 8th a night full of history, literally as Colorado’s contributions to snowboarding were honored. The Vail Ski and Snowboard Museum is now playing host to the Colorado Snowboard Archive through the winter. If you’re in Vail or even Summit County my recommendation is to check it out. Below is a plethora of photos we took, always good to know your roots.

The gates to the past.

Speed suit anyone?

Letter from the resort about the fate of snowboarding.

More old stuff you may or may not have rode.

Todd Richards he’s not fossilized yet.

People checking out the past.

Makes you want to go Pow Surfing doesn’t it?

Never Summer and Flite had a presence.

Hello Ladies!

We owe a lot to Terry Kidwell.

Ankle breakers I mean bindings.

Carpet boarding anyone?

Snow surf slide boarding!

People and boards.

Performer Elite

The fuck you attitude never dies!

Big thanks to Trent Bush for the invite to this event and putting it all together.

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