The Double Rejected F’It NYC Premiere Recap

Originally this tale was to be published on a website of higher moral character and some other important big fancy words that means awesome or something like that. But alas the powers that be feared their advertisers money would hinder them so the story was sent on to another site. Now being the fine young entrepreneurs that they are they opted out of posting it instead to hopefully receive advertising from the primary company behind this movie and even reserved a special place for said advertising. Finally it found its way here where we don’t give a fuck who gets offended by what is written and more times than not have been told we’ve gone too far and will never get ahead in snowboarding. So without further ado we bring you Upstate Mikes tale of the Fuck It premiere.

This past Saturday Forum had their NYC premiere for “Fuck It”, at the Red Bull Space in Soho. Before I start let me just say the video itself is good, I like it and you should buy it. Stevie Bell’s intro is worth the money alone. Now this premiere on the other hand, what a fucking shit show! To start, all the marketing for this premiere claimed “Doors at 9pm, open to the public.” Awesome! You don’t have to be on the cool kid list for once. This should be good news for kids not from the city to come to NYC for a day, hang out with friends, and watch a good snowboard video. Wrong! I rolled up to the premiere around 9:45 (we all know shit never starts on time), to find a block long line of kids standing around drinking beers on the streets of Soho and looking super bummed. Before I even parked I had about 10 different people I know come up to my car and tell me how shitty it is and that no one can get in. These are kids that base their lives around snowboarding, own companies, and should not have to be sitting outside of another lame premiere party. Fuck, there were kids from Vermont, Jersey, all over NY state, kids that drove hours and hours to come watch Forum’s video and get psyched on the season. Just to find out that the girl that was waiting outside with her high heels and fake tits got in hours ago. Open to the public? Maybe you should have said “Open to the first 100 toolbags and skanks” instead.

Will no one think of the children?

I was handed wrist bands by 2 of my homies that were already over it and leaving, so I taped them to mine and my girls arms and told everyone to hang tight, we’ll fix this shit. I waltzed right past the fat assholes at the door turning everyone away, and walked upstairs to the Red Bull space. I’ve been to many parties at this venue and its always packed out with people so much that you can’t even move. I was expecting to see this again since they weren’t even letting anyone else inside. As I got through the doors, I burst out laughing…it was literally half empty! There was plenty of room for every kid outside plus some. As I strolled around, I saw a couple homies, but was amazed at how many girls in high heels and slutty outfits there were, a rare site at a snowboard party and I found this strange. But I guess it’s a good look when you’re the team manager and want to get everyone laid, I mean impress people. Even stranger was that you could tell 70% of the people in there didn’t ride, and were standing in their own little groups saying shit like ” I think that’s one of the pros! Wait no maybe that guy!”.

Skanks and the genderly challenged were allowed in, snowboarders? Nope.

After grabbing myself a small and shitty free red bull and vodka from the bartender in a slutty dress, I go around and collect wristbands from some of my homies that were there, such as madman himself Tom Weiss and Scotty Gallo. We rounded up 7 wristbands, gave them to Scotty’s girlfriend Nikki, and sent her on the way outside to pass them out and get this party started. She comes back 3 minutes later saying she can’t go outside because if you leave, even to smoke, you’re not allowed back in. Even with a wristband. Like a fucking high school dance. Fuck that! What a joke!

Awesome sweaters and free Vodka Red Bull was no match for the let down inside. Coin slots optional.

At this point we were really fucking over it and were just about to leave when the movie started playing. No one started clapping or cheering, which I found strange. Pat Moore, Andres Wiig, Nick Sauve, and other Forum dudes were up on a stage and no one cared. This pissed me off even more. What kind of shitty people don’t cheer and clap during a premiere, especially when the dudes killing it and spent 8 months of their lives filming for this video are standing right in front of you?? Oh I know…ones that don’t snowboard.

Pat Moore has to drink more to make she-man look attractive.

Forum and Red Bull totally blew it with this premiere. It was obvious they didn’t care about having real snowboarders come to their party. It wasn’t about showing love and saying thank you to all of their fans that drove hours to come party and meet everyone. It was about making sure the team had a sweet list of pro ho’s to call after it was over. Maybe that’s why it’s called “Fuck It”? Either way, you blew it. Big time. That’s why everyone left and started their own parties. A bunch of us walked 3 blocks to a party at The Hundred’s store, where they let anyone walk up in the jam packed store and were handing out free Heineken. And didn’t care about how good of handies we give in the bathroom.

Mike is one sad camper.

Next time do us all a favor and skip NYC…you’re clearly way too cool for it.

-upstate. mike


  1. David Z says:

    would’ve had a better showing here in Detroit… just saying. maybe they consider that next year.

  2. C says:

    it seems to be this way with most “industry” events in NYC… no one from/who actually cares it is ever there

  3. Lisevolution says:

    So typical of NYC premiers… Shit like this is why I stopped going because its always BS. I’m glad I listened to my instincts and skipped it.

  4. mascha says:

    last year it was a similar situation and we skipped the show and opted for cocktails instead.

  5. justarider says:

    sounds like someone couldn’t fig out a way to bang one of the skanks…waaaa!

  6. Manifeste00 says:

    More and more I’m seeing snowboarding companies holding events like this one. Just got to check their blogs…their premieres and events are full of skanks and people that don’t give a shit about snowboarding.

  7. upstate.mike says:

    yeah “justarider”, thats it. because i was there with my fiance. don’t need any skanks.

    it’s just a shame to see premiere parties going down the shitter, i used to look forward to them to get me through the fall.

  8. Looking at how hermaphroditic some of those chicks were I’d have to question wanting to bang one.

  9. 0hw0rd says:

    boohoo douche….let’s blame forum and the guys who tried to put on a fun event when again, the redbull goons were to blame for the door problems. I was there and can verify that 95% of the people there were true snowboarders….unfortunately they’re not the cool guys you and your “homies” are. If only they had worn their cool guy uniforms of tall-ts or tight v-necks so you could identify them more easily? Stay home next year with your 40s, tall-ts, “homies”, and bullshit attitude. There are enough tools in nyc as it is…the city doesn’t need one more.

  10. upstate.mike says:

    sucks that forum didnt have control of the door…just some big jerks workin security for red bull did.

  11. upstatemike. says:

    hahaha tall tee’s and 40’s? u got the wronnnng dude. you must be one the tools i was referring too since you got your panties in such a bunch. but i guess we’ll never know cause you dont have the nards to use your real name.

  12. timmy says:

    Mike, a bet your sis had the same expresion on her face when she went to her room and her pants were missing….. Ah shit dog, I did.

    Just kidding. Sounds like a shitty time. Free vodka and redbull would make everything up for me though. Perfect place for pre drinks.

  13. Pat Morgan says:

    the primary dude who planned this event worked real hard to try and put on a succesful, fun event… it’s a great venue to have an a event at, but at the same time a tough venue to have an event at (which was illustrated by the difficulties saturday night)

    I wasnt there, but I didnt have to be to know what the vibe was probably like… its so hard to try and make everyone happy, from entry point consumer, to random shred kid, to the valued shop crew… realistically, you’d need a venue capable of hosting 1,000 plus, but then we’d have complaints about the crowd…

    as a gesture to try and make people happy, the dude behind this event has been sending out ‘I’m sorry’ kits to people, as a gesture of good faith and intention… also to try and make it better, the dudes from seven springs and big boulder handed out lift tickets to the dissappointed ppl outside to try and make things better…

    my take: the people running it did the best they could do with the resources they had, and there is ALWAYS room to improve no matter how banger the event is

  14. upstate.mike says:

    yeah Forum understands that the party didn’t go as planned, and they were disappointed with how it went down as well. But it was first come first serve I guess, so the pro ho’s must have been camping out for days for a chance at having the forum teams babies. And apparently the fire marshall changed the max capacity alittle bit ago, to under 200 people. Lame.

    The party still sucked. But life goes on. Just wanted to show what happened and speak up for all the kids that were so pissed that night they waited outside for hours and hours. i got nothing but love for forum and red bull in the end. im drinkin a red bull right now, shit.

    And yeah Forum is sending out a care package to me to hook up kids that couldn’t get in, so if you’re one of them hit me up and I’ll make sure you get the “sorry the party sucked” treats out to ya…

  15. Roboshredder says:

    Kind of reminds me of some of the art shows I would go to when I was in art school. A BUNCH of hipsters who thought everyone was beneath them, who were there more to be seen, than to enjoy the art. I remember one time I showed up with long hair, never summer hoodie, and jeans, and i was immediately glared at by everyone for not having an ironic mustache, tight jeans, a v neck shirt. The recap of the party totally sounds like what I used to go to, the only thing missing were people smoking american spirit yellows because they are less alt.

  16. FuckIT says:

    Forum was informed of 200 max occupancy. They put 100 people on a guest list, leaving 100 people to get in who where not on the list.

    Why send out invites saying it was open to the public if they knew only 100 people could get in without being on the list?

    I suppose they thought they only have 50 fans.

  17. Andrew says:

    I think it shows a lapse in forums judgement by picking a bad venue.
    I don’t fully know the context so maybe its wrong for me to judge.
    I would think there would be someone local that knows whats up when it comes to picking a decent venue.

    maybe not.

    I went to the Reno premere and thought it sucked. they made us sit through last years movie before they even let us watch this years movie.

    and their team riders most definitely love their pro-ho’s.

    if it is their first year doing premere tours then I think its understandable, you learn as you go along.

  18. Jon K says:

    It wasn’t as bad at the Nowhere premiere but it still sucked. No cheers, no high fives, no vibe.
    That was my first and last premiere in NYC even though I can’t really be picky as I’m from Israel, but hell, if it’s not fun, I’d rather watch it at home.

  19. wa wa………..if you all know about NYC industry events and hate us so much then why all the cry babies!

    You were told to come early………….sorry you drove 10 hrs, were an hour late and didnt have fun………if you stay home next year we’ll be able to let your friends in.

    Party was dope…hopt ladies, free booze and good times not to mention afterparty.
    If it was a dude fest for you…..guess you went home playing pocket pool………….”us COOL guys” went home with “hot bimbos w fake tities (isnt that what you all jerk off to anyway?).

    anyhways we love you all sorry for the angry feelings……… year we’ll have more bimbos for you all…………if you get in…. F’ck It

  20. but much love to Pat and Mike………..just saying F’ck It to all the complaining bloggers on here

  21. The so called "genderly challenged" says:

    Haha! So glad I finally stumbled across this article, as I’ve heard so much about it over the months from different people in the industry. Clearly the person who wrote this is not involved in the snowboard community, or you’d know who I am. And who doesn’t love a good skanky entourage every once and a while?! Please, the only thing that’s whack here is that you spent all this time writing this article instead of going out to ride. I had a great time at the party, and the guys running it did an awesome job…

    Sorry I have short hair and confused you,


  22. I’m pretty sure he’s more involved in snowboarding than you. And I’d like to know what resorts were even open around NYC during the time of this premiere.

  23. The so called "genderly challenged" says:

    You’re wrong, but I’m done entertaining idiots.

    As for the snow — i’m not sure what resorts you’d even want to go to aroun d the NYC area, but if you were a real rider, you’d just head north like the rest of us.

  24. Well I didn’t write this I was too busy living in Colorado. But I did entertain a great guest post if it’s pissing you off so much.

  25. WowYouNeedaLife says:

    I hope the skanks and genderally challenged don’t sue you for using their picture without their permission and for using slander… that would be such a shame… then you’d have less time to update your lousy website…

  26. Tell you what go get a lawyer send me a letter of unauthorized use and slander. That ought to cost you a few hundred to a thousand dollars. Guess we know who is insecure with themselves and doesn’t understand that 1. I didn’t write this 2. I didn’t take the photos 3. it’s called a guest post 4. public event means you really lose your rights to piss and moan.

  27. upstatemike. says:

    i still have no idea who the gaper lesbian is.

  28. upstatemike. says:

    i wrote this. and took the pictures. id fucking love for the lesbian to try and sue me. guess what…it was a public event, dont need “permission” to use the pictures. and i can say whatever the fuck i want, thanks forefathers.

  29. guesswhobitch says:

    you’re a fucking douchebag. get some social skills, this is prob why you’re not picking up chicks. don’t forget to go fuck yourself.

  30. I’m going to guess it’s Stacey Ng. Pretty sure Mike has a fiance so doesn’t need to go pick up chicks. As for myself you’re kind of cute on your facebook if you’re ever in Breckenridge you should take me out for dinner.

  31. upstatemike. says:

    hahaha…you just suck at talking shit online. not sure why im even entertaining. im engaged. already fucked myself. have fun at ski barn.

  32. CKG says:

    Sorry for bumping an older post, but reading this just makes me that much more stoked on Technine’s premiere of “Familia 2″ at Mad River Mountain, Ohio like a month ago. Sure there were some skanks, but mostly it was just jam sessioning, beer cheersin’ n spliff passin’ with Thompson and Dennison as we all watched their parts play out on the big screen.

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