The Dinosaurs Will Die Team Movie Reviewed

The idea of Dinosaurs Will Die as a company makes me laugh, not because I find the brand a joke, but the name is just hilarious and a great reference to how the old will die if you don’t adapt and change. Touting their first team movie as a full length 2D medium definition snowboarder exploitation flick I felt the only way to watch this was on what I’ve dubbed Large Marge, some prehistoric beast of a television I found in the garage of a pro skiers man cave many moons ago. It’s ability to turn the second dimension into the third on occasion is only rivaled by it’s talents to play Pacman when you least expect it. But alas this isn’t about the television this is about the riders and the movie they worked so hard for.

If you’re looking for a well polished cinematic piece of mastery that will make your mother wet her panties and explode over the beautiful scenery behind some energy drink fueled double-chucker then this isn’t the movie for you or her. Instead this is a truly raw and gritty skate styled punk rock with gangster rap influences shred flick that is best to watch while you and your mom get matching tattoos.

Bertha wants to satisfy you!

Starring: Sean Genovese, Jeff Keenan, Ben Bogart, Chris Larson, Chris Brewster, Brendon Hupp, Lucas Ouellette, Matt Heneghan, Garrett Swenson and the Rats.

For a bad snow year these guys still managed to get the goods on numerous shots in the backcountry. It was almost as if they somehow had the magical power of the elements to bring them powder and bluebird days. Just don’t think that it’s only going to be pow slashes and big lines there’s plenty of urban as this team has a great affiliation with Think Thank and we all know how creative those movies are. Only downside is you do see a few features that have been in other movies over the last few seasons and you can’t help but think this is because AK and the Northwest were the places to film this year.

Lucas Ouellette takes the cake for coming up short in a botched roof gap bomb drop and you just can’t help but laugh. Hupp, Brewster, and Larson hold their own as usual. Geno as you can tell by the B footage up above gets after it in his usual style and Jeff Keenan may have almost killed himself trying to get the shot.

I have to say Ben Bogart has the most memorable part he’s ever done. I’ve found myself re-watching it over and over already. He managed to capture his abilities and send them to a new level. Check for is disaster stall to front flip out on the double log set up, it’s one of those what the fuck moments. Seriously best part in the movie hands down.

The bonus section is lacking it’s just their edit that didn’t make it into the Super Park Battle of the Brands. But it’s still worth a watch.

Over all this won’t be a movie for everyone but if you love creativity, fast paced shredding, and small core brands I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Props to my local shop The Big Hit for being able to hook me up with this a day before it will be in shops.

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