The CroBar Season Edit

Having this guy on hand to be a resident stunt junkie for Parks and Wreck we’ve bore witness to some more than questionable landings on tricks that defy physics and human logic. Here’s just a small section of what he put down this past winter in Breckenridge.

Filmed and edited by Shamus Lahman.

Picture 43

Causes controversy!

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  1. As a Colorado rider, I don’t understand why so many of the edits I see coming out of our area feature only park riding. I understand that its the easiest thing to film and get good footage from; but we get decent snow and have good terrain in spots. Why no pow footy or natural features? I’m sure this dude is not nearly as one dimensional a rider as this edit would lead a viewer to believe. Just my .02.

  2. Access and BC knowledge.

  3. Good point about the BC knowledge. Add in our stupid snowpack stability issues that persist for what seems like the entire fucking season and yeah, it gets tough to find those ideal days with good light and stability. Never trust a hoar, no matter how deep you bury her. Definitely some sick park footage though.

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