The Cost of Comfort

Febuary 22nd 2013 there was an avalanche in Greely Bowl Area (just outside of ski area boundary) 3 where buried, 2 got dug out in time and the 3rd person (from sources it took them 20 minutes to get him out) died 

The over sensationalizing of media can be annoying and sometimes ruin the message or the lesson that can be learned. In the general media the persons name will be mentioned a couple times; along with their experience, what gear they were wearing, what the conditions were like, and what the death toll is this year compared to other years. We won’t learn shit from it and go watch another Harlem Shake video while our brains rot, people get fatter, and the planet moves closer to extinction.

The media will get their one punch of traffic to their sites. They will be standing outside harassing people in the parking lots of the ski hill for a statement. They will sell some papers, get some advertising dollars, and walk away with some cash because someone bit the bullet and they will spin the shit out of it.

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You get some very educated comments from people that know everything about everything and probably suffer from small dick syndrome of some sort.

big idiot

Yeah there is a great idea lets let the government tell us what we can and can’t do. Oh and I guess having these people patrolling these areas and handing out these criminal offenses will be doing this for free? They definitely won’t be using your tax dollars. Pretty sure if you have ever been to a ski resort they have it clearly written that you will have to pay for your rescue (In Revelstoke it is 1000$) so you can also go fuck yourself. Pretty sure SAR (search and rescue) is a volunteer based organization that makes most its money fundraising. 

We are bombarded with information about conditions and have some pretty insane gear that keep people alive. We get comfortable with ourselves in our riding ability and than with the mountain and the terrain that we frequent. No one in their right mind that has snowboarded a serious amount (50+ days a year) can say they have not put themselves into some very gnarly situations that could of turned out bad. Sometimes we get comfortable with our surrounding and we make decisions based on what it was like the day, week, month before.

Condolences to everyone that has lost someone out there and to the people that will lose someone in the future. Don’t pass judgement on people when they are gone and just think how you would feel if people close to you did the same? People make mistakes and shit happens. We get comfortable in our surroundings. These guys where local to the area and knew where to go when it snowed and what lines to do. They had the knowledge of the mountain they just comfortable with it and that in itself can be a bad combination.

Be safe out there, get educated, keep an eye on the avalanche forecast, always respect the way of mother nature and everyone just shut the fuck up.

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  1. Dave says:

    Great article. The Government should definitely not dictate peoples back country experiences. Stay smart and safe out there and have fun and thank you to all the rescue peeps out there for risking there safety to help others.

  2. Kling says:

    How about you proofread that once and then delete my comments.

    For something so serious the first couple sentences are almost incoherent?

    I appreciate the sentiment of the article and love the whole AS thing and crew, keep it up.

  3. How come I can comprehend it just fine. Re-read it.

  4. sillyfucker says:

    Good read. Actually, here in Colorado when you buy a fishing or hunting license, there is a 25 cent search and rescue fee. This fee is voluntarily paid by the collective “sportsmen” and goes to fund search and rescue of all flavors…including events in the backcountry. Not sure how other states/countries do it, but its a rad concept. If this douchebag did any research, he would find a million other nonsensical things our tax dollars are used for. But for some reason, people like him get the forefront in the media and HIS side gets pushed. I would encourage all in Colorado who indulge in our backcountry to get a fishing license. 25 cents covers your ass. I, as a business owner and taxpayer, am happy to pay that quarter so we can all enjoy what the BC has to offer.

  5. Kling says:

    guess I’m retarded, what happened to the 3rd person? I’ve read it like 6 times….oh he added “died”. Damn. RIP. What ski area is referenced at the start?

    I’m sorry wasn’t trying to be a dick, but I was pretty confused about the facts by the beginning of the article.

    People who use words like “why should taxpayers” are just jerks who have no real connection to tax dollars or the function of the government. Can’t get sucked into internet haters when real life (or in this case death) happens.

    SAR seems to be one of the few programs that our “tax dollars” are actually worth spending on.

  6. Ryan Winters says:

    The ski hill (mountain) that is referenced at the start is Revelstoke Mountain Resort in BC, Canada. Another wild weekend this weekend as well. The CAA (Canadian Avalanche Asscioation) issued a “Extreme” Rating (highest rating possible) for likelihoods of an avalanche today and high for the weekend in the alpine and lower. Just inbounds this morning there was 15-20cm mini slab slides under the chair. Nothing to bury people but just shows you what the system is bringing to the table. That being said it was a gnarly day!

  7. David says:

    Ever hear of the legend that Ravens are lost souls? Never seen one at Revy and one flew by on the first stoke chair up the day after. It was an Eerie feeling.

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