The Backcountry Giveaway

The backcountry is a wily place filled with many perils. We at in conjunction with MTN Approach want you to be safe out there. With that in mind we’re giving away a little goodie pack that should help you as you venture off the beaten path and shirk the idea of riding a chairlift.

Instagram Photo Collage Contest #backcountrysafety
Prize: Mtn Approach Shovel, Probe, T-Shirt and Hoody

Rules: Using Instagram put together your best photo collage featuring:
4 things you need for the backcountry
4 things people wouldn’t think you would take with you
A hand drawn photo of a Tundra Wookiee or at least your best artistic interpretation
Your best Angry Snowboarder logo pose.

Once you’ve done this tag @angrysnowboarder and @mtnapproach with #backcountrysafety #bcsafetyisawesome #tundrawookiee #angrysnowboarder #mtnapproach.

Contest ends January, 24th 2013

We recommend using an app like Instaframe to be able to get all your photos into your collage.

One entry per Instagram account. Entrants will be judged by the resident Angry Snowboarder backcountry guru. A man that clocks 100 days a season without the use of a chairlift, hasn’t been seen in a modern ski town in a decade, and just might be related to the missing link.

Liability crap: We at and those at MTN Approach assume no liability in you entering this contest. The backcountry is filled with serious risks or worse permanent death. By entering this contest you acknowledge you understand these rights as you know it and if something untimely does happen to you that you will not proceed in the American way of suing everyone else and passing the blame. If you do proceed to follow legal litigation you also agree upon the fact that we may at any time proceed to punch you in the face without warning or feed you to Unicorns.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Kara Ca Pow says:

    Was going to pass this along, just checking are you looking for three photos? Two 4 frame and a wookie?

  2. Instaframe or the like allows for 4 photos at once. It’s pretty straight forward. 1 photo with 4, another photo with 4, the hand drawn cartoon, and you trying your best angry logo. Put into a frame then posted to Instagram. Use appropriate hash tags and bam.

  3. doug says:

    hahaha permanent death, id much rather stay on piste and only risk temporary or long term death ;), and death metal :)

  4. […] to spend $100 each day to ride the resort.. enter to win a MTNApproach backcuntry goodie pack from to help you be safe out there without buying […]

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