The B.S. About B.S. Technology Contest

Ever said to yourself I like to B.S? Perhaps you like to B.S. about snowboarding? Well if you find yourself about snowboarding then Omatic Snowboards and I have a contest for you! Yes that’s right we’re going to reward you with a snowboard for just Bull Shitting about their B.S. Technology! 

So what’s the deal with this contest? Well its pretty simple we’re giving you guys the chance to ask Omatics Board Engineer Jason Kanes all the questions you want about board designs, what B.S. (Bowed Surface) Technology is/does, whether or not he likes unicorns, and if Todd touches him in inappropriate places. Well OK maybe not the last question cause that’s kind of a behind closed doors job perk. But you get the idea and if you need to know a little more about Mr. Kanes here’s an interview he did with SnowRev a while back. If you need to know a little bit more about B.S. technology and how it rides I highly recommend reading these:

Omatic Celebrity review

Omatic Extr-Txtr review

Omatic Extr-Eco Wiggle Stick review

Battle of the base technologies

So what’s the catch?

Well it’s pretty simple from today till June 8th (that’s two weeks) you’ll have a chance to submit questions on here for him. The more questions you ask the more times you’ll be entered to win a snowboard, so remember to use a valid email address so I can contact you if you won. Only questions submitted on the site will be accepted so don’t bother emailing, twatting, or leaving comments on the Facebook fan page. After the 8th I’ll send the questions to him to get his answers and we’ll put it up in an interview format. This contest is open to anyone anywhere so if you live in Uganda don’t hesitate to ask a question. Yes that’s right you internationals have a chance at this as well! Just keep the questions relatively close to snowboarding related. After the interview is posted I’ll be picking a random submission from a hat or some other completely absurd method I can come up with. And for some sort of legal/ethical purposes The Intern is not allowed to enter cause frankly I like watching him get cranky.

What do you win?

Well up for grabs is a brand new Omatic Snowboard with B.S. Technology.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Jake says:

    Did u think new camber designs would have as much an impact on snowboarding as it has? And where do u see snowboarding heading?

  2. Jake says:

    What would you put as your top 5 favorite boards of all time?.

  3. Jake says:

    Where can I find demo days for BS tech snowboards? will you have them listed on your site?.

  4. Jake says:

    Will BS tech alter the way I have to ollie?.

  5. Jake says:

    Will BS tech snowboards come in twin tip and or directional?.

  6. Jake says:

    What are some good tips you give to people when it comes to riding BS tech boards?.

  7. Jake says:

    What snowboarding brand did you ride most growing up?

  8. Jake says:

    How much free time do you still have to snowboard?.

  9. Jake says:

    Is Omatic involved in any snowboard camps?.

  10. Jake says:

    Will BS tech increase the weight of the snowboard?.

  11. Jake says:

    If a major brand was open to buying Omatic say for example Quiksilver would you be willing to?.

  12. Jake says:

    a follow up question, How strongly do you believe in a snowboarding company being rider owned when it comes to making quality gear?. and if you allowed a higher up the food chain company to buy omatic how do you think that would effect the price tag of your snowboards?.

  13. Hey Dude says:

    B.S aside.. and i’m not talking tech. What makes working at Omatic’s worth it to you? Is it the money? the crew? the stability?
    if you could be hired to a position for a larger company would you go for it?
    And who would win in a fight. the horse from rainbow brite or the unicorn from legend?

  14. Robert says:

    Do you prefer riding in the northern or southern hemispheres?

  15. Jake says:

    What your favorite place ridden in europe?

  16. Jake says:

    Would a leprechaun give up his pot of gold for BS tech?.

  17. Jason says:

    Is B.S. Tech really just a bunch of, well, you know, B.S.?

  18. Jake says:

    Growing up what snowboarding companies would you have also liked to have worked for?.

  19. Jake says:

    How is the current economy effecting omatics production and sales cost?.

  20. Jake says:

    What do you think will be your best selling deck this year?.

  21. Jake says:

    What was your first job?. in the snowboarding industry

  22. Jake says:

    What’s a great day of snowboarding to you?.

  23. Jake says:

    From your days of just snowboarding to now creating snowboards for the industry how has that changed your views on snowboarding?.

  24. Jake says:

    How has working with Todd Richards and tara Dakides been with Omatic?. and who’s the biggest bickerer? :)

  25. Jake says:

    What’s been your worst injury in snowboarding?.

  26. Jake says:

    What riders out there right now do you think are pushing the sport to new heights?.

  27. Jake says:

    If I asked others to describe you to me, what words would they use?

  28. Jake says:

    What is your biggest accomplishment and why do you view it as such?

  29. Jake says:

    Describe your most significant success & failure in the last two years?

  30. Jake says:

    What are you top 5 favorite snowboarding films of the past 5 years?.

  31. Jake says:

    What are your top 5 favorite snowboarding films of all time?.

  32. Jake says:

    How do you feel the snowboarding industry has changed from it’s early beginnings?.

  33. Jake says:

    How many beanies do you have in your home?.

  34. Jake says:

    What’s your favorite snowboarding food?.

  35. Jake says:

    Are you currently doing your dream job?.

  36. Kevin Maguire says:

    Can I trade you some beer for a board?

  37. Adam says:

    Could the B.S. technology stop the BP oil leak and save the world?

  38. Adam says:

    If aliens were to invade can I use a board with BS technology to defend myself?

  39. Adam says:

    If a woodchuck could chuck would, would he choose your BS tech to board to the tree he’s going to chuck?

  40. Adam says:

    If I’m riding a BS board can I open portals to other dimensions while airing?

  41. Adam says:

    Would Obama be a good person to market the BS technology while shredding the gnar?

  42. Adam says:

    Will the BS technology have a similar effect on people that alcohol did on the natives?

  43. Adam says:

    If a bs board, joint rolling worthy?

  44. Adam says:

    Are you high as fack when you shred the pow on your bs technology board?

  45. Adam says:

    Is Bs technology a big hoax like swine flu was? Flying pigs get it?

  46. Jake says:

    Tell us a secret you think most people don’t know about you?.

  47. Jake says:

    What was your favorite moment of the 09/10 boarding season?.

  48. Peter Brunner says:

    How do you crack an egg without breaking the yolk?

  49. Rachel says:

    What direction do you see Omatic going in, in the future?

  50. Jake says:

    If you wern’t making boards for a living what do you think you would be doing?.

  51. Jake says:

    If you could build the ultimate rider in a lab by taking the abilities (emotional,mental,physical ect ect) from other rides alive or dead who would it be?.

  52. Jake says:

    What should the snowboarding community be afraid of?.

  53. Jake says:

    What type of role do you think you play in the snowboarding industry?.

  54. Jake says:

    How do you feel about the snowboarding industry being pushed into the mass market and commercialization?.

  55. Jake says:

    Where did you grow up? and how if any did it guide you into snowboarding?.

  56. Jake says:

    Do you think snowboarding is portrayed well through the media?.

  57. Jake says:

    Do you think snowboarding is at it’s peak? or do you think it could reach even higher grounds?.

  58. Jake says:

    What happened with Andreas wiig and Tara Dakides leaving the O?.

  59. Jake says:

    What do you like to do for fun other than snowboarding?.

  60. Jake says:

    What do you like most about snowboarding?.

  61. Jake says:

    What have you read,listened to and watched recently that you’re really into?

  62. Jake says:

    What do you think of the Angrysnowboarder?

  63. Jake says:

    Whats the worst injury or wipeout you’ve taken in snowboarding?.

  64. Jake says:

    What are some of the newer boarding companies that you’ve come to appreciate for what they’re trying to do in the snowboarding industry?.

  65. Jake says:

    What change or advancement in technology in the snowboard industry do you most appreciate and why?

  66. Jake says:

    What’s your least appreciated?.

  67. Jake says:

    Any favorite travel stories?

  68. Jake says:

    Did you start making snowboards because you can’t ride very well?.

  69. Jake says:

    Who do you think is the most underrated rider in the sport?.

  70. Jake says:

    What’s the best thing you love about snowboarding?.

  71. Jake says:

    and what would be the worst?.

  72. Jake says:

    What did you think of Louie V on dancing with the stars?

  73. Jake says:

    What projects are you working towards for the upcoming seasons?.

  74. Kevin Maguire says:

    what are your measurements?

  75. Kevin Maguire says:

    I have a smile on my face, have you figured this out yet?

  76. Shawn F says:

    Is there any truth the all the B.S.?

  77. Shawn F says:

    If I take the celebrity off an 80 ft jump, will I survive?

  78. Shawn F says:

    Is B.S. going to take much getting used to coming from that crazy old school camber stuff?

  79. Shawn F says:

    I’m 5’8 and weigh 125 lbs, will 148 B.S. celebrity handle 50ft+ booters?

  80. Jake says:

    The women’s side of snowboarding sometimes gets over looked especially by some brands . What’s your take on just shrinking and pinking decks?

  81. Jake says:

    Who do you think is doing some positives to spread the women’s message in snowboarding?

  82. Jake says:

    what steps are you taking to get girls and women involved in snowboarding?

  83. Jake says:

    If people could get only one thing out of what Omatic is what would you want it to be?.

  84. Jake says:

    When your not working what do you like to do to mellow out?.

  85. Jake says:

    Use 3 words to describe what snowboarding means to you?.

  86. Jake says:

    What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

  87. Jake says:

    In your opinion what do you think the snowboarding industry needs more of?.

  88. Cam says:

    Does the Celebrity jib?

  89. Cam says:

    Will i be able to do switch backside triple corked 1620’s with BS tech?

  90. Cam says:

    Can I ollie midgets on an omatic?

  91. Cam says:

    Are omatics for snow gangsters wearing thuggies?

  92. Cam says:

    Is louie vito a midget?

  93. Cam says:

    does the extr txtr tweet for me while im riding

  94. Cam says:

    Does BS tech poop on TBT

  95. Cam says:

    Can you lock into presses with BS technology?

  96. Cam says:

    Will BS keep me from being a human scorpion?

  97. Cam says:

    Does BS save lives?

  98. Cam says:

    Does BS save lives and limbs?

  99. Cam says:

    Can I win?

  100. Cam says:

    Can I win a celebrity?

  101. Cam says:

    Is the awesome awesome?

  102. Cam says:

    Did aliens enlighten you with bs tech?

  103. Cam says:

    Will Todd come back and shred?

  104. Cam says:

    Where did you get the name Omatic?

  105. Cam says:

    Will shaun white join omatic?

  106. Cam says:

    Is omatic the tits?

  107. Cam says:

    Whats the BS about BS?

  108. Cam says:

    When is willet going to have a pro model?

  109. Cam says:

    Will the celebrity make me a celebrity?

  110. Cam says:

    Whats a wigglestick?

  111. Cam says:

    Is bs the best?

  112. Cam says:

    Is BS going to make snowboarding too easy?

  113. Cam says:

    Can i hit chads gap on a celebrity and live?

  114. Cam says:

    Can Willet do triple backside rodeos?

  115. Cam says:

    Will you give me the celebrity if I win?

  116. Cam says:

    Does BS give you wings?

  117. Cam says:

    Will bs save my life?

  118. Cam says:

    Will BS protect me from snow yetis?

  119. Cam says:

    Will bs save me from gnarly kinks?

  120. Cam says:

    Can i BS some more and win a board with BS?

  121. Cam says:

    Will BS hold on ice?

  122. Cam says:

    if i land a little of balance will BS make me wash out?

  123. Cam says:

    Does BS make it easy to snowboard drunk?

  124. Cam says:

    Does louie vito ever break into dance when he’s happy?

  125. Cam says:

    Has snowboarding become too commercial?

  126. Cam says:

    Do you think snowboarding is past its prime?

  127. Cam says:

    What music do you listen to when you ride?

  128. Cam says:

    Whats your favorite 2011 omatic board?

  129. Cam says:

    Will you give me a job?

  130. Cam says:

    No, really I am a product designer and want to work in the industry. Will you give me an internship?

  131. Cam says:

    Have you ever been snowboarding in NC?

  132. Cam says:

    Do you ride reg or goofs?

  133. Cam says:

    Whats your favorite mountain?

  134. Cam says:

    Whats better tweaky methods or clean bs 180’s?

  135. Cam says:

    Is bs gonna help me stomp tricks?

  136. Cam says:

    How buttery is BS?

  137. Cam says:

    Is the balance point for locking into presses and and 50-50s smaller because there is less flat area on the base?

  138. Cam says:

    Is it hard to stone grin a board with BS

  139. Cam says:

    How fast can you go on BS before you feel like your gonna die?

  140. Jake says:

    When you look at how snowboarding grew into what it is now, from supersmall ghetto backyard runs to Olympic craziness and whatever it might be today, where do you think did we arrive? Are we some recreational thing now?

  141. Jake says:

    Does Omatic offer any splitboards?.

  142. Jake says:

    Has Omatic ever considered offering splitboards?.

  143. Jake says:

    With the recent crash to Kevin Pearce and Shaun whites crash which he luckily came out unscathed do you feel the level of the competitions are becoming to big and to dangerous?.

  144. Cam says:

    Will BS tech help me in class?

  145. Cam says:

    Is BS tech the shizz

  146. Cam says:

    Can i go big on BS?

  147. Cam says:

    Is it hard to adjust to BS?

  148. Cam says:

    Will BS get me a girlfiend?

  149. Cam says:

    Angry, Do you prefer 2011 the celebrity or artifact 85 for all around park domination?

  150. Cam says:

    Does BS make it hard to lock onto rails?

  151. Cam says:

    What what other non snowboard companies do you think are pushing the envelope in design?

  152. Cam says:

    Does BS float in pow?

  153. Cam says:

    Does BS help boards turn better in slush?

  154. Cam says:

    Do your boards break easily?

  155. Cam says:

    How many warranty claims have you received?

  156. Cam says:

    Will BS technology save the evironment?

  157. Cam says:

    Wil BS tecknology help me too sepll beter?

  158. Jake says:

    Were your a skater or surfer growing up?

  159. Cam says:

    Will BS technology give me the cojones to learn backside rodeos?

  160. Cam says:

    Will BS technology stop the war in Iraq?

  161. Cam says:

    Will my girlfriend like BS technology?

  162. Jake says:

    how was running your first company 5150 back in the day?.

  163. Jake says:

    How has running a business changed since then?.

  164. Cam says:

    Are Omatics with more buttery then the bannana?

  165. Cam says:

    Will BS technology help in a boardercross board?

  166. Cam says:

    Will BS technology make me ride better?

  167. Cam says:

    Will BS technology make Floridians ride better?

  168. Jake says:

    Do you spend a lot of time traveling for work? promos,demo shows?

  169. Cam says:

    Will BS technology help me do Euro carves?

  170. Cam says:

    How long are your warranties?

  171. Jake says:

    When did you first know that you wanted to work in the snowboard industry?.

  172. Cam says:

    So your not owned by Quicksilver? jk

  173. Cam says:

    Are your boards light?

  174. Cam says:

    What is in the core of the celebrity?

  175. Cam says:

    What is in the core of the Ext-txtr?

  176. Cam says:

    What is in the core of the Awesome?

  177. Cam says:

    What is in the core of the Sweet?

  178. Cam says:

    What bindings are best on your boards?

  179. Cam says:

    What computer software do you use to design your boards?

  180. Cam says:

    What materials give the Celebrity its pop?

  181. Cam says:

    If I don’t win can I get a discount on a board?

  182. Cam says:

    What do you do in your spare time?

  183. Cam says:

    Got any cool hobbies?

  184. Cam says:

    Where do you live?

  185. Cam says:

    Are your boards “Green”?

  186. Cam says:

    How many boards have you designed in your life?

  187. Cam says:

    What can I do to get a job in the industry?

  188. Cam says:

    Where is your new factory?

  189. Cam says:

    Do you treat your workers well?

  190. Cam says:

    How much rockers is in the celebrity?

  191. Cam says:

    What binding would go best with the celebrity?

  192. Cam says:

    Where can i demo a board?

  193. Cam says:

    How much does it cost to make a snowboard?

  194. Cam says:

    How come Louie Vito didn’t wind dancing with the stars?

  195. Cam says:

    Where is the best place to buy an Omatic?

  196. Cam says:

    What is the noodliest board in your lineup?

  197. Cam says:

    What is the stiffest board in your lineup?

  198. Cam says:

    How long did it take to design BS tech?

  199. Jake says:

    how has working in the snowboard industry and being paid affected the fun of snowboarding?

  200. Cam says:

    Who designs your graphics?

  201. Cam says:

    When can i buy a 2011 omatic?

  202. Jake says:

    if you could wear one shirt and one pair of pants for the rest of the year what would you choose?

  203. Jake says:

    Tight or loose fitting pants when boarding?.

  204. Cam says:

    Can you guys host a contest at App Ski Mtn?

  205. Cam says:

    Do you have a lot of free time to ride during the season?

  206. Jake says:

    What would you say sets your boards apart from others?

  207. Cam says:

    How many days did you ride this season?

  208. Cam says:

    Which Ladies boards have BS for 2011?

  209. Jake says:

    It seems like reverse camber boards are a necessity for any board company these days, Are you extremely excited to be released your BS tech for the snowboard enthusiasts to see?.

  210. Jake says:

    Does omatic share a factory?.

  211. Cam says:

    Bataleon says TBT works with camber. How come BS works well with rocker?

  212. Jake says:

    What is the easiest way for people to get their hands on a Omatic board?

  213. Jake says:

    Does omatic have any plans in designing their own boots or bindings to go with their boards?.

  214. Cam says:

    Do you think most companies spend too much money on marketing and graphics and not enough on design and engineering?

  215. Jake says:

    What’s the company culture at Omatic Snowboards?

  216. Cam says:

    What segment of the industry will omatic expand to next?

  217. Jake says:

    How can one go about getting a job at Omatic?

  218. Jake says:

    and are you guys hiring?.

  219. Jake says:

    Who do you think is the top female rider out there right now in the pipe?

  220. Jake says:

    Who do you think is the top female rider right now slaying the backcountry?

  221. Cam says:

    If I buy an Omatic will I get a life?

  222. Cam says:

    What other parts of the boards design contribute to BS technology?

  223. Jake says:

    Any new omatic videos we should be stoked about?.

  224. Cam says:

    Is the celebrity better then the Evo

  225. Cam says:

    Can i bomb cliffs with BS tech?

  226. Cam says:

    Is Jake going to win the BS board?

  227. Cam says:

    Can BS tech save my arse?

  228. Jake says:

    True or False BS tech makes you super human?.

  229. Cam says:

    Can i win the new Omatic board? I am board-less right now

  230. Cam says:

    Will BS tech get me laid?

  231. Jake says:

    How long have you been snowboarding?

  232. Cam says:

    What type of base do you use on the celebrity?

  233. Jake says:

    What Omatic board are you riding?

  234. Cam says:

    What type of base do you use on the Extr-txtr?

  235. Cam says:

    What type of base do you use on the Sweet?

  236. Cam says:

    What type of base is use on the Awesome?

  237. Cam says:

    Will BS tech steal my girlfriend?

  238. Cam says:

    What companies do you feel have jacked your ideas?

  239. Cam says:

    Have you jacked any ideas from other companies?

  240. Cam says:

    What other companies do you support?

  241. Jake says:

    Three reasons to buy BS tech:

  242. Jake says:

    Did you grow up skiing or skating?.

  243. Jake says:

    Is there anywhere in North America have you yet, but wish, to ride?

  244. Cam says:

    Is it hard to stone grind a board with BS technology?

  245. Jake says:

    This question is for the riders out there who are thinking about buying an omating board but may have been staying true to one or two brands, What can you tell them about O-Matic boards?

  246. Jake says:

    Are you a myspace friend of loui vitos?.

  247. Jake says:

    Have you ever worked as a snowboard instructor?.

  248. Jake says:

    How does someone such as yourself in the snowboard industry feel watching the snow melting at the onset of summer?

  249. Jake says:

    Why snowboarding?.

  250. Jake says:

    What rider(s) do you watch the most?.

  251. Jake says:

    What’s the best trick you can hit?.

  252. Jake says:

    Where do you get your motivation from to keep chugging along in the snowboarding industry even through those tough times?.

  253. Jake says:

    What are your plans after snowboarding?

  254. Jake says:

    What are the main differences between west coast and east coast?

  255. Jake says:

    What ever comes to your mind:
    Louie Vito –
    Todd Richards –
    Hampus Mosession –
    Eric Willet –
    Channelle Sladics –
    Adreas Wiig –
    Tara Dakides -

  256. Jake says:

    What would you do right now with a million dollars cash?

  257. Jake says:

    how do you feel about the current snowboard scene?.

  258. Jake says:

    Best piece of advice some one has given you that you can pass down to people looking to get into the snowboarding industry?.

  259. Jake says:

    Of the new young guns who’s laying it down?.

  260. Cam says:

    what size omatic celebrity is best for 185 pound dude strictly park and jibs 152 or 155

  261. Cam says:

    Who’s the next up and comer?

  262. Jake says:

    Is there one thing in particular that you think really helped you to get to where you are today with snowboarding?

  263. Jake says:

    How many days you spend snowboarding?

  264. Cam says:

    What advice would you give someone who is looking to get into the industry?

  265. Cam says:

    Did you get to ride as much as you would have liked this past season?

  266. Cam says:

    Which board do you ride?

  267. Cam says:

    Where do you ride it? (freeride, park, pipe, pow)

  268. Cam says:

    Do you think that the sport of snowboarding is headed in the right direction?

  269. Cam says:

    Where did you work before Omatic?

  270. Cam says:

    Does BS technology make the board heavier?

  271. Tristan says:

    If you came to Australia to ride, would you go to the NSW or Victoria snowfields?

    If so, which Omatic board would you choose for our icy and low snow conditions?

    I will only post once so you don’t get to 45 thousand questions. I think it’s quite lame that between 2 people, you have about 500 out of the 770 questions and don’t think they should win because they spammed your site.

  272. Cam says:

    Does BS tech make the board feel hooky under foot?

  273. Cam says:

    Which Omatic board is best on the Ice Coast?

  274. Cam says:

    How bummed were you at the end of the season?

  275. Jake says:

    Top Six powder days ever?

  276. Jake says:

    What’s your Dream destination?

  277. Jake says:

    What is your daily routine? you work a lot?

  278. Jake says:

    What type of music rocks in your ipod?

  279. Jake says:

    What is a regular day for jason kanes look like, is it really too awesome to describe?.

  280. Jake says:

    Does snowboarding feel more like a job then say 10 years ago?

  281. Jake says:

    Who designs the graphics for O-matic?.

  282. Jake says:

    Who thought up the names for the O-matic snowboards?.

  283. Jake says:

    Who named BS tech?.

  284. Jake says:

    So rumors were swirling that an interviewer back in the day snagged a photo of your whiteboard which had “Put Burton out of business on it” and “Global sales domination”, Are those plans in full swing and on target?.

  285. Jake says:

    What’s your favorite snowboard mag?.

  286. Jake says:

    How does omatic give back to the snowboarding community?.

  287. Jake says:

    How are macro economic trends impacting next year’s Omatics?

  288. Jake says:

    What are the three biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you’ve made?

  289. Jake says:

    What are the price points for your boards?.

  290. Jake says:

    Does anyone in your family snowboard?

  291. Jake says:

    What does your business card read?

  292. Jake says:

    How much fast food do you consume in a typical week while on the job?.

  293. Jake says:

    Any injuries that have kept you from snowboarding?

  294. Jake says:

    Any weird fetishes we should be aware of? (pg13 fetishes)

  295. Jake says:

    Do you think kids these days care to much about the fashion or image of snowboarding then perhaps snowboarding itself?.

  296. Jake says:

    Do you think the style of riding is different on the east coast than the west coast?

  297. Jake says:

    What’s the scene like where your riding?

  298. Jake says:

    What was the Last…..

    book you read?
    Trip you went on?
    TV show you watched?
    Time you saw a chick snowboarding in a Bikini?

  299. Jake says:

    Is BS tech basically TBT but with a r-camber?.

  300. Cam says:

    Where is your hometown?

  301. Cam says:

    Which mountain did you learn to shred on?

  302. Cam says:

    What other snowboarding brands do you think are helping the sport to progress?

  303. Jake says:

    You have been at this for a while now…. Is it hard to make a living doing what you do?

  304. Jake says:

    Did you have a “normal” Job while first starting out in the snowboard industry?.

  305. Jake says:

    Do you think there is too much show in the industry these days?

  306. Jake says:

    If you could live anywhere where would it be?.

  307. Cam says:

    Do you think my friend who loves tbt would switch if he rode an omatic with BS?

  308. Cam says:

    Did you always wanna design snowboards?

  309. Cam says:

    What did you originally want to be when you grew up?

  310. Cam says:

    Whats the worst job you have ever had?

  311. Cam says:

    What has gotten you to wear you are today?

  312. Cam says:

    Do you get to travel a lot in your line of work?

  313. Cam says:

    Whats the best part about working as a snowboard designer?

  314. Cam says:

    How much money do you make working for omatic?

  315. Cam says:

    How many people work for omatic?

  316. Jake says:

    Sick Day in the back country or a Sick day in the park?

  317. Jake says:

    Who came up with the name O-matic?.

  318. Jake says:

    Any significant meaning behind it?.

  319. Jake says:

    Where do you picture yourself a year from now?

  320. Jake says:

    What type of equipment goes into designing a snowboard?.

  321. Jake says:

    Most embarrassing thing about yourself?

  322. Jake says:

    The journey or destination?.

  323. Jake says:

    If you had three wishes what would they be?.

  324. Jake says:

    What are the pros and cons of what you do?

  325. Jake says:

    If BS tech could talk what would it tell you?.

  326. Jake says:

    If no local shops are repping O-matic products where can one go to buy them?.

  327. Jake says:

    How can one score some free o-matic stickers?

  328. Jake says:

    What in snowboarding has to change?

  329. Jake says:

    What’s your favorite observed holiday?

  330. Jake says:

    Do you celebrate gaper day?.

  331. Jake says:

    Complete this sentence: The Olympics are________________

  332. Jake says:

    DO you think snowboarding is quickly becoming a rich mans sport?.

  333. Jake says:

    Is it true you’re the luckiest man alive?

  334. Jake says:

    Do you have a family that’s backing you 100% in the choices you are making?

  335. Jake says:

    What was the first item you ever created for snowboarding?.

  336. Jake says:

    Does anybody in Jason Kane’s family board? Or planning on picking it UP?

  337. Jake says:

    What’s the highest speed a BS tech snowboard has been tested at?

  338. Jake says:

    How did it handle?

  339. Jake says:

    Will BS tech help reduce chattering?

  340. Jake says:

    Is there a nickname people call u around. The office?

  341. Jake says:

    What do u think of the current group of omatic riders

  342. Cam says:

    Can I rock my thuggie when riding an omatic?

  343. Cam says:

    Does Louie Vito get hit on by a lot of soccer moms?

  344. Cam says:

    What bindings go best with the celebrity?

  345. Cam says:

    Which boards will have BS tech in 2011?

  346. Cam says:

    How can i stone grind a board with BST? my friend had a bataleon and the shop refused to touch it cause it wasn’t true.

  347. Cam says:

    Does BST help you to go faster?

  348. Cam says:

    In your opinion which board in your line is the best all round park board?

  349. Jake says:

    What’s you snowboard vehicle of transportation?.

  350. Jake says:

    Do you ever sled out into the backwoods and go boarding?.

  351. Jake says:

    Which companies do you like and which ones do you not? and why?

  352. Jake says:

    How was attending college to become an engineer?.

  353. Jake says:

    WHat would you say is your strongest riding style?.

  354. Jake says:

    What snowboard video when you were younger just made you want to go out and shred?.

  355. Jake says:

    What snowboard video now makes you want to go out and shred?.

  356. Frederic Provost says:

    Will BS help me ride switch in any way over other board technologies?


  357. Jake says:

    What magazines do you most enjoy contributing to?

  358. Jake says:

    Favorite Snowboard Memory?

  359. Jake says:

    If you could go back to any point in time in your life when would that
    be and why?

  360. Jake says:

    If you were to start a trend in snowboarding what would it be?

  361. Jake says:

    If you were taking a heli trip to Alaska and could take 3 friends, whom would you take?

  362. Jake says:

    Is it easier to just build more and more boards as time goes?.

  363. Jake says:

    How do you think BS tech can help for each style of riding? explain

  364. Jake says:

    What style do you think BS tech helps the most in? (freestyle,all-mountain,freeride)

  365. Jake says:

    How does BS tech affect the edge hold of my snowboard?

  366. Cam says:

    Does bs tech ride loose like a skateboard?

  367. Cam says:

    Is it hard to lock onto rails with bs tech?

  368. Cam says:

    How would you describe BS tech in 5 words?

  369. Cam says:

    Does BS tech help with pop?

  370. Cam says:

    Do you ride a board with BS tech as your everyday board?

  371. Cam says:

    Is their BS tech on your everyday board?

  372. Saihung says:

    How did Omatic conceptualize BS Tech?

  373. Jake says:

    Who did you look up to outside of snowboarding when you were younger?.

  374. Jake says:

    How has snowboarding affected your life?

  375. Jake says:

    If money was no object, where would you like to ride?

  376. Jake says:

    What’s the most valuable thing you own?

  377. Jake says:

    What’s the best thing about your lifestyle?

  378. Jake says:

    What’s your worst habit?

  379. Jake says:

    What’s your biggest fear?

  380. Jake says:

    WHat do you think are some of the more defining moments in the snowboard world? from video shoots,contest tricks, or whatever comes to mind.

  381. fattrav says:

    When is Omatic coming to NZ?

  382. fattrav says:

    Why is it that when a rider is dropped froom a team, there seems to be little known as to the reason why a team has dropped them?

  383. Cam says:

    Who do you think is the best up and coming rider?

  384. Cam says:

    How will BS tech do in a pond skim?

  385. Jenise Spiteri says:

    How much BS can Jake create for this BS contest?

  386. Jake says:

    What do you think of the snowboard industry as it slowly moves from the local board shops to big industry warehouses or even cutting out the middle man entirely as some companies are doing and just selling their gear directly is going to impact the market and snowboard businesses in the future, positively and negatively?.

  387. Jake says:

    Will BS tech cause me to slip out easily on east coast ice similar to how libs banana does?, because of the lack of edge contact?.

  388. Jake says:

    What bindings would go well with the snowboard in this contest?

  389. Jake says:

    Did u have to change the sidewall design to accomodate bs tech?

  390. Jake says:

    Have u tried different cores with bs tech?

  391. Jake says:

    Whats the smallest size bs tech will come in?

  392. Jake says:

    Whats the largest size bs tech will come in?

  393. Jake says:

    Will u be doing any limited releases with bs tech?