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The Angrysnowboarder Podcast: Episode 14 Adidas Snowboarding Done?, Slope Rage, and more.

On March 14th we recorded this podcast, obviously since then a lot of things in our world have changed. As such there is some bad information in this podcast interspersed among the legit information. We are sorry for anyone that doesn’t read or hear the warning at the start of this podcast as they’re probably going to scream about how we’re wrong about this and look like a moron. Don’t be a moron. Anyways here’s another podcast from your hosts discussing a range of topics.

Aspen equipment thief update:

Adidas leaving snowboarding.

Olympic shit talking:

Entitled dumbasses:

DUI on Magic Mountain:

VIP question.

Slope rage and NJ’s Friday Night Fights.

Pass information updates.

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