The 2012 Outerwear Review Series TEASER

With the snow guns finally starting to build the bases up at resorts across the world it’s time to unveil what we’ve been working on in the category of outerwear reviews. We decided to take what we’re known for doing the best and take it to the next level. Who doesn’t like video product reviews? Only thing since we’re not conventional we’re not going to just tell you why you should buy this stuff we’re going to test it to the max. Here’s how we tested breathability and the waterproof rating.

Filming/Editing: Ben West
Graphics: Jesse Denes

Causes controversy!

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  1. Kling says:

    oh you fucking tease!

  2. Brewmaster says:

    almost a month and still a teaser…. starting to get anxious

  3. Finished the on hill filming and doing the in studio stuff next week.

  4. Brewmaster says:

    lol good to hear bud…. cant wait

  5. handjob mike says:

    well hurry the f up already… i’m starting to go limp. sheesh.

  6. I hear viagara helps.

  7. blowjob mary says:

    i still waaaaaaaaaaaiting!!!! your mum says she is rubbed raw now ;-(

  8. That explains her foul mood and the anal seepage today.

  9. Brewmaster says:

    i hope its close to being finished lol…. been checking here every so often

  10. 47 pieces of outerwear takes a bit of time.

  11. Brewmaster says:

    Anymore update on this ? Hope its going well

  12. Have you not seen the reviews being posted?

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