Technines Next Chapter

Last week I was hit with a rumor that Technine and Nomis were out of business. Not an unbelievable rumor but still one that needed further digging. Honestly with the way the economic climate is coupled with one of the worst snow seasons in the last decade it’s quite possible that a company with that much legacy could go out of business.

The rumor originally went as this:

Owner fired everyone at The Brand Base and is selling the company possibly to his brother and moving it to Montreal.

After reaching out to various connections in the retail segment of the industry and people at The Brand Base the rumor was confirmed. Nomis is officially going to be Canadian companies going into the 2012/13 season and T9 will be run by Cole and E-Stone out of Utah. What does this mean for T9 and Nomis going forward?

Well as it was relayed to me the marketing and athletic team are going to be taking on new roles. The team is still in tact along with E-Stone and Cole Taylor, Simon is still with Nomis, and Blitz will be handling distribution going forward.

Technine is going to be a very different brand in my opinion as the people that worked and helped found it were at the very core part of what made it part of the snowboard industry. It’s never a positive to see good people lose their jobs and in this economy it sucks even more. Having worked with various people at The Brand Base I wish them the best of luck and hope they find new homes with other companies.

What does it mean for Technine and the team? From the sounds of it this upcoming season will more than likely be business as usual albeit with a few new faces running the show at the corporate level. Could this be a move that helps or hinders the brand? That remains to be seen but it would suck for snowboarding to lose an identifiable brand that has as much culture as T9.

Causes controversy!

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  1. T9-NOMIS SUCKS!! says:

    Nomis and T9 lost their roots 3 seasons ago, they brought this to themselves. We all love Simon tho, but this is not him, it’s the idiots running the company.

  2. Kling says:

    T9 certainly has been around and has culture, but maybe its going away because that culture is stale, wannabe and passe.

    Dirty hippies wearing snow wigger gear as if they just dropped out of a party full of people wearing FUBU may not be an appropriate demographic target considering the currently unforgiving econimic climate.

    Sorry to everyone who lost their jobs, that sucks ass.

  3. Otis says:

    This is sad. Many will lost the job and of course another trusted company is gone. :(

  4. Big Mitch says:

    I love how people can sit there and call them all posseres, except for Simom really? Tech Nine and Nomis are two of the most culture filled and hardest working teams in the industry and sense they ride with Burton riders i gess that makes them wiggers too? So Kling if thats how you feel then im gonna gess your just a posser skier that wears a thirty two jacket. But Technine may not alaways be a company but their there brand will always be there just too show that there is a dope style still there that not 100,000 people wear like Burton but dont get me wrong Burton is still sick.

    Tech For Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kling says:

    I don’t ski but I’d sooner strap on a pair then wear any T9 gear, and I really am sorry about peoples jobs and its not personal but I feel my assessment of their “look” is spot on. Sorry not everyone wants to look like a snowwigger with dreadlocks, my point is their distinct style may be great for you and your buddies, but when times are tough and companies are going under….am I suprised?…no.

  6. The money market is the 5 to 10 day a year rider that lives in suburbia, works an office job, and doesn’t care about the core of snowboarding. Gotta make boards/gear for that person to survive anymore.

  7. Jon says:

    So what happened with Blitz running distribution? They reportedly signed a multi year deal, but they are not distributing either?

  8. Not too sure on that front.

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