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360 Degrees of Knee Breaking Mockery

360 Degrees of Knee Breaking Mockery

The saying that necessity is the mother of invention exists for a reason, which is pretty obvious, necessity creates innovation which in turn drives progression. So why is it that people who create bad ideas are so short sighted they can’t do their due diligence to research their “innovative” project that they believe is a […]


Kickstarter: Proudly Funding Shitty Ideas

Kickstarter: Proudly Funding Shitty Ideas

Here we are barely into the new year, one that was supposed to be full of hope, positivity, and a severe lack of shitty rehashed bad ideas. But no, it seems that having one year, yes just one fucking year; is too much to ask for the hell spawn of bad ideas. Add to that […]


Bad Ideas Shouldn’t Be Crowd Funded

Bad Ideas Shouldn’t Be Crowd Funded

When it comes to stupidity there is no cure for it. Darwinism used to take effect and cause people that suffer from this creative deaths that make the world laugh, but now that we live in an almost perpetual nanny state stupidity exceeds the laws behind survival of the fittest. Because of this it has […]


Extreme Snowskateboarding Cross Training Tools!

Extreme Snowskateboarding Cross Training Tools!

New Innovative Cross Training Tools! How many times have you heard that one in your life? Like suddenly someone invents something and it’s so awesome it’s going to allow you to cross train two activities at once. Somewhere the gods of bad ideas sitting on their thrones of horribly misplaced ideas shoot lightening bolts out […]


Snowboarding Gondola Operators

Just because snowboarding has influences of surfing and skateboarding in its roots doesn’t mean that it’s always good to have a crossover from one sport into another. For example SUP boarding or if you will stand up paddle boarding. If you don’t know what that is just picture a guy on a surfboard with a […]


Ejection Snowboard Bindings

What is it with this year for bad ideas involving bindings? That seems to be the market everyone is trying to conquer with some half-assed bad idea that will revolutionize snowboarding on a level that has never been seen. Swivlers, strap in step out (albeit those might actually work), that shit with the 3 inch […]


The Snowboard Cheese Grater

When you think of bad ideas in snowboarding there should be only one geographical location that comes to mind. It permeates the snowboard industry being home to countless snowboard companies. Bad ideas aren’t merely created there but bred. It seems that Southern California or as I have dubbed it Bro-Cal is the epicenter of snowboard […]


Twist Your Rip Boarding Stik

It’s pretty much a given that snowboarding just rips off skateboarding. You can deny it, you can argue it doesn’t happen, but we all know secretly deep down inside you there’s a part of your very being that has come to terms with the fact we as snowboarders just wish we could actually skateboard. It’s […]


Strap In, Step Out, and Keep On Shredding

Anyone that thinks snowboarding has an original thought right now needs to realize that’s merely a wet dream. We’ve gone around full circle so many times we’re all dizzy and just puking out old ideas all over the design desk. Reverse camber? Nope went and did that before. EST? Baseless bindings anyone? The latest reincarnation […]


Ocular Technological Progression

Technological advancements are all around us, they’ve become a common part of our day to day life. Think about what it meant to have follow cam footage 10 years ago, where were the GoPro’s? How about bluetooth enabled cell phones so you can listen to Pandora or Itunes while you shred? Then there’s the whole […]