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The Reinvention of the Standard Beanie

The Reinvention of the Standard Beanie

Beanies or Toques depending on who you ask are largely un-revolutionary. By and large regardless of make, model, or logo they all do the same thing. You put them on, they cover your head, you go do whatever in them whether snowboarding or running around town. There is no real differentiation behind them. Well that’s […]


Getting Lifted By The Lifty Foot Thong

Getting Lifted By The Lifty Foot Thong

Riding the chairlift is just so pesky, what with your snowboard dangling off your front foot and no where else to put it. Sure you could drop that comfort/safety bar and put it on the foot rest if it has one. But that’s just designed for our two planking brethren. So what is a snowboarder […]


My Snowboards Tougher Than Yours

My Snowboards Tougher Than Yours

It has become far to easy to start a snowboard company these days. There used to be a time when Google didn’t make putting a bad idea to fruition so easy. Now all you have to do is search snowboard manufacturers and with a poof of Internet magic and a flash of light, bad ideas […]


Ejection Snowboard Bindings

What is it with this year for bad ideas involving bindings? That seems to be the market everyone is trying to conquer with some half-assed bad idea that will revolutionize snowboarding on a level that has never been seen. Swivlers, strap in step out (albeit those might actually work), that shit with the 3 inch […]


Snowboard Spear Hunting

When it comes to useless inventions snowboarding is full of them. Every year the biggest blight to snowboarding Old Rich White Guys or O.R.W.G.’s for short invent some kind of crap. See it seems they’re the ones that have the most free time on their hands as well as an abundance of money to actually […]


Ocular Technological Progression

Technological advancements are all around us, they’ve become a common part of our day to day life. Think about what it meant to have follow cam footage 10 years ago, where were the GoPro’s? How about bluetooth enabled cell phones so you can listen to Pandora or Itunes while you shred? Then there’s the whole […]