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Getting Lifted By The Lifty Foot Thong

Getting Lifted By The Lifty Foot Thong

Riding the chairlift is just so pesky, what with your snowboard dangling off your front foot and no where else to put it. Sure you could drop that comfort/safety bar and put it on the foot rest if it has one. But that’s just designed for our two planking brethren. So what is a snowboarder […]


Snowboarding Will Never Look This Bad

Snowboarding Will Never Look This Bad

Regardless of how popular skiing is right now, it will never be as cool as snowboarding. Now I’m not saying I hate skiing but it certainly is amusing to poke fun at some of the stupid things they have done or the trends they take to extremes. What’s even more fun is picking on Tele […]


Randomly Stupid Conversations.

I had planned to actually put up more pics of the 2010 stuff but the random conversations from yesterday were too priceless not to actually share with you readers. I honestly can’t believe I had these conversations or that people like this exist. In all seriousness people should have to take a training course and […]


Protestors, Stupidity, and Cluelessness

Anyone following the snowboard news these days knows all about how a group of outraged citizens are protesting the Burton Love and Primo graphics. Its gotten world wide attention with being on CNN, gotten a bunch of press on various news publications both snowboarding and non snowboarding related, and of course its popped up on […]


Burton Protestors fail

Yesterday the people that needed a cause to rally against showed up at Burtons corporate offices in Burlington VT. To me it really seems like a retarded way to waste your time and energy. Woo hoo there’s some non nudies on a snowboard and another one has a mutilated hand. Turn on CNN and see […]


Once again another person that just doesn’t get it

Why oh why in this world we live in do more and more people that don’t fucking get it start snowboard companies. I just don’t understand it at all. Ok so you snowboard cool for you, its a hobby, you never packed up and moved to the mountains and lived on Ramen to ride, you’re […]