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Really Gotta Wanna – World Premiere and Review

Really Gotta Wanna – World Premiere and Review

Going to snowboard movie premiere in a real theater is one of those treats that needs to be savored. It’s nice to see snowboarding on a big screen and not in some poorly lit bar on a flat screen or through a crusty projector beaming images onto a white wall. The whole experience is something […]


2013 Best New Board Technology

2013 Best New Board Technology

New tech doesn’t always mean it’s the next best thing to hit the market, sometimes it’s just great marketing poised to make you believe it’s great. For 2013 some companies braved the conventional norms of snowboard building to create something new and innovative. Being skeptical of anything revolutionary I sat around poking and prodding these […]


New Board Tech of 2013

While 2013 is definitely a year for binding innovation board companies have also stepped it up a bit while tweaking the way they do things. Camber seems to be slightly more on the comeback and of course the alternate camber story is still huge because people want it even if they don’t know why they […]


This Is Snowboarding Full Movie

Keeping up with the whole know your roots is this gem of a find on youtube. Check out the Sims Team movie from back in the day showcasing such talent as Shaun Palmer, Tom Sims, Terry Kidwell, and others. Thanks to Suburban Blend Snowboard Shop for finding this for all of us.