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Kickstarter: Proudly Funding Shitty Ideas

Kickstarter: Proudly Funding Shitty Ideas

Here we are barely into the new year, one that was supposed to be full of hope, positivity, and a severe lack of shitty rehashed bad ideas. But no, it seems that having one year, yes just one fucking year; is too much to ask for the hell spawn of bad ideas. Add to that […]


Angle Adjustment on the Fly? Sure Why Not?

When it comes to snowboard bindings having less moving parts is usually the best way to go about designing them as it tends to make less things that could potentially break and destroy your knees. Even as technology progresses the idea of keeping things to a minimum has remained true. But low and behold some […]


Binding Suspension from BroCal

The sad thing about an idea is when you fall so far in love with it that you can’t see the end result not being worth the actual investment to bring it to fruition. The snowboard world is home to a plethora of these bad ideas that lurk in the underbelly of our industry. SIA […]