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Tech Talk: Arbors System Technology

With the almighty alternate camber revolution still in full swing the guys over at Arbor Snowboards sent over this press release to break it down for you on what they have going on with their camber and sidecuts. It’s a nice long write up of what you can kind of expect from them. But if […]


K2 Raygun Viewed and Reviewed

Every once in a while a company jam packs a board that’s on their lower sales tier so full of goodies that it surprises anyone that rides it. The Raygun is exactly one of those boards. Whether you’re looking for a park stick that you can ride around the resort or vice-versa this is it. […]


Stepchild Jibstick Used and Reviewed

Stepchild really is just like their namesake in the snowboard industry. They constantly have to mock the snowboard industry with the fact that every year they’re voted the company least likely to succeed yet they’re still here. Well after riding this deck I can safely say they should be here to stay, this is what […]


Is Reverse Camber Cheating? An Open Letter To The Haters

It’s so funny with all the advances we’ve had with alternate camber in the last 4 seasons that there’s still this contingent of people that are so Neolithic in their thinking that they believe it’s cheating. Looking at snowboarding and how far our gear has come in the last thirty years one has to ask […]


Burton Whammy Bar with Malavita EST’s My Impressions

New for this season is the Whammy Bar, evidently it’s a board you can lay down some heavy hammers while striking some rails. This board boasts the new Mid Spoon along with the Scooped tip and tail. Here’s my take on how Burtons jib axe worked for me.


Technine Re-Enforcer with Magoon Scrub Hooks My Take

Technine is a snowboard company rooted in the addles of our history. Starting with bindings back in 1993 and working their way into decks and outerwear they’ve always been there. With an image that has remained pretty thug since then these boards and bindings might not be for everyone and while I represent the metal […]


Rome Artifact Rocker with 390 Bosses My Take

It’s easy to make a rockered jibstick and have it just be good at that, but making a rockered jib park destroyer well that’s a bit more of a challenge. The Artifact Rocker is exactly that a jib park destroyer that turns the mountain into a skate park. Here’s my look at a board and […]


K2 Turbo Dream with Auto Evers A Brief Inspection

The Turbo Dream has been in the K2 line up for a few years now and slaying it. It’s one of those rockered decks you can hit the park with or drop a cliff on and not have a problem. For next year they add Harshmellow to it. As far as the Auto Evers go […]


Bataleon 2011

Bataleon was a brand that rattled the world with having visible technology that was highly different to the norm. Now here we sit in the midst of the alternate camber revolution and they continue to keep updating their take on base theories. They’ve also always been a bit hilarious with their graphics. Well for 2011 […]


Forum 2011

Forum snowboards which undoubtedly has one of the heaviest teams in the shred universe comes out the gates with some new pricepoints, new tech, and a 100% park focused line for 2011. While you won’t see a picture of it there’s a deck in their line that slightly resembles the old Street Dweller. More bindings […]