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The Do’s and Don’ts of the White Ribbon of Death

The Do’s and Don’ts of the White Ribbon of Death

Now that a few resorts in North America have fired up the bull wheels and got the chairlifts turning it seems everyone is anxious for all the other snow sliding facilities to open. With all these openings there’s one thing that’s granted on your opening day; The White Ribbon of Death! Yes the white icy […]


Knifeshows Opening Day at Bear

It wouldn’t be opening day at Bear if Knifeshow wasn’t there. Starring the following food groups: Bacon, cereal, Robert Toast, Casey Wrightsman, Alan Ciriani, Dylan Bradley, and Chris Reitsma.


A Basin’s Opening White Ribbon of Death

So after riding pow at Wolf Creeks opening day Kevin and crew were able to head to A Basin to brave the perils on the white ribbon of death. Tricks happened, smiles were had, and a lot of people got sprayed which makes for a great opening day!


Opening Day At Wolf Creek

While I was stuck in the wilds of Western New York Kevin “Cobra Bear” Lacy was able to make it to Wolf Creek Colorado for opening day with roommate/up and coming pro shredder Matt Guess. Here’s his little video recap from the weekend for all you pow junkies. Look for his featured column coming soon […]


Tips For Surviving The White Ribbon of Death

The anticipation to shred has been building amongst you as you have attended premiere after premiere and bought countless snowboard movies to help stoke you. Now it’s officially fall and not that quasi fall everyone claims in August when they suddenly feel a cold gust of wind. These are the surefire signs that the season […]


Opening Day At Copper

Forrest Miller from Woodward sent over this edit of the opening weekend at Copper. The park looks tight and the Woodward crew was in full effect. See what you missed out.


Breckenridge Parklane Opening Day

Zack from ITO Productions tossed up this little video documenting the people jumping on the triple line in Park Lane at Breckenridge. Scope it!


Keystone Opening Day Highlight Video

Zack from ITO productions came over from Breckenridge to shred and shoot the opening day shradicalness that was going down at Keystone. The park set up was insanely sick, better than it’s been in past years and the coverage was good. Thankfully the fascist anti snowboarder ski patrollers were not out in force and shenanigans […]


Boreal Opening Day Edit

Check out what the guys over at bHappy Films had going on opening day at Boreal. Stoked that Cali is on snow this early too!


Its official

In about 16 hours loveland will start blowing snow thus bringing us ColoRADo people closer to sliding sideways. I’m stoked to get my shred on and jib some rocks and bonk some stumps. I’ve also decided that the Quiet Riot song The Wild and the Young is the theme song for this winter. Check out […]