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2014 Snowboard Review Recap

2014 Snowboard Review Recap

The 2013/14 buying season is slowly coming upon us as we move into fall. All summer if you weren’t too preoccupied with other endeavors you probably noticed that we rolled out a new review a day for you to peruse. Now if you were too busy for that here’s the comprehensive list of everything broken […]


Our Backyard: Chapter 3

Our Backyard: Chapter 3

Well K2 decided that their backyard just wasn’t enough and in a full scale invasion they crossed the border to head to Whistler and shred more pow. If you love pow and lust after a deep slash you will enjoy this.


Our Backyard Chapter 2

Our Backyard Chapter 2

Seriously Mt. Baker is a gem, you should probably ride their on a powder day before you die. K2 is blessed to have this as their backyard to test product in.


2012 K2 Snowboarding Preview

24 years ago K2 Snowboarding was forged in the mountains of the Pacific North West. Today their headquarters are still in Seattle and they’re still making boards that can dominate any terrain. On the technology side their consistently pushing the boundaries of what materials can be used in their boards, boots, and bindings. This year […]


K2 Raygun Viewed and Reviewed

Every once in a while a company jam packs a board that’s on their lower sales tier so full of goodies that it surprises anyone that rides it. The Raygun is exactly one of those boards. Whether you’re looking for a park stick that you can ride around the resort or vice-versa this is it. […]


K2 Indy Used and Reviewed

The Indy is one of those bindings that gets overlooked for others in the K2 line up like the Formula, Hurrithanes, or something in the Auto line. Now anyone that follows tech advancements knows that this year the binding designers completely revamped the Formula, well for those in the know there’s still the Indy which […]


2011 K2 Darkstar with Flux Super Emblems A Closer Look

The Darkstar has been a staple of the K2 line for a long, long time.  If there was a board that could do it all, it would be the Darkstar: A true-twin deck with a perfect blend of soft and stiff giving the pop and butterability any all-around park rider would ask for.  As further […]


K2 Turbo Dream with Auto Evers A Brief Inspection

The Turbo Dream has been in the K2 line up for a few years now and slaying it. It’s one of those rockered decks you can hit the park with or drop a cliff on and not have a problem. For next year they add Harshmellow to it. As far as the Auto Evers go […]


K2 Darkstar with Ever Bindings A Closer Look

The Darkstar was and still is to some the K2 quiver killer of choice. It was a board that could take you from the highest peaks to the smallest parks and still be able to handle everything that was thrown at it. New for 2011 is the introduction of Flatline into the board. Here’s my […]


K2 Fastplant with Hurrithanes my take

The new Fastplant boasts one of the burliest warranties in the industry with 5 years against breakage. It’s also environmental or some shit too. Going with a more skate styled technicality is the Hurrithane binding allowing riders to get their tweak on.