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Colin Spencer’s 2012 Season EDIT

Colin Spencer’s 2012 Season EDIT

Colin is one of those riders that is underrated and deserves more recognition in my opinion. He’s well rounded enough to slay a 120 foot gap jump, hit some rails, and then drop out of a heli and slash some spines. Just remember in a season of no snow he still got more face shots […]


Ian Smith Is Just One Big Kid and Loves To Shred

Ian Smith is just a big kid when it comes to snowboarding, I realized this after the first week I worked with him at Woodward. His smile and energy are highly infectious and the kids gravitated to him immediately due to his stoke level always being turned up to 11. That energy and stoke carries […]


Now That’s What I Call Snowboarding Vol. 2

Do you like double corks? Cause if you like double corks then I suggest you sit down and count how many these guys throw down. Colin and Mark are insane with what they can chuck off a jump these days.