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SIA Day 1 Recap

Right now Colorado is the epicenter of all things shred between the X-Games, SIA, and the Denver Big Air pretty much the whole snowboard industry is here. So if you’re smart go to the slopes and ride no one will be there. Now if you’re trying to stroke your stoke for next seasons stuff here’s […]


Bataleon Team Edit for 2010

The seasons getting closer blah blah blah you need to be stoked out and I’m far too lazy to really write anything of importance about this other than nollie double front flip. Yeah that should make you interested so sit back relax and watch this.


Base Technologies Explained

The Reverse Camber Revolution might have taken center stage as the most amazing advancement in technology since, well since ever, but there’s been a quiet revolution lurking in the wings. One that most people haven’t paid too much attention too. Now as the new snow season is about to hit us it’s time to look […]


Bataleon 2011

Bataleon was a brand that rattled the world with having visible technology that was highly different to the norm. Now here we sit in the midst of the alternate camber revolution and they continue to keep updating their take on base theories. They’ve also always been a bit hilarious with their graphics. Well for 2011 […]