T∞ H▲RD teaser

I’m not sure what to call this whether it’s Whiskey, Dope, the women’s Videograss, or some amalgamation of them all. You have broken beer bottles, threatening faces towards the camera, boobies, and of course a bloody tampon just for some more controversy. Whether you love it or hate it Danyale Patterson probably stumbled on to a way to draw attention to female snowboarding that won’t soon be forgotten.

Girls: Danyale Patterson, Fancy Rutherford, Darrah Reid-McLean, Marie Hucal, Madison Blackley, Gadrielle Maiden, Taylor Elliot, Alice Gorton, Mary Rand, Jessi Huege, Joanie Robichaud, Desiree Melancon and more.

Causes controversy!

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    This is what snowboarding is about

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