“Super” Parks and Wreck Episode 4

So we took a week off from dropping our weekly edits. You probably thought we called it quits, moved on, and decided filming the Icecapades would be better, right? Wrong, we knew we had to bring you something that would change the direction of Parks and Wreck for the better. So fire up that ole tube TV with its low def, plug in that Nintendo Entertainment System, and lets get 8 bit with some super memories!

Riders: Chris Collard, Zach Soderholm, Connor Paulson, Andrew Agar, Tylor Berreth

Filmed and edited by: Shamus Lahman

Sponsored by: iON Cameras, Echelon Snowboards, Phunkshun Wear



  1. Joe says:

    Ever heard of Knife Show guys?

  2. You know there was a guy that did it long before them right?

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