Stock Insoles Suck Get Some Support In there

For all the money we pour into our snowboard boots one might assume that everything inside them sits at a level that is above some magical made up standard. Truth be told after all the amazing leaps and bounds in technology that boots have the footbed still falls completely short in 98% of the boots on the market. This lack of arch support can be the major culprit of boot pains and shortened days on the shred stick. Luckily for us there’s numerous options on the market that can help rectify those situations where foot pains abound.

First and foremost I believe every person should reach into their boot, yank that piece of crap stock insole out of there and heave it into the nearest trash receptical. These things are such a joke and don’t do shit to cradle the foot like they should. Don’t believe me? Take the stock one out of your boot put it flat on the table and push your finger down where your arch would sit and see how much give it actually has. Probably flexes a bunch, now imagine if that was your whole body weight being pushed down on it. Not exactly what you’d want supporting you right? Like most situations in life there’s multiple options to choose from.

The first and cheapest option is to go with a pre-shaped trim to fit insole. These are one step above the stock insole and a step down from a heat molded footbed. The high point of these is that they generally are offered in multiple arch options, densities, and widths. Downside is the lack of customization unless you find someone that knows how to tweak them to get it to work with your foot shape, even still it’s highly limited on what can be done. The most commonly recommended of these are Superfeet.

Sometimes a bit more tweaking needs to be done than can be offered with a trim to fit. This is where the somewhat customizable insole comes into play. These are the ones that start out looking similar to the trim to fits but have some kind of mold-ability to them. You bump up in the cost of it but for a better fit it’s worth it. The upside to these is that you get a better direct mold to your arch shape which gives a more precision fit. Downside is that most people just toss it in an oven then have you stand on it, or they’re designed to have your body heat mold it. So while it cradles the arch it’s not fixing any of your problems. Superfeet, Remind, and Sole are a few that offer this in their footbeds.

The final option is going the full blown custom orthotic route. These is where you dump the cash to get things dialed in one hundred percent and it can even be an ongoing event that requires multiple visits to the boot fitter to get it dialed. The beautiful thing is there’s so many options of these whether it’s Foot Worx, DFP, Instaprint, and all the others. This is where you want a confident boot specialist working on you though cause this process takes some skill and a lot of hands on practice. But without a prefabricated shape to work with every nook and cranny of your foot will be molded into the footbed as it’s being built. With multiple posting options you can get one that’s more damp or more rigid depending on your riding style.

Is one option better than the other? Like a fingerprint every persons foot is completely different so what works for one might not work for another. Just see what fits your needs and what would work best with you. There are definitely shops that specialize in boot fitting that are pure crap and don’t do anything to really help your arch support. Typical sign of this is anything that takes a digital scan of your foot and then has a computer laser cut it out of some rubbery plastic without having the fitter do anything hands on with you. The more hands on a process is the more likely it’s going to be done right instead of some kid sitting in the back making some noise so it sounds like they’re doing something. But like all things boot related if you don’t feel comfortable with the person fitting you walk out it’s your money and your time.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Nate Musson says:

    On more option coming soon… The only snowboarding specific replacement insole.

  2. luke says:

    Great informative article! Sounds well worth it too me. From tuning too detuning are boards, custom insoles and so on… theres so much we can or could do to have more fun on the hill all it takes is a little information. Thanks for passing it on.

  3. Deepak says:

    I was just about to ask you about remind insoles. I read about them in Jackson hole magazine. I have the k2 db t1 and i think I need a little more support.

  4. I’m actually rocking a pair of Reminds in my high tops right now. The whole body heat thing doesn’t seem to be working but a quick blast with a blow dryer across the top and they’ve molded pretty well to my feet.

  5. supercollider says:

    One word of note. The thickness of the insole MAY change the way your boot fits. For example, I threw in some super feet and they were thicker than my old insoles. It was enough to where my heel wouldn’t fit in the heel pocket any more and I started getting heel lift.

  6. snowvols says:

    Great article. Really address the various options people have when it comes to boots.

  7. Eli says:

    what do you think about Amfits? I know its a digital scan with a machine thats cutting out an insole, but there are still trained employees to get your foot into neutral and know whether do scan your foot in different weighted positions depending on your foot– your not simply stepping onto the machine and scanning whatever comes up.

    Or Comformable insoles? I feel like there is still a lot of room for human error- whether it be when the insole is being shaped, or grinding the posting down to get it to fit to the boot? I still feel like with the right experience they are excellent, but they can still be messed up if the person making them isn’t 100% what they’re doing.

  8. I’ve never even heard of Amfits actually. I have to ask, are you in the Mike Martin CMC Steamboat program? Cause the way you’re talking sounds very similar to kids I’ve encountered from that program.

    Like anything there’s always room for error which happens. I’ve fucked up footbeds before. Had one get grabbed by the belt when grinding the posting and pulled it right into the back of it and ground a hole through the heel. But like anything in life the more you do it the better you get at it.

  9. EagleFeather says:

    I can highly recommend the new Superfeet Red. They are designed specifically for winter sports and are made with Outlast – which retains and reflects heat back into your feet. My whole family uses them in their boots.

    They are a lifesaver on below zero days – especially when I’m on the mountain teaching and spend half the day walking up and down the hill with beginners.

  10. Grill says:

    Superfeet Red are just Greens with Outlast. They’re not for everyone as those with a flatter foot do better in a Blue and those who need support under the metatarsal spread should go Orange. It’s best to go see a proper bootfitter as the wrong footbeds can change press and cause problems.

    For a generic snowboard fit the Sidas Snow+ is better than the Superfeet Green although it’s a bit pricey. High end Salomon and Atomic boots come with insoles that are equivalant to a Sidas Comfort Universal, Amer Sports and all that.

  11. Eli says:

    Yeah, I go to school at CMC in Steamboat. AmFit is the program/system/whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-call-it that SureFoot uses when scanning feet, but I guess they use it a bit differently then the AmFit company does.

  12. There’s a reason anyone with a brain that works in a shop calls it Sorefoot. Oh look nothing to it hey we’re done.

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  14. Thank You says:

    Thank’s for posting this! Great Info and more people need to know how to properly invest in their boots!

  15. AGRO says:

    Good info. 60-70% of problem boots can be fixed with a good footbed! Sometimes it is a miracle, and sometimes it doesn’t do s#!t.

  16. Ron says:

    I’ve been rocking Remind Insoles this past season and I’m hyped on em. Ran by snowboarder John Makens, he has a super sick team on em too (Travis Rice, Iguchi, Otterstrom, Clancy, Mark Carter, Kevin Jones…). Check em out and support another snowboarder.

  17. balls says:

    Hey bro! Cheers for this article. Being in NZ we miss out on a bunch of killer product. After reading this I contacted John@Remind and got him to send some samples down to us. After rolling them for a couple of weeks we are working with John to sell them in our shop here, and hopefully help John launch them all over NZ next year. We are stoked to be able to get behind snowboarders in the industry….

  18. Steve Bissell says:

    Replacing the insoles for better support and quicker response from foot to board is definetely a must do! It makes the whole boot fit better as well! I am rockin’ the Downunders design!

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  20. rachel says:

    Surefoot pretty much is the worst thing to happen to proper boot fitting. Yes, you get to sound really technical and learn so much about foot shape and blah blah blah. But a lot of the surefoot employees I have met have never been a proper boot fitter and are less experienced with everything else that can be done to make a boot fit properly.

    In regards to buying a superfeet insole or anything else like that, make sure you still purchase it through a bootfitter. You do not just want to buy your size and think you are done. I wear a youth size 4 boot (tiny feet) but have a women’s size 8 (comparable) superfeet cause I have a very strong heal and short toes.

    Sport chalet, dicks, and sportmart are NOT bootfitters.

  21. Samson says:

    custom cork superfeet is where it is at. Wish I had been using these 10 years ago.

  22. Andrew D says:

    have you ever had the chance to try shred soles? they seem nice especially if your bindings arent canted

  23. I had 2 pairs they don’t fit my foot shape but they’re not canted.

  24. doug says:

    who ARE “bootfitters”? sounds more like ski/rental shops to me

  25. I’m a boot fitter doug. Yeah that’s right I can build a footbed, cant a footbed, and do things you never imagined possible to a snowboard boot.

  26. doug says:

    Not sure i wanna know about the rest haha

  27. doug says:

    Local shop didnt know much about the only 50$ insoles they had so i split

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  29. Roger says:

    Slightly unrelated Q: Where in the general summit county/denver/boulder area do you recommend to get custom orthotics made and how long does it take? I’m visiting soon and figured there’s more experienced shops out there than chicago

  30. On a sad note the only guy I would recommend retired from doing it after 21 years and I haven’t found a suitable replacement.

  31. Roger says:

    You must have at least heard the rants and raves of others. don’t worry, i won’t hold you accountable for something you can’t recommend first hand, but you’ve gotta know something. Also, why don’t you review capita boards? The green machine is rated softer than the ultra fear and I don’t believe it

  32. If I don’t trust em I don’t recommend em that’s where I stand on footbeds, Flat Top was the best. I do review Capita boards everything is based of what I can get on at the time the demo’s are going on or what companies send me.

  33. marsh says:

    ive been rocking the instaprints for 4 years now, best single item ive ever bought for riding. i slide my foot in my boot and its like a suction cup, like an old pair of gym shoes, a perfect match. i highly recommend them to anyone. had mine made in tahoe from a very experienced older guy who has made thousands of them for skiiers and boarders, its a wild process so make sure the guy building them has the proper skills

  34. Majin says:

    Bought a set of 32 Lashed this year.

    They were killing my feet for a couple of weeks, had nearly given up on them and went and bought a set of Superfeet Orange and they transformed the boot instantly.

    Now I use the same Superfeet in my ever day sneakers and any shoes I can get them into with out deforming them.

    Highly recommend and worked out the box for me.


  35. Drew says:

    Anyone have experience with Footprint Insoles Gamechangers? Says to inject water into the insole and walk around with them for three min and what ever is in them is supposed to react with water and form to your feet. Just wondering if its a gimmick or maybe a step above Superfeet. Say company is owned by a skater. Rockin some Reminds right now but haven’t had them long enough to make up my mind on them.

  36. It’s probably a reactive molding gel which honestly walking around to get it to mold isn’t going to do shit. Don’t waste your money.

  37. Joey says:

    I’ve tried the Footprint insoles or Gamechangers… Angry hit the nail right on the head. waste of money and doesn’t do shit. They thinned out super fast. I’ve tried pretty much every kind of insole on the market from full custom orthotics to Dr. Shcolls. I have Remind Insoles right now and I must say I am very impressed.

  38. Jim says:

    “On a sad note the only guy I would recommend retired from doing it after 21 years and I haven’t found a suitable replacement.”

    Is this still the case? Going to be in Breck in January and thought I’d be able to find someone to make some good orthotics….

  39. There’s no one I would recommend but myself and I’m not making them at this time.

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