Still In Business? Nope.

In case you haven’t heard the ongoing running joke for the 2012 season of Nope Snowboards has finally come to an end. Yes that’s right they’ve pulled the plug on their own brand. To say that this even deserves to be considered news is laughable at best and as someone pointed out on Yobeat this company didn’t deserve the press that it has gotten. It’s true they didn’t, they were another flash in the pan cookie cutter brand that brought absolutely nothing to the table.

This high horse has been on the ground getting flogged so much at this point we might as well pump it full of zombie juice just to kill it again. If anything this should be a lesson in how not to enter the snowboard industry or how to leave it.

If you look at what started the end of their demise it goes back to me just asking one simple question. Of course I went ahead and mentioned it to the whole Interweb world that they banned me for asking a question and then this ensued over at Ride On Top. That prompted this article about little boys with cheap ass websites. Then I stepped in and wrote my nice introduction to social media suicide at the hands of Nope. and pointed out that I didn’t think this brand would be here in a year or two, hmm could it have been a psychic prediction? Finally after sitting around in the Picard Face Palm position I gave my final two cents on the matter with an open letter to them. Evidently they didn’t read that.

Now here we sit in the same position we were at in the early part of the season, laughing at them while saying good riddance. I love their final farewell post.

Dear Nope Nation

Over the last few weeks NOPE has been presented with several options for the company that would allow the original founders to return and/or focus on their chosen fields. We have decided to seriously explore these options and return our focus to our educational paths. With recent breakthroughs in B’s research, and J’s passion for her work we feel the options presented to us are best for us. NOPE was started for us and it ends for us.

Our FB will come down tomorrow at 12 noon MTN

What this means is we realized snowboarders do not care about us and no matter how much money we throw at them they will not accept us. Just to add a little reference to my belief here’s a screen shot of their last comment posted on facebook before they pulled the plug.

Strange I know plenty of people that are educated, with careers, that have families, that work in this industry, and it provides for them. What it breaks down to is they took their 401k money they cashed in, blew the wad trying to get the cool kids table to allow them to sit there and it back fired. All this says is that you’re someone who snowboards verse being someone that is a true snowboarder. So while you retreat from snowboarding with your tail between your legs and some life lessons learned I will be off snowboarding as I do every day that I physically can.

Sadly though all the poor kids you duped into your Next For Nope. campaign are probably more than pissed about the time of theirs you wasted. Then there’s the advertisers that are going to miss your revenue. Add to that taking orders away from those precious American jobs you were bitching about and there’s a dent you’re leaving behind.

Maybe you should have sat back and learned a thing or two about snowboarding. Probably understood criticism and moved on. But above all else not gotten a crappy US Snowboarding Tattoo. Oh well when you have money and can’t see you getting a return on your investment it’s far easier to cut and run than it is to stick it out. Thanks for the laughs this last season we needed it due to the crappy snowfall.


  1. David Z says:

    I’ve been saying this forever: even over the anonymity of the internet, people can generally smell bullshit a mile away.

  2. K. says:

    Looks like they just closed their youtube account. I was taking in some final views and then it’s no more. This will probably disappear as well.

  3. Seth says:

    So I just posted a link to on a friend’s wall and just got this as a reply;

    “Shut up Seth. Don’t need your input. My friends were the riders dick. You can just keep on reading”

    The irony is killing me.

  4. Arnie says:

    Wow, they were in it for the wrong reasons. (Just reading the screen shot by NOPE snowboards, p’s me off!)

    Funny how NOPE calls snowboarding a hobby.
    I know I don’t call it that! Snowboarding is a lifestyle a passion.

    Snowboarding is a part of LIFE, NOPE!
    People find ways to make it a part of life.

    1. Career-People will work at ski resorts to be snowboard instructors, avalanche patrols, lifties etc.
    2. Education-I know students, that have moved from central Canada to go to school in Western Canada to be near ski resorts. (I’m one of them!)
    3. Family-there are thousands and thousands of Family who spend quality time going to the hills to go snowboarding. By the way, my coworker got married at her favourite spot for snowboarding.
    4. Health-A lot of skiiers and snowboarders, professional, amateur and beginner find ways to improve their health to make the whole experience better and safer. Good for long term health as well.

    So NOPE, for many of us, Snowboarding is more than a hobby. It’s a part of life.

    Thanks Angry for posting this and showing us what goes on out there!


  5. Chirality says:

    Nope, it’s not a surprise to anyone that “NOPE” is no longer in business, except maybe for the people who were their Facebook fans and were helping spread their brand around with bumper stickers. The last year has been a whirlwind of hype and broken promises that left everyone with a sour taste in their mouth. Everyone was warned, some people didn’t heed that warning though.

    It seems that they have been involved a new business for around 9 months already… for a company called Chiral Brand Clothing in Hadley, Massachusetts, where they both originally lived. Should we all warn the Massachusetts crowd or let them fend for themselves??

  6. upstatemike. says:

    its amazing to me that they would even right that shit about it being a hobby. it’s an industry with millions on millions of $ in sales that supports many to live a good life while not having to sell life insurance.

  7. tru-dat says:

    Seeing the games that Brian likes to play, he probably wrote that as a way to keep people all riled up and go out with a bang, to just get the last word it. He probably meant it, but knew that writing it would keep people talking about him even longer. He’s crazy like that- knows when and how to push people’s buttons.


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  9. M.A.D. about NY says:

    NOPE FB website is back up and says ” NOPE Snowboards was recently presented with an opportunity from a major winter sports company. NOPE Snowboards was started as a statement against corporate america, venture capitol and all the rest. In such, NOPE Snowboards declined the opportunity and sold to a small group of friends here in Park City who believe in what we started. We wish them the best and we thank all those that helped us to realize our goals, the friends we made, and the people in the industry we came to know.NEXT FOR NOPE will be continued by the new ownership group.”

    Here’s a reply to one of their FB friends “Nope. Snowboards Shawn I sat at the office all day waiting for you – we replaced boards for you just because we wanted to – it is unfortunate you chose to slander and act this way – your board will be shipped and i think you know what we feel you can do with it”

    What a tool! Who in their right mind would want to buy a company with such a bad reputation????

  10. what-a-douche says:

    And a FB post from Jan 31st from Brian himself :
    ” last thought today – Today, due to our sale, I had the opportunity to speak to a lot of the people I see on our FB everyday. The names became people, and the people became stories – I wish I could talk each and every person to hear what we are doing right, wrong and what we could do better – it was a really great experience, coming a day after the loss of a family member, the emptiness was softened a bit as your calls made me realize just how big our family is – I hope Nope always stays a family business. Thanks everyone. B”

    What a hypocrite and LIAR he was, and hurt a lot of people with his games.

  11. hi-5 says:

    “Thank you once again for all of your support and for welcoming us with open arms… LONG LIVE NOPE. NATION!
    Regards, Sam and Jessica Owners, Nope Boards”

    Marilyn Bennett said “Sam & Jessica – love your letter from beginning to end. The previous owners put their heart and soul in the company and in a short time built a brand. I am so excited to welcome you as the new owners and wish you all the best. All of us will be following you. Much success!!”

    What a great cheerleader- go mom, go mom, go mom! goooOOOOOOOOOOOO NOPE!

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  13. Whatever says:

    Hey – seriously you spent all season pumping these guys up – you wrote so much I figured you worked for them . However that asshole you got into I with Sam Rubin deserved everything he got from you. I am a rider for them and Sam. Filed bankruptcy in 3 months and screwed 12 riders out of there passes and boards and even sued one so he could pay his bills he is a crook and he told me “tough shit” when I asked him how come he would not honor his word but he post on his personal fB ” going to buy passes to 3 mtns ” and fancy dinners while he screwed a whole town however you have to give props to Brian the original owner he resigned all of us gave us all boards clothes passes and it seems after a break he needed is super stoked on nope look the dude is rad he comes out of his pocket to pay rubins bills and protect all of us no matter what you think nope is strong and I love it and this guy did the right thing isn’t that worth a lot ? Rubin is the guy I wish someone would get a piece of he lied and stole from all of us ran nope into the ground fuck rubin he is still in town with a company he owns called social mountain and social grub and acts like nothing happened I know Brian wanted a piece that is for sure we all do but we leave he hate to you we are loving nope

  14. Pumped them up, more like knock them down. Brian is a kook and I’m pretty sure he’s passing the blame to Sam. He never left that shit-stain of a company. Why don’t you ask Brian about threatening to sue riders.

  15. Hasn't forgotten says:

    You don’t know the half of it. You need to go dig up what happened to his first company in MA – GO TRAVEL.

  16. You mean how he took peoples money and then didn’t provide services?

  17. Hasn't forgotten says:

    That’s one way to put it. Another would be that he was convicted of over 100 counts of felony larceny over it. AND was committed to a mental institution because he couldn’t handle being villified by the media.

  18. That explains so much didn’t really bother digging super deep as I’m pretty sure the dude is like one article post from me away from killing himself.

  19. RM says:

    This company is exactly whats wrong with snowboarding…. The owner is a dilusional Cunt who thinks he is part of the team …. and thinks he can snowboard… I worked for them and unfortunatly put them on the map and got their ball rolling. I regret ever walking into his office… I pee’d on the board he gave me and I gave it back to him…..

  20. RM says:

    Yes he thteatend to sue me…as well… Crazy fuck had to leave park city based on the fact he would hace gotten his ass beat every time he came in public. Plus his girlfriend wanted to bang the whole team.

  21. These guys are posers says:

    ?????????????????????????????????????…………..what gives with these new owners, heard they did not pay their bills and shut down


    NOPE. Snowboards Assets Acquired

    New company NOPE Brands Ltd, Inc. has aggressive plans to
    develop upstart NOPE. Snowboards into a leader
    within the Winter and Extreme Sports Markets

    Millbury, Mass. – May 15 2013 – NOPE Brands Ltd., a new corporation formed by business and gaming industry veterans Jim Boudreau, Christine Perkett and Peter Roithmayr, has announced its acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of NOPE. Snowboards from Chiral Brand Clothing.

    Jim Boudreau, President & CEO of NOPE Brands ……..The new team has no plans to change the attitude that made the company great – their mission is to stay core and just get it to a higher level.. Partnerships are in the queue to bring video game licenses to the boards – taking advantage of the team’s connections and making a natural fan connection between both industries. In fact NOPE Brands already has a licensing agreement in place with Majesco Entertainment to offer snowboards and gear based upon its popular BloodRayne game series.

    About NOPE Brands

    NOPE Brands was formed in 2013 by business and gaming industry veterans focused on combining a fanatical love for extreme outdoor sports with quality American made products. NOPE Brands currently includes NOPE.Boards, NOPE.Gear and NOPE.Accessories – selling custom designed and one-of-a-kind snowboards, men’s and women’s casual apparel, and related outdoor swag, gear and accessories. NOPE Brands is headquartered in Millbury, MA, where its boards are designed, crafted and tuned for the ultimate run, your way.

    Follow @NOPE.Brands on Twitter to keep up with advancements and to learn more from the Company’s official launch, new site and lines of epic gear in Summer 2013.

    Media Contact: Christine Perkett, [email protected], 617.504.8687, Twitter: @missusP

  22. You do realize creating multiple names from the same IP just makes you look like a moron right? The brand sucked, everyone attached to it sucked, the humor of mocking it was fun but now it’s just sad and depressing that you’re bait trolling.

  23. Oh crazy randy Marino says:

    Oh randy Marino your comments are so funny , when you leave a voicemail physically threatening a young women, and owner because she feels you are mentally unstable and tells you you can’t be head of marketing with your tight pants and loafer shoes, yes you could get sued , probably should have had your ass beat for that. Christ your BFF Dave Marino even walked on you for threatening a women, and as for beating the owners ass omg the guy is a former govt contract worker!! seriously good luck! ps just come out of the closet already and stop paying that Vegas hooker to be your “gf” and if anyone would like the voicemail RM left threatening a women can be shared on this forum, RANDY MARINO IS A THREAT TO WOMEN and by the way I shit in your coffee when you were peeing on the board , don’t these post violate your probation for that thing you did ? God the losers that troll this ps owner always lived in PC never left just a summer in Boston but back now and has been seen at local bars every night I am sure he would love for you to “kick his ass”. Lmfao if you angry doucheriffic super hero would ever come clean too it would be nice you know they could nail your ass to the wall with the amount of money you were paid to write all this and create visibility then u went to far. whatever I still ride for them and if he ever comes back from his medical issues and starts again I will ride for him again. you breed hate , why? On a guy that has his original snurfers? And was riding VT before you were born? And you tell him he is not a rider it’s ranting a of a lunatic its amazing to me why don’t the haters start their own company and show him how it’s done -

  24. Bait troller says:

    Yes avrin I know and I don’t care because I sit here with the love letters you wrote to Erika deciding when and where to post them – loser

    And of course the other stuff too – now it’s my turn

  25. Bait troller says:

    Being selective and what you allow through that is not fair is it after all you posted – loser

  26. Bait says:

    At least you told your followers the truth – blog sites pick up IP addresses and therefore identities – and I am not hiding from you – you know me, but you should be honest and let all your posters know you have their identities and so do I because I am in your system – waited a long time to hack you – enjoy ;). And you can decide how this is going to go – I will post information as you later today – be sure to check it out – oh Erika, love Avrin

  27. Brian to quote the Australian actor Nick Lazarus to Tug Speedman “You never go full retard”. You’ve gone full retard, get back on the meds.

  28. KT says:

    I jumped on the “Nope.” bandwagon a while back and still held onto their tshirts and stuff. Sucks that the company took a turn for the worst but it’s life, it happens. No sense in beating a dead horse… they came, they saw, they messed up.

  29. You mean like commenting on an article from over a year ago? Irony is amazing.

  30. SDog says:

    KT- yes, it was an unfortunate bandwagon that many people saw right through and predicted wouldn’t last.

    NOPE tried to make a name for themselves in Massachusetts but failed miserably (not surprisingly). PS. The “owner” DID NOT always live in PC. He grew up in Massachusetts and they didn’t want him back which is why he’s now in Utah, again.

    Such a shame. Oh wait, NOPE, it’s not.


  31. The undead have returned to MA.

    guess who’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!velin-about/cdk6

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