Social Media Seppuku with Nope Snowboards

Running the quintessential site that calls bullshit on everything that could possibly relate to snowboarding is a daunting task. It’s a rough life living off a trust fund, dealing with my mom always cooking meals for me and bringing them into the basement, getting free corporate cars with gas cards, having companies give me copious amounts of free product, all the bro-shakes, and lets not forget the pro-ho’s either! Anyone can be Johnny ray of sunshine everything is the best, that takes no talent at all, but it does take balls of fucking steel to not hide what you believe in or to even put it out there for people. While this site might be a vessel for the opinions of myself and others it’s never been used to hide behind as if some form of alter ego.

Now I know you’re shocked that I have pro-ho’s but relax any guy in a snowboard town that has some form of a hook up does so that’s irrelevant to this article. What’s totally relevant is that once again I have to go flog the dead horse that is Nope Snowboards, or as I call it “new” owners, same fucking douche bag mentality. In case you missed anything that’s been written about Nope I highly recommend these choice articles: Social media? Nope. Dear Nope, Pay Attention Please Still in business? Nope.

I would also like to point out that all of this regarding this horrible fake-image-completely-crap-brand stems back to the asking of one sole question. Yes, a question is what caused all this and nothing more. Knowing that should add more comedic value to the whole situation that transcribed last week while I was driving from Colorado to Mt. Hood to film content for this site and get the biggest product review I’ve done to date accomplished.

The latest instigation comes in the form of a big giant hummer!

After all nothing screams our company is awesome like a wrapped Hummer. Oh wait that’s not a real Hummer it’s the watered down pussy version. A real company says fuck the flashy penis extension of an H3 and opts for the more functional Humvee.

I’ll give them credit they tried to ego stroke me for a bit until they realize that we were heading through Park City on our way to Mt. Hood. They even got in the mom crack. Don’t worry she’s my biggest fan and supporter as any good mother would be for her baby boy.

We rolled into Park City a little after 11 on Thursday and proceeded to head right to the agreed upon meeting area. Door guy told me they hadn’t seen the owner but to check upstairs, we did and no one was there. I then proceeded to show them how I felt about being stood up in true Johnny Cash inspired fashion.

At this point I think I need to show you one more piece of evidence that shows these guys had no intentions of meeting up with me.

Notice the date that they picked this up, Friday! Now how could that have been parked out front? Stood up like a fat chick at prom.

The new owners lacking any form of fortitude decided to rally troops for their case by tagging potential support groups on Facebook for their cause. Unfortunately the only support group that will have them is Assholes Anonymous, too bad it means coming out from behind their keyboard and any good Internet tough guy would never do that ever, social interaction is just scary.

Now as I was driving out of SLC and through Utah on to Idaho these are what started popping up.

This was the second one they posted as the first one had the wrong date. Someone had pointed it out and back to the drawing board they went. Guess it takes 2 tries to do it right with this company. I went to Hectors instead for breakfast, highly recommend it and stop by Milo or Salty Peaks up the street and support a local shop not some online only company.

Unfortunately a real man doesn’t drink coffee he mainlines Unicorn piss. Plus I had been stood up and it takes more than crappy coffee to make it up to me, where are my donuts?

When that one didn’t work they opted for this. It was so nice of them to paint me a spot but I believe front row is for handicapped people and I didn’t want to take their place.

Here is where they obviously discovered I took a jab at them by captioning a post about a Yes board I reviewed saying the opposite of Nope.

Great screen capture from a Buoloco interview. Strongly recommend watching that interview actually if you have a chance.

Things just went from glorious to fucking awesome on the comedic scale real quick.

I still don’t know why they suggested I drank their shot of choice but that’s another story.  This is where you can tell they are agitated that I haven’t shown up and now start threatening long time supporter and friends Arkade Magazine (Great magazine check them out I usually have a featured article in every issue) by saying their advertisers are going to pull from them. Also I would like to point out at this point I had just dropped 7 snowboards off to Milo and was somewhere out past Ogden heading to Idaho. Don’t stop in Ogden it’s scary.

Oh really you won’t advertise with them? That’s a bonus for Arkade they won’t have to deal with your mentally unstable asses.

As I recall Park City just so happened to be where the old/new owners moved to and have no real attachment or roots. We have the same type of people in Breck and we humor them as well. Yes I do know where to find them not only was it literally on the other side of the block from where I stayed in Park City but they painted me a great parking space in the front. The horrible attempt to call me fat is kind of humorous as I’m far from it these days but about 10 years ago I would have to agree with you on the need for me to eat a “reduced fat schmear”. Cubicle jockeying is tough work and I burn a lot of calories these days plus Ted our contributing writer is perfecting the treadmill desk.

Oh and for anyone worried about Arkade losing advertising, don’t be, 20 minutes after that threat was made a company owner contacted me and said they would be replacing the vacancy that Nope had created. Technically this means that Nope is helping the American Economy as Arkade will remain in business by a company that builds it’s boards in China.

Obviously my silence induced by a complete lack of anything in Idaho and the fact no one cares about them had caused serious mental distress. As we were greeted with these gems of wisdom.

I would like to point out right now that Yes is built by Nidecker which actually funds the brand along with Jones and does a few special projects for other riders. Technically it’s not a real OEM as they have a full facility under their title owner. Now Nope on the other hand has a lot in common with all the brands in this article from Illicit Snowboarding.  Oh I will admit it is true you have more fans but when you have to give product away to get more fans are they really true loyalists? I could pay people to be my friends but doesn’t mean they are. Get the idea their chief?

Now here’s how they reacted to being questioned by you the loyal readers.

Why must everyone go back to the 90’s East Coast argument? I grew up riding in the 90’s on the East Coast too it doesn’t pertain to anything. At one point the original owners attempted to “fight back ” I use that term loosely it’s more a threat, but they got called out on it, you can read that here. Pretty sure driving 7 hours and stopping at a bar isn’t hiding from anything. Granted we had a stop planned in PC months in advance on this trip, just so happened this was going down.

I would like to actually point out it all started with me asking a simple question on Facebook about some claims they were making just to see how they would react. Also reviews are only part of this site I would like to believe it provides meaningful insight into snowboarding from a different perspective. I would also like to point out once again I went to said meeting location and was stood up.

Man I will say life is rough on this trust fund budget I supposedly have, thank god I have some choice stock I occasionally sell. Well this “contributor” picked up your guys slack in advertising so I’m not really costing them anything. Also didn’t know my best friend lives in Utah and runs a snowboard magazine, I thought he was in Vegas being awesome.

Addendum my mom is down with the cause.

After 7 hours in the hell that is the nothing of Idaho we ventured into Ontario Oregon where with what little 3g I could muster allowing me to get on the Facebook again.

Intimidation would mean there was some form of fear, there wasn’t.  I called their bluff once and showed up, no reason to bother doing it again especially with someone that comes across as mentally unstable when you don’t give them attention.

Lets also get real honest here they aren’t in the industry they’re in what they think is snowboarding. A real company wouldn’t have done this. Nor would they ever have posted this.

And their long winded diatribe continues.

I will point out yet again I was driving cross country, had been stood up once by them already, and had a schedule to keep. I will also point out the irony that the “new” owners Sam Rubin and Jessica something or other are doing.  See my point on Yes above.

Dave from summed it up pretty well.

Part three.

So the fact you threatened me and others after asking simple questions was the acceptable response? I will point out that at the root cause of anything this is the one key element that caused all this. Oh and I gave every person that has owned your fake company a chance to contact me, but in case you forget my email is Avran feel free to hit me up any time. I can probably fit it into my busy nonsnowboarding cubicle jockey schedule.

New owners or old owners who cares. Snowboarding doesn’t need a company that measures success in financial worth. I’m not a rich man nor do I make anything off this site but it is successful solely in the fact it provides a service to riders with the reviews, entertainment to those that are bored, and exposure to those on the come up. Maybe if Nope’s owners could climb down out of their piece of shit H3 and greet the real snowboarders they would learn a thing or two. This was the problem with the previous owners and Sam Rubin has it as well. Then again Sam probably learned his marketing from this guy. If anyone wants to contact Sam about this I recommend [email protected] or call 6786447553 and if you’re into snail mail.

Nope Snowboards
1670 Bonanza Drive
STE 209
Park City, Utah 84060

Oh and to add insult to injury here’s a copy of their social media policy after a day of attacking me, my mom, my site, my readers, and everything in between.  They should probably commit seppuku if they are honorable.


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  2. Tara says:

    Is this for real? Haha – wow.

    As soon as I can sit down and digest all of this – I’ll be sure to contact the owner as they probably need some image clean-up strategies. Or you know, a hug.

  3. zrs says:

    Awesome article Nope sucks

  4. I would also like to point out that the entire time of all of this those currently behind the Nope. brand continued to place unfounded claims about you all over your Facebook page (even commenting on random pictures and in threads that had nothing to do with them) but continued to scream, pout, and complain and play “victim”. Kind of ashame really as, despite some missteps early on, I thought there was some potential with the original ownership. I told a few folks Angry included that the original owners were sincere but just in over thier heads in an industry whose culture they didn’t understand. You dont have to be “core” in this industry to survive but you do have to embrace what you are unfortunately Nope can’t figure out what the Hell they are and some of the current rantings seems closer to that of a 10 year old than an adult. The previous ownership while maybe a bit off track/inexperienced still had a level a maturity but this new guy just seems like a looney. Good luck to em though maybe they’ll send in some product for test fest, good wood, Avran, and other testers and we can see if their product actually stands up.

  5. Seth says:


    We don’t know each other, but as someone who has had his toe in the industry for a few years now I have been really enjoying your site. I dig the writing style, honesty and sheer bloody mindedness of your posts! Keep allowing Nope. to dig themselves a hole.

    This whole debacle reminds me of the failed K*NY2012 nonsense; too much money spent on advertising, responding poorly to backlash, and then whipping his piece out for everyone to see. Well we’ve seen the H3, we’ve seen the Facebook posts and after standing you up, making fun of you (potential customer) we can see a massive dick.

    Thanks Nope! I’ll be sure passing this onto our resort’s buyer for sure!

  6. DA pidge says:

    i must comment on dis shiz, i personally love avran, i do, its gay i know, but meh, he’s a good guy with a great outlook on this industry, remember silence is violence, and in this case, the less you say the more these idiots spew, also if i hear him say that you were and i quote because he was quoting (every-time) “hiding” im going to PC myself and ill eat those bagels myself… here’s to having a ton of money stored awhile and living the poor life for fun!!

  7. Lou G says:

    I hate kooks like this. They play this elaborate mindfuck until they convince themselves they are right.

    First. Take your in-house artists, local artists and tattoo artists and hand them a fucking canvas or tit to work on. You aren’t the first company to treat snowboards like “works of art”. The other was Bitchboards. But they found out fast it was about performance, not pretty pictures. Seriously, when I buy a snowboard the only thing I’m thinking is “How am I going to break this fucking thing?” No offense to artists, you’re all rad, but art on a snowboard is overrated and fucking useless. I wonder what would happen if we threw away art and let the boards/riding do all the talking?

    Let’s talk about your fanpage numbers? Bought. End of story. You didn’t best Avran in Facebook fans, though he probably wouldn’t care if you did. Anyway, I don’t even own a page and Facebook is always letting me know about the latest targeted ad creation update. I’m sure it was hard work clicking, “Male/Female”, “18-32″, “Snowboarding” and finally “Buy Ad”. It’s called taking the easy way out. But most aren’t gay enough to pretend it’s an actual accomplishment.

    I’m pretty salty about the personal attacks on Avran. I was a fat kid once. NOPE seems to have a problem with fat people, and fuck a shallow, intolerant philosophy like that.

    And I love this candy coated world we live in where everyone with an opposing thought is a “hater” and has no place hating on what someone is about, while all the while that person hates on said “hater”, becoming a hater themselves. It’s a fucking paradox. A huge fucking joke.

    If you’ve got a lot of “haters”, it’s probably because your shit sucks. They aren’t hating on you, they are helping you think twice before you make a huge fucking mistake, because you are too stupid/stubborn to figure the shit on your own. Mommy/Daddy and all the fancy private schools held your hand and told you you mattered, but the real world doesn’t play that.

    New owners, same old bullshit. Why won’t this company die?

    PS If I ever see that Hummer at my resort… I might have to key it.

  8. EchelonSnow says:

    LOL, Every time I see our HUMVEE vid I just laugh. We filmed that when my buddy Viet came out to visit last summer and he wanted to see the woods in Bear. The bow wave from the front nearly splashed the camera about 25 feet away. Then, he made this edit that is as ridiculous as I can imagine.

    The H1 is crazy overblown, but it does allow us to do some fun staff. Plus, in bear you get to do stuff like this with it: . It’s ugly as hell, which really is 100% of its charm. The shitty snow this year delayed our “jibbing the roof rack” shots we had wanted to get, but we are hoping for better luck this next season.

    Anyway, I am enjoying the show. It’s comedy in the true Shakespearean sense.

  9. EchelonSnow says:

    staff=stuff; sorry SIRI. I’ll try better next time.

  10. Jolly Green Giant says:

    I said this a couple weeks ago pertaining to NOPE, and I’ll say it again.

    the “Any Press Is Good Press” marketing tagline is a merely a bad excuse to make you feel beter about you or the company’s mistakes/shortfallings.

    Getting Exceptional Press for doing Exceptional things is should be the goal. It may not be as easy as blindly fumbling around and pissing people off but in the long run it will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ve done the right thing and will almost always yield you better results.

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  12. David Z says:

    Lou it’s been a long time I want to read more of your rants.

  13. tim c says:

    what a shit company

  14. […] Posted by Nivek Social Media Seppuku with Nope Snowboards The Angry Snowboarder The Angry Snowboarder They're at it again. tl;dr But, no need. Everyone gets that these guys are a fucking joke by […]

  15. Nasty James says:

    now just let it die. You’ve already given them more attention then they are worth…

  16. 415joe says:

    NOPE. is a huge joke. these guys are obviously bullies with lots and lots of repressed sexual energy (they live in Utah?) and will never have the balls to sit down with you, or any respected member of the snowboard industry, and have a real talk. It is unbelievable to me that these guys threatened you the way they did…”gentleman’s chat”, “you’re coffee is getting cold.” Threatening only makes NOPE. seem weaker and desperate.

    Keep up the good work on your end Angry! you’re reviews, insight, and witty commentary are something I look forward to on a daily basis! These assholes are not worth the energy.

    ps…i’m also a former fat kid…Heavyweights for life!

  17. forrest says:

    Fuck Nope, their a joke.
    Dissing Angry? Their smokin dope.
    Crackhead cunts &
    Dollar chasin sluts
    Can eat a dick
    till it makes em sick.
    I’ve said my piece & that is that
    Get my point?

  18. DT says:

    Awesome, I followed this story on and off (more OFF admittedly, new job and all) since its inception and am glad to see NOPE. going under. To NOPE: Thanks its been a really entertaining season thanks to you. And Angry you’re a smart guy due to contractual obligations I cant just openly post my place of employment but if you find yourself down the hill in Denver, whiskey’s on me.

  19. dave says:

    did they call their lawyers on you for real? what a shit company run by butt hurt assholes.

  20. Their lawyer reached out to me for some “courtesies” I didn’t extend them anything. Now they’re sicking their lawyer on Arkade mag who has nothing to do with this.

  21. Don says:

    Arkade? WTF did they do? Absolutely ridiculous behavior…

  22. Kyle says:

    ive always been a fan of Angry snowboarder and will be!

  23. Whitey says:

    Im from Australia and spent my first winter in PC in the 11-12 season. When i saw a nope snowboard at PCMR i asked alot of the locals about it because I have never heard of this brand….and i kept getting the same anwser which was the brand is a joke and the guys behind it are shitty people…these articles that have been popping up the last few months keep reaffirming these views….this was coming from local core PC riders who grew up in PC and surrounding towns. did anyone else notice if you put that address from the invite for coffee and bagels into google – it comes up with a HIV testiing clinic in PC…

  24. sean says:

    nope has always been lame and will always be lame…nope isnt park city n shouldnt claim it we all think they are a joke

  25. Mike says:

    Very interesting reading. THANKS ANGRY SNOWBOARDER for doing what you do best, calling out the fake snowboard brands. Being overly passionate about our snowboard culture its great having you there, to in a way help get rid of the brands that don’t deserve any income from our sport. I build snowboards personally with my bare hands and spend all my time and money trying to make it big, WICH I AM, but it takes time in the snowboard world to gain trust etc. So to anyone looking at started a snowboard company just to get FANS and try and make a quick buck, STAY AWAY FROM SNOWBOARDING!!!

  26. He's BAAACK says:

    From FB on 07/11/12: “Hey NOPE, it’s Brian – hit the corp NOPE up for some gear for my team – check it out – sick. We are doing different colors for different states/mtn’s and your location on the shirt – of course Boston is Celtic’s Green! SHOULD YOUR NAME BE ON A TEAM SHIRT? hit me up [email protected] – I am looking for riders in the North East and am always open to flowing riders all over the country! MY GOAL – build a real team, a group of people at all levels supporting each other Best – Brian”

    “NOPE Snowboards is pleased to announce that Brian is staying on. However, it took some work as he was very content to take his check from the sale of NOPE and just ride for a few years, “be left alone” he said, “enjoy shredding again”. Most people do not know Brian broke his back, collar bone, sternum and several ribs 2 years ago at PCMR and his time away has been painful, and his only focus in creating NOPE was to be close to snowboarding in whatever way he could, as he could not ride for the past two seasons. However his friendship’s with Bob, Dillon, Erika, Ward, Chelsea and Rachel was what made him stay on, being able to interact with the and RIDE with them this year! and we thank them for bringing him back. He will post tomorrow about his vision for this coming season, a season he says will be dedicated to the riders, “no corp shit, just riding” is what he told us. He is currently on the road in New England rounding out an east coast team – if you see a BMW X6-M with a NOPE1 plate on it stop him, say hello and check out our 2012 gear -I believe he is loaded down with 2012/13 boards and gear to give to our fans on the east coast. If you wish to ride for NOPE on the east coast please contact us at [email protected].”

    Really? REALLY? Guess the “new” owners couldn’t make it one their own and had to bring back the entertainment.

  27. Yeah saw that and started laughing my ass off. If it’s the last thing I do I will make sure I see this company go out of business.

  28. stay away from the east coast says:

    From the NOPE website “about us”

    “Disobedience is the substance of progress”……….”We are humble; having no delusions of taking over this industry.”

    WTF. I’m speachless.

    Full rant below:

    “Disobedience is the substance of progress. Obedience is complacency, doing nothing while American goods decline and jobs are lost overseas. Nope. Snowboards is committed to returning an American product to America, employing science and technology to create the best product we can, and standing behind it. We believe in our boards and those that have come together to make them. We are humble; having no delusions of taking over this industry. If we wanted to do that we would make boards in state-funded foreign countries. Nope. Snowboards demonstrates only that you can still make a quality product in the United States, employ American people, and sell that product at a fair price.”

  29. They are far from humble and definitely delusional.

  30. I’d like to point out that the larger your company is, generally the more people you employ. In actuality, the jobs that are shipped overseas are just a portion of the jobs created by snowboard companies; there are a host of support roles that have nothing to do with loading a cassette with blanks, cleaning out insert holes, etc. Even at companies that outsource (we are one of them) all design and technology decisions are typically made here in the US by US employees; shipping, warehouse management, customer service — US employees, HR, Marketing, finance, etc… all US employees.

    There seems to be some strange loss of memory when people forget that these sort of jobs are important too, as are the people attached to them. It’s as if you have 50 employees (mostly in technological and maintenance areas) but don’t employ a factory worker for final assembly, you’re somehow contributing less to the US economy than someone who has 5 factory workers and one guy doing graphics. It doesn’t work that way.

    Companies don’t go overseas (China, Austria, others) because they are evil. They do it because the economics of starting your own factory in the US don’t make sense in an industry where people want boards that cost $400 and under but still ride great. I mean, I would GLADLY trade my late night Skypes with our overseas factories in favor of a regular work schedule — IF I could do that and get pricing that the US customer would accept and that had the ride quality that *I* accept, and if that scaled well for growth. Other than Mervin and their associated spin-offs (who understandably aren’t keen on helping their competition by OEMing) , there’s no one in the US that has been able to do that yet.

    Any company that “doesn’t want to get big” better hope that it never does; like even Burton they will realize that US facilities can’t meet price/demand targets. They will have to do one of three things: Limit their growth (an acceptable compromise for many), build their own factory at a capital investment of many millions (that can’t really do anything else but make snowboards, skis, kiteboards, etc), or produce overseas.

    Sure, that sucks to hear. Welcome to reality :(.

  31. Ryan says:


    Really appreciate your input… Logic and markets can some times butt heads with dreams and passion…

  32. Kling says:

    Can anyone like the AS himself or mister comany comander comment on how/where boards like High Society which are supposedly rebranded Never Summers fit into this equation? Obviously not with NOPE but moreso with the kind of general business realities CC refers to?

    I saw these boards at CO Ski n Golf and was curious.

  33. They’re actually built a bit different in terms of the core/carbon/fiber glass but utilize NS’s factory and R.C. Tech.

  34. If you are lucky enough to be able to somehow OEM at a quality US factory like NS or Mervin, then you are making a quality product. But this isn’t a route open to everyone; you definitely need to have an “in” to get one of these factories to produce for you. Otherwise, you’re pursuing one of the 3 routes I listed above or you are doing cookie-cutters stateside.

    The difference is that the quality US manus are the sole survivors of many failed attempts to have great boards pressed in large numbers domestically. These guys mainly produce for themselves, not for other–overseas manus produce primarily as OEM factories only, wherein they expend the capital investments and get the supply-chain moving and then you as a designer come in and build in your own tech and molds. Matrix, as an example, where we are made, has a pretty large section for R&D. Tech isn’t shared between companies, and in fact there’s a funny sign in the visitor’s office, a large room that they usually give over to foreign companies coming for consultations and Q/A) that states, in paraphasing, “Please do not ask to utilize other company technology in your products. These technologies are exclusive to the developing company and we are not authorized to use them without consent. Thank you for honoring this request.”

    This is also standard practice at Elan, and really any reputable factory. In the end, all of these companies want that same thing that everyone wants – good products at good pricing with a good overall reputation. That’s one reason we went with Matrix: one, many US factories responded to calls of “I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND” with silence or 2-month communication turn-arounds. Two, Matrix has been very responsive and dedicated to delivering a quality board. In our initial talks, Jack (the main guy at Matrix) stated that he could work on getting the price, delivery times, and quality right. I suggested that he change the emphasis for us – First bomb-proof quality and board feel, next delivery time, and third my cost (or more cynically, my profits). Without the first two, the third won’t be around long :), and if my stuff is crappy and generic no amount of profit margin will save it.

    But taking NS as an example: Their least expensive model that I see is the Pandora. It is $399 w/ a three year warranty. It is undeniably a great deck, in a pantheon of boards that run from 399 to an average of $525-550, and going up to $1300.

    In contrast, we offer a 2-year warranty (many NS boards that get warrantied in year 3 are fixed by the factory they’ve built up, making a 3-year warranty possible). Our MOST expensive model is the Flight Pattern, at $399, mostly due to the composites in it. We then have boards down to $319. These numbers are only possible through an OEM manufacturer that can produce 150K boards a year; the economies of scale kick in and they can then buy materials in bulk, scale their delivery systems, and other cost saving strategies that get the price down (and if you’re thinking “sure, by paying the workers nothing”, you’d be shocked I think at some of the cars in the Matrix employee parking lot.)

    The downsides of overseas production? Staying up late to Skype w/ people on the other side of the globe, long transit times for goods, import issues and red tape, general cultural communications issues, and SUPER jet lag when going to china (when I go there, my schedule becomes – sleep at 6:30pm, wake up at 1:30am, work while watching REALLY bad Chinese TV, then go to the factory at 9:00am and work until 5:30 – then repeat :).

    Anyway, all of this is because our mission is really simple – make great snowboards, outerwear, and accessories that ride well and look good. Hopefully, it will be a success. I think one way to ensure that is through frequent and open communication, and I like to do it here at AS because the folks here are generally no bullshit types that like insight beyond “for hos by bros” or whatever the hell is this season’s platitudinous buzzword frackfest.

    G’night! Time to call China :).

  35. Also, RE my earlier statement: “Other than Mervin and their associated spin-offs (who understandably aren’t keen on helping their competition by OEMing) , there’s no one in the US that has been able to do that yet.”

    I was stupid for forgetting to name Never Summer here too as a company doing it in the US. They make good stuff for sure.

  36. […] They also got in to another brouhahah with the Angry Snowboarder under the auspice of “let’s clear the air” they did the only mature thing and stood him up. […]

  37. You win West coast- congrats! You can have him! says:

    “Hey nope nation and team! I guess the West Coast will win the edits by default – it is becoming my suspicion that their are no riders willing to throw down against you all! If you like boards and free gear and have mad skills and are hiding in the woods of Vermont we want you – contact to Nope Snowboards to see what we have to offer .Brian”

    IMO, Seeing that Brian IS from the area, I think the East Coast people can see right through his bull and sleezy, scumbag, bipolar persononality.

  38. At this point if you Google them the only thing that is good for their business in the first page of the search is their FB page after that it’s all down hill.

  39. Back in the saddle says:

    Looks like Brian’s back in the saddle and in charge of the company. Shouldn’t be long before sparks fly and the law suit threats begin again.

  40. […] about them. As for this site fuck em they had their chance and proved they rank right up there with NOPE. Snowboards and we all know how great that brand is […]

  41. […] Oh man the final kill shot. Damn you got me I must live in my mom’s basement and not have any hair on my peaches! Wow this is just so damn original. I’ll point out to you that Nope. Snowboards tried this one as well. You can read about it here. […]

  42. ME says:

    Hey Angry Person, one of the original NOPE employees again – , just wanted to say that Jim Boudreaux, Attorney Doug Hartman and PR guru Christine Perkett are still failing everyone…….. and if we needed more proof

    who provided the name of the owner of the web domain as of today to be, should hit him up his email and phone are there ask him how he screwed his employees – ask them how many employment contracts they signed and never paid on JIM???? someone should really look into the actions of these 3, big whigs that screwed alot of people

    Registry Domain ID:
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL: http//
    Updated Date: 2013-08-18
    Creation Date: 2011-07-28
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-07-28
    Registrar IANA ID: 2
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected]
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: 1-800-333-7680
    Domain Status: ok
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: Genesis Strategies, Inc.
    Registrant Organization: Genesis Strategies, Inc.
    Registrant Street: 175 W. Main Street – Unit 11-3
    Registrant City: Millbury
    Registrant State: MA
    Registrant Postal Code: 01527
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: 508-864-8965
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax: 508-519-0447
    Registrant Email: [email protected]

  43. Why? Who cares about this brand or the stupidity of the people involved? Kind of sad you keep trying to push this on to me as if it’s relevant. The brand sucked, the people who ran it sucked even more, and the only good that came out of the whole thing was the hours of laughs real snowboarders got from the stupidity of Brian T. Bennet. Realize this real snowboarders see through this shit and aren’t afraid to call it out. Will anyone miss this brand? Nope.

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