Social Media? Nope.

Has the term Social Media graced its presence in your daily vocabulary yet? Do you really understand what this term is and how much impact it has on our world? I seriously hope so because it’s something that has changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. Some say it could be the death of our existence but that’s neither here nor there. What it has allowed us to do is communicate at a moments notice to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

For brands this is the direct line to consumers and the snowboard market. Now I know you’re probably saying, “No shit Sherlock!” well relax there’s a point to where this is going. As anyone that doesn’t live under a rock knows or isn’t over the age of 50 and playing Farmville, Facebook has many utilitarian functions like engaging a brand to find out more about them. On one of my latest journeys into the bowels of the Internet I was studying up on a new snowboard brand out of Park City called Nope. Their little propaganda seemed interesting so I figured I’d see how it played out even though I was seeing a lot of played out pitches.

After about a week of seeing typical Facebook updates about how ‘Merica is so awesome and China is the yellow devil a picture of Doc Brown from Back to the Future popped up with this quote:

NOPE Snowboards is, as best as we can be sure, the only snowboard company run and operated by real doctors and scientist, wearing lab coats. Our design and tech team has a over 18 years of training from schools that cost a lot, with a combined 5 degrees and two doctorates. Our team has specialized in physics, biology, coconuts, biochemistry, dentistry, aerospace NASA stuff, animal insemination, extra-terrestrial life, ghost hunting, alligator wrangling, and they are even Iron Chef’s. So who else would build the best snowboards in the world?

Now as anyone knows I like to stir the pot so I threw out the question of asking how all that pertains to running a snowboard company. They were not amused with that and got kind of offended even though it was a legitimate question. Then they decided to delete the comment and ban me. Awesome social networking skills right there and upon talking with a friend he encountered the same thing from them. Must be rough as a brand with less than 100 fans to pull something like that?

Besides their awesome social networking skills what sets this brand apart from all the other upstarts? Honestly nothing and if you read Illicit Snowboardings article on 1 manufacturer 11 brands you would quickly realize that they were missing a brand. Yep that’s right they’re just another cookie cutter brand out of the Monson Factory. Can you fault Monson? I don’t think so they’re just a factory, however I do believe you can fault the shortsightedness of Nope. for doing little more than using Google to find OEM Snowboard Manufacturers in the U.S. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and see what you pull up. Shocking isn’t it? That’s some serious SEO right there and kudos to them for being the top pick.

Now it probably would have ended there with me questioning why they got so offended with one little question but it seems that Ryan from the website Ride On Top had a few questions he wanted to ask. You can read that here. Now for some reason it turned from questions to them talking about this very website you’re reading. Not sure what I did to upset them since I was off snowboarding while this was going down but it got pretty hilarious. My personal favorite quote was this:

The “Angry Snowboarder” is so far up the bleep of the big companies that small companies that try to keep it in the US are flagged and tagged as being bad

What makes this statement hilarious is that I’ve interviewed a good selection of small independent brands that make their boards in the U.S. I also always make sure to try and include small independent brands in everything I do even though I know it’s a bigger undertaking for them. Can’t fault the big companies for having budgets and the ability to better facilitate what any media site is doing than an indy brand. It’s just the nature of the beast and if companies would appropriately market or prepare for this they would get the same level of benefit as the big guys. That’s just basic business sense and not something one of those degrees in artificial space cow insemination can teach you.

So while we’re on the subject of bad business lets talk about stupid claims they’ve made for the world to see. This is the gem from earlier on Tuesday:

We also offer a price that is sensitive to the American worker, while we pay 8X more for our product than similar foreign made boards.

I really want to know where they get this number? The cheapest I’ve ever seen a board made at the SBF factory in China was 70 bucks. 70 x 8 = $560 that doesn’t seem right if they’re selling the board for $399 unless they’re taking a huge loss while they establish their brand or are just trying to fail. Does that sound like good business to you? Sounds more like some serious fucking bullshit! I’ve had a source tell me cost on these boards is $225 on average from Monson so if you divide that by 8 it would cost $28.13 cents to have a board made in China. Does that sound realistic by any means?

Now if you look at that $399 price tag and compare it to the other brands in that article by the fine English chaps from Illicit Snowboarding you can see that it sits in the middle of the other 11 similar brands that have their boards made there. So essentially the biggest difference is tech marketing, graphics, and the fact they get defensive when you ask them a question.

Another quote from Nope. that I think should be addressed from the Ride On Top article is this:

Why is it so easy to hate on others, when you take no chances yourself. To all that feel we are not doing things right, start your own brand – tell us how easy it is – after you fund your inventory, hire people, insurance, liability, taxes, space, utilities – then come talk to us – We are NOPE, we stand for something beyond narrow visions of people with nothing better to do than tell us we are not doing things right. If you take the opposite side of our company, then you support homeless veterans and other social injustice. If the snowboarding crowd spent less time hating on each other and came together real change could be affected – do we care about the haters, NOPE.

Well when you’re rolling around in a BMW with a custom full wrap graphic I don’t think you’re hurting for funding. I know plenty of other independent snowboard brands that have their own factory or are sourcing from other U.S. factories that do not drive a BMW or even have a show room in an expensive ski town like Park City.

What narrow visions do we the potential buyers of your product have? This is the information and technological age where we can communicate within seconds and question anything told to us and yet you are the one that hasn’t brought anything to the table but some lies and an overly defensive nature for when we are inquisitive. In summation do I believe this brand will be around in another year or two? The answer to that is NOPE.

Causes controversy!

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  1. illicit says:

    Nice. That also answers the question of who left the bitter comment on our article.

    Found another one as well – Black Powder Customs ($425 a pop)

  2. Mustache George says:

    “The answer to that is NOPE.”

  3. Arnie says:

    Hello Nope,

    No need to make comments like “If you take the opposite side of our company, then you support homeless veterans and other social injustice.”

    To equate, not supporting you means we support Homelessness and social injustice is a crock and way to general an opinion of the public.

    I support Veterans. And so many other people.

    As a company all you have to do is focus on making good snowboards and responding to the general public in a professional manner. That’s it. No need to make yourselves the saviour of the industry and the world.

    Sell your BMW, get the cash and donate it. Donate it to those veterans that are now in their 90’s that fought in WW2 for us. Donate it so they can stop eating out of cans and packages of Ichiban soup. Do something real.

    Be sincere and just do snowboards.

    PS. Hi Angry, usually I leave light hearted comments on your site, but in this case I had to speak up. I am so glad you have this site to share with us what is going on out there. All the best man.

  4. Some asshole says:

    Artificial cow insemination degree? I think that would qualify you to do pretty much anything in life.

  5. DT says:

    Finally, a super scientific, super awesome company that really looks out for the American middle class. Quick, someone call Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reily, so they can rally behind this ALL-American small business….. Hey on that note, I’ve got a friend who can splash paint on a canvas board template. We can start our own company and cruise Beemers too. I’ll send ya’ll the designs and you send them to Monson, the rest of the community can act as sales reps and bada-bing-bada-boom we have an official company. Thats passion folks.

    Seriously though, these people are shameless douch-bags. I mean, I totally understand seeking out a marketing niche. However, it seems sleazy to pander to the American Middle Class, the way these guys are doing it.

    They’ll be the first Snowboarding company to advertise on FOX Cable News.

    I’ve been by the Never Summer factory a couple times and I’ve never seen anything nicer than a new Dodge truck. That is what we would call supporting American business. (Never mind the whole Daimler-Chrysler merger thing) It’s still way closer than BMW.

  6. Confused says:

    Wait, I’m confused – Nope is selling their boards for $275 on their facebook page. You say the boards cost $225 at Monson so he is making a $50 “profit” on each board? After paying out all the other costs and overhead (including 2 wraped BMWs wich are not made in the USA) I would have to guess they are losing about $500 per deck they sell. So how much are they going to send the homeless Vets or mental heath organizations? Can’t wait to hear how much they do actually send these organizations. Maybe they can show us the actual formula for sending the money to these people that they are shamelessly USING to sell stuff.Don’t care how deep you say your pockets are – the well must be running dry and when they come down from their drug induced dream of making profit from selling snowboard decks only, they will be asking the same organizations they supposedly are supporting – for help.

  7. I’m pretty sure those 275 buck decks are just “samples” so who knows what the fuck those things are. Wait they have 2 wrapped BMW’s?

  8. Ashley says:

    “If you take the opposite side of our company, then you support homeless veterans and other social injustice.”

    That’s a pretty big statement coming from a very small brand. Way to go Nope, you’ve just alienated another potential supporter. The interesting part about that claim is I cannot seem to find any statement directly from Nope. that explains how they plan to support war veterans or victims of social injustice besides giving a discount. A piece of advice for Nope., if you have a mission that falls outside of the basic reasons for selling boards, make a point to include it in the information that you list on your webpage or facebook page. It’s should be that simple!

  9. Math says:

    “Our team has specialized in physics, biology, coconuts, biochemistry, dentistry, aerospace NASA stuff, animal insemination, extra-terrestrial life, ghost hunting…”

    It obviously has nothing to do with snowboard manufacturing.

    I’m pretty sure the guys at Nope were joking when they wrote this and OP fell for it…

  10. Gloria says:

    To the people at Nope snowboards: If you’re going to run your own business you’re going to have to answer questions that are a lot tougher than “What qualifies you to run your business?” What were you thinking when you deleted that totally legit question from one of the few people who were actually looking at your Facebook page, and a pretty well-known blogger in the industry no less? It was an opportunity to give your audience and potential fans a straight answer about why they should buy your boards, and you guys blew it. And that statement “If you take the opposite side of our company, then you support homeless veterans and other social injustice” was just idiotic.

    Angrysnowboarder: I’m glad I read this before I ran across them myself and maybe entertained the idea of supporting them or writing about them. The cute little logo and name and shiny looking boards could have had me fooled for about 5 minutes of my life, which I’d never get back again. Thanks for writing this and saving us all the time.

  11. Jed says:

    I don’t see why these companies even have facebook and twitter profiles if they just want to delete anything negative said about them. The whole point of social is that you can respond to not just positive comments, but also negative comments.

    Just my opinion, but negative comments are a chance to prove them wrong and make them believers. If a companies is ‘on the level’, negative comments should be left for others to see how you respond to them and disprove them.

    Not to mention, the best press is when your own customers stand up for you without you having to do it yourself.

  12. DT says:

    Wow that guy knows less about his company than I do. A 90 day old company from Boston….. Somebody had good credit, so who wants to start a pool, “How long till NOPE is out of business”. One season, two seasons….

  13. BOB says:

    I Stumbled upon this website and this is actually the first article i have read, so i decided I would comment.

    First off i have to agree with Math. That statement about specialization was so obviously a joke and you bit hard.

    However, I do understand your curiosity into the matter. Asking questions from a new brand is far from a crime and could provide some great insight to readers. But, this article does seem to be just as defensive in nature as some of NOPEs responses.

    I do understand the concept of using social media as a positive tool for brands and consumers, but all i got from this article is you made each other angry and you wrote this.

    If they really do support good causes and do actually donate to them, i see no problem in this company (minus some of the defensive nature and exaggerations).

    Thank you for the article, but before i condemn this company, i will follow unbiased for a bit and see what they turn out to be.

  14. I’d like to think it’s actually more offensive but hey that’s how you interpreted it.

  15. BOB says:

    I can easily understand why it would be offensive to you. If your initial intentions were indeed true and honest, then feeling the way you do is understood.

    I just think this company felt otherwise, and got defensive. Professional, probably not.

    However, every one is human and when attempting to start a company, they most likely felt threatened.

    I like giving people the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully, they regret their comments will do differently in the future.

    And like i said, if they truly do donate from every board sold, then there is atleast some upside.

    Thank you again Angrysnowboarder!

  16. They’re just another company that doesn’t bring anything to the table.

  17. cool_beans says:

    His old company lasted only 1 year.

    so we probably wont be talking about him for much longer.

  18. Snowchic says:

    I live in Park City, and I went to an event held by NOPE snowboards at No Name Saloon. These people donated mulitple boards at their own cost to veterans of war. You should have seen how touched these veterans were to be recognized by a local company.How is this not bringing anything to the table?What have you done Angrysnowboarder to give back to anyone? And by the way, if you know so much.. about board cost and quality.. why don’t you develop your own brand? Could you succeed starting a business like this in the USA? NOPE.

  19. Aww how cute we have a fanboy attacking me. Here I’ll drop some knowledge on you that you could have found if you researched the brand. On OCT. 27th a video from your local news thing in P.C. showed up with the owner stating he started the brand 90 days ago in Boston and only 3 weeks had he been in P.C. That to me does not scream local business but it does raise questions on why they suddenly moved. Also UT has a snowboard factory in it that is more than qualified to make their boards thus making it far more of a local brand.

    I’ve done plenty for snowboarders and snowboarding. I will continue to do it without asking for praise or making it a part of my mission statement so that it does not over shadow what I do. People that want praise for causes they work for generally do nothing to actually help them. Let that sink in.

    Technically I have developed my own brand as that is what this website is as is any other online media source. Hell by your own standards I guess I am an American made business who has not sourced out its IT to India or even the web hosting. Hmm imagine that.

    Now if you’re referring to the fact I haven’t made a snowboard brand then I’ll lay some more knowledge on you. Snowboard brands are by and large not profitable and most squeak by unless they are a part of a huge conglomerate. To actually make a solid product you’re looking at 100k in molds not just going to some factory and picking from their catalog of shapes, sizes, and innards which is what Nope did. But if you think I haven’t made a contribution to developing product I strongly suggest you think again as I’ve worked closely with numerous brands on product development to help them make a better end product to the consumer. Some of these brands are U.S. while others are in China and Europe.

  20. me says:

    i’m a PC local.. and i think Nope. snowboards is a bunch of phony bologna. (baloney)

    give boards to vets. ok great, how many vets and what kind of sweet tax write off does that give the company?

    these people aren’t local, they don’t EVEN play on the snow. I have an issue with that. I’m all for capitalism. call me a capitalist pig if you will, but a company like this, that doesn’t even answer legit questions, isn’t worth my money.

    or time, or energy.

    nice article as usual.

    and the fanboy is a numbnut.

  21. […] and their soft goods production as well as ad agency are in Massachusetts.  As snowboard blogger Angrysnowboarder points out, there is a factory in Utah that is “more than qualified” to make boards for […]

  22. DT says:

    Thats nice a handful of boards for a handful of vets. Never Summer + Make a Wish Foundation = Charitable proceeds for a real cause. And before anyone decides to bash on me for “belittleing” the plight of the american veteran and their families.. I lost a brother in Iraq, I still talk to his squad, and I’m pretty sure that a snowboard doesnt really do anything for these people or there families. You could give me a million boards for the rest of my life, but my brother will still be gone. Superficial pandering only cheapens the brand. Just sayin….

  23. SLC Local says:

    Well at least they have “new technologies” right? :)

  24. I saw that so much new technology it’s fucking awesome!

  25. DT says:

    Um, periodontist? Is that one of those Inuit words for snow, or am I missing something here?

  26. evanko says:

    Nope Snowboards as a business is in its infancy and infants make mistakes. I see the founders as passionate people who really want to do something cool that also helps certain people. As an infant they innocently did not know the difference between “cause marketing” and “corporate giving.” As an infant they innocently did not know the difference between “advertising aspirations” and “advertising their mission.” As a result of their marketing errors they have effectively invited many of us to catch them failing and we have. However, that doesn’t mean they are guilty of corporate fullofshitness. I think they are guilty of being inexperienced marketers. I am willing to recognize their failures and their good intentions and welcome them and their capital to Park City.

  27. They’re guilty of being a bunch of douche bags to people that asked legitimate questions. That’s their biggest downfall. Why is it I can ask someone like Burton, Rome, K2, Ride, etc. etc. a question that goes against what they’re marketing and they’ll actually answer it and not flip out? Because they understand how to deal with the public and are good businesses. Nope. isn’t.

    Cool take their money in your local economy in this climate I’m all for it in any capacity. I have more than a handful of “local” brands here in Breck/Summit County that are at the same level as Nope. Difference is these companies don’t flip the fuck out when I pose a simple little question. Maybe someone should send Brian to a marketing/public relations class.

  28. evanko says:

    I think you are correct in that media training is needed. Your criticisms should help them grow as a company and a team.

  29. PC LOCAL says:

    I am a PC local and was wondering more about this company so i googled them and this is the THIRD thing that showed up. I am agreeing with angrysnowboarder because a company cannot come out of the wood work in 3 weeks and make all these claims especially when they dont even snowboard. I have been heavily involved with the snowboard industry for 17 years and this does not make any sense to me. Just because you are rich and have a shitload of money to start a company doesnt mean you are going to succeed. There needs to be pride and dedication behind it all and there clearly is not if the first thing you are going to do is delete people off facebook and not listen to criticism. Most companys they’re trying to bash are ACTUALLY snowboarders who started off with nothing and had to work their way up and take pride in what they’re doing. Im sure a lot of people hated them at the time and they probably weren’t deleting people off of facebook and making unrealistic claims. TAKE THE SHIT!!! Noone is going to like you if you run away from your problems and not face the fact. LET US HELP YOY GROW–Us who actually snowboard. Don’t just hire people off the streets

  30. Instigator says:

    They are a new company, and they made some mistakes, and I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but NOPE? Seriously? Someone needs to start a company called MAYBE snowboards, and we would finally have all of the answers to all of our snowboard related questions in the trifecta of brand name biting. YES!

  31. butch the boarder says:

    For the past month my view has been that NOPE gets an “A” for effort and an “F“ for marketing, and that the poor marketing grade is a result of their lack of experience. But now I am changing my view; I think my previous “A” for effort is just a result of this NOPE CEO foolishly spending a lot of his investor’s money; and, the marketing mistakes are not a result of inexperience but the result of a character flaw. I now think the NOPE CEO is a Spin Doctor. Not only have we snowboarders been told a tale, but I think his investors have as well. This could very well be a snow job – pardon the pun.

  32. going in circles says:

    BB will spin and spin and spin…. if you argue, he will tell you to go screw and spin some more.. must just love to hear himself talk.

  33. ross faison says:

    Don’t have to worry about the Beamer anymore. Give ‘em a call and ask what happened to it!

  34. Guess it was no match for those American made highways.

  35. reply_to says:

    “Don’t have to worry about the Beamer anymore. Give ‘em a call and ask what happened to it!”

    uh-oh.. did they shoot it like one of their snowboards?

  36. Confused says:

    100% confirmation of NOPE BMW totalled in SLC. Good thing they have another one. Sorry that’s all I know.

  37. DT says:

    getting back to this for a sec as of today nope snowboards has yet to register for a booth at sia….

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  42. Someone who knows says:

    Quick update…nope is closed…..Dang it,…..

  43. Little late to the party their chief already wrote a post about them going out of business.

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