Small Brand Social Media Failure

If you don’t know what social media is you should probably stop reading this site now and and go back to using land line phones and writing letters. We live in a completely social world where everyone and anyone is connected on some level. With that in mind there’s certain rules companies should follow when engaging their audience on their outlets. The biggest being if you’re going to make bold claims and be obnoxious about things, be prepared for being called out.

This is a lesson Oz Snowboards out of Evergreen Colorado obviously wasn’t told. Enjoy this exchange of words.

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Arbor snowboards founded in 1995. Eco conscious since day 1.  Originally built in the USA. Wood topsheets and veneers since day one.

OZ Snowboards founded in 2011. Strives to be eco-conscious. Currently built in the USA. Wood topsheets and veneers.

Who followed who here?

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How to look like an asshole? Delete comments that have validity behind them. Especially when they point out where you are wrong.

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Kevlar trademarked? Check it out from Dupont. Also I’d like to point out if you’ve been to one snowboard factory you’ve been to them all. The wow factor wears off fast. Also an operation with one press isn’t going to compete with a company that is utilizing Elan to make boards?

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Well this website could be considered a cover letter and resume rolled into one. But then again that might be a tough thing to understand.

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Well now that we’re going to make it personal, you want to throw out any form of civility there was and go right to mud slinging insults? Pretty curious to where that Arbor advertisement is or a paycheck from them for that matter? Advertising is pretty minimal on here buddy don’t know if you’ve noticed that and one thing to note is bullshit gets called out for being just that bullshit. No brand is exempt regardless if they’re big or small.

Oh unemployed I’m hurt! Where’s the reference to living in my parents basement and not having any physical interaction with humanity? Come on I know you wanted to say it, go to the old standby from people like you that can’t come up with any form of a real comeback due to having your arguments debunked.

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Well you’re killing it with potential customers right there.

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That guy gets it, hard concept I know.


Why yes I have seen the Arbor line up. Looks like it typically does wood veneers on the Roots collection and other similar bamboo on the rest. Remember they’ve done this since 1995.

It’s hard to support little brands like this when they have this over inflated sense of entitlement. I wanted to support OZ even if their boards looked like they were finished with a wood chipper. Sad, but they’re just another small brand that imitates without innovation. If you do any research on this brand the claims and statements they make are just nauseating. Rather than continue on pointing out the other bullshit they spout I’ll leave it up for you to decide how you feel about them. As for this site fuck em they had their chance and proved they rank right up there with NOPE. Snowboards and we all know how great that brand is doing.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Kling says:

    negative marketing is negative

  2. sillyfucker says:

    Ive met Adam, ridden his boards, and am quite surprised to see the arbor comment come from him. Hating on Arbor is strange…there are quite a few companies that are doing some questionable things that would be easier targets. Arbor has been doing their own thing for quite awhile, and if you have ever spoken with ANYBODY from the company, they are extremely passionate about what they do. I respect Arbor and always will. This weird claim on facebook is seriously going to damage the reputation of Oz. There is a SKI COMPANY from Colorado that started doing wood inlays/patchwork 5 years ago. Its not anything new. One of the things Oz is pushing in their boards is no fiberglass in the construction. In place is carbon fiber. Yeah its light as hell..yeah, its strong. But, the big thing here…Carbon fiber breaks down super quick. Huck one of the boards off a jump, land tail heavy, then see how she rides. There is a reason more companies are not doing this same thing. Its not really the cost, its because of how the material wears. I was pretty bummed to read this on their site yesterday. I do not know AS, but coming from a guy who has been in the biz for over 20 years, actually worked in a snowboard factory, AS sounds like he knows whats up. Bad move OZ..Bad move.

  3. Babbers says:

    Nice to know someone’s calling people on their shit. I absolutely hate that companies like OZ and Nope get away with their ignorant publicity stunts. Typical douche marketing. Keep the industry honest. There’s too many lame brained consumer monkeys that get tricked but these falsities. All it does it hurt the industry as a whole. Keep up the great work gentlemen! You’re keeping things honest. Ride for the love of it, not the $$…

  4. Avran, I never made claim to being the first to use wood veneers. Arbor isn’t the first to use wood veneers either so I am not sure what you point is? The first snowboards ever were wood so I guess you can say Arbor copied the snurfer? My post is specifically referring to Arbors latest board designs mimicking my patchwork veneer designs almost to a “T”. Is that just coincidence that they came up with those designs this year? To say they don’t know we exist is not true. This is a small industry and I have been approached by some of the biggest board builders in the industry acknowledging and appreciative of what we are doing.
    I don’t care what Arbor boards weigh. The 5 pounds was a sarcastic over exaggeration. Bottom line is they are significantly heavier than the boards we produce. You can’t argue that point.
    Other large manufacturers are able to produce boards in the US. Why can’t Arbor? In my opinion, we have a duty to manufacturer boards in this country. Especially, in this difficult economic situation where unemployment is at record highs. We need to support American made products. OZ is making the difficult choice to produce board in Colorado. Financially it’s not an easy choice but our company is founded on doing what’s best for the rider and not what’s best for our pocket books.
    The Elan factory is one of the better companies when it comes to being environmentally friendly however they don’t do everything they can. If you took the time to educate yourself on our company you would know what we do that makes us the one of the most environmentally friendly snowboard manufacturers in the world.
    Your comments about Nomex and Aramid are not accurate. We don’t use those products anymore. In our opinion the weight savings value wasn’t worth the extra time it took us to adjust our manufacturing process. Again, take the time to educate yourself on our company.
    Like I said in my post. If you want to call yourself an expert you need to educate yourself on the companies in this market. I have offered you numerous chances to ride my boards and visit my shop. How can you knock down snowboard companies if you don’t even know anything about them? You are ignoring the numerous rave reviews we get on people who actually ride our boards. As an expert you have a duty to have knowledge and not just huck mud because its get people to read your blog.
    I understand that being a “shock jock” blogger is appealing and creates readable content but dragging down small companies is pretty low. We are all passionate about this industry and we all work very hard at our businesses. Including yourself! Small board builders are the future of this industry. They are popping up everywhere and they will be the companies that produce the next great innovations in snowboard design. I offer you the opportunity again to come to our shop and discuss how and why we make snowboards. One better, come work in my shop for 1 week and see what it takes to make snowboards. In fact anyone of your readers is welcome to come to our shop and see what we do! SIA is coming up in a few weeks. Rather than hanging out in my tent for the entire day like you did last year lets go riding.

  5. bbupinit says:

    Well said Angry! That post from Adam at OZ was super lame. I am all about supporting local here in CO but bashing the Godfather of the Eco friendly board is a very ignorant move. They lost a fan in me! Not a way to market at all.

  6. Blah blah blah you’re still talking? Seriously I think I dedicated enough time to another failing brand that won’t be here in another year.

    You want to get into a big dick swinging contest over expertise and education? I have more than you on so many different facets of snowboarding and that’s all you need to know. You pretty much proved that the only “uneducated and insulting” person was YOU. If you’re not using those materials anymore, pull it off your website. Sorry I don’t stay up to the minute on shitty little crap brands.

    I’m done even acknowledging you exist after this point. Your brand is dead to me and I’m sure others now. Good job on being so ignorant you destroyed the one thing you wanted to create. Don’t bother responding you’ll only look more pathetic.

  7. Nate says:

    Is anyone else sick of board companies spouting off about how “green” their boards are? Does anyone not realize that no matter how “green” a process you use, sticking wood, plastics and steel together with resins still warms the globe. At least Bataleon realized this when they released the Global Warmer. I have no time for brands like OZ who act like they are saving the world by making snowboards. Stop whining, go press some boards and shut up!!! You are entitled to nothing so go take your piece of the industry for yourself. No one is going to give it to you just because you whine about it.

  8. Andrew says:

    Who’s the dumbass who used a smiley face with sunglasses instead of the letter B.

  9. Ryan Winters says:

    Yeah the smiley face pretty much ruined it for me…

  10. Mr.B from bataleon says:

    This entire article is ruined by the lack of “B”s

  11. The inventor of the modern alphabet says:

    Wtf man.

  12. Dosn't Matter says:

    how blown out proportion can one jerkoff make something. i wouldn’t stop supporting them because someone gets there kicks out of finding shit to bash on. here is an idea, ride more blog less. shut the fuck up and go shred.

  13. Seems the guy from OZ can make it pretty blown out of proportion. You’re right he should ride more.

  14. “Is anyone else sick of board companies spouting off about how “green” their boards are?”

    Echelon is committed to using reclaimed Depleted Uranium slugs in the production of our inserts. As a bonus? They keep your feet warm through “radiant” energy! Another is that coupled with a geiger counter they make a great avalanche transceiver.
    The downside? You might get cancer.

  15. mike says:


    Bought a Arbor Coda based on an angry review from a few years back. So far only ridden on my midwest hills, but really liking it. Before that rode a burton custom, one that was made in canada.

    I’m open to brands. But not blow hard ones like OZ is. Want to pick on someone as to where they make their boards? go after the big guys.

  16. ODV says:

    hey Oz you suck. your boards suck stop givin our state a bad name and rep
    concerned buyer

  17. Paco says:

    This is exactly nope 2.ohhh shit they’re out of business. Although this is entertaining you all should read the nightmare development thread on easygoing in and see how that kook of an owner went off not too long ago.

    Small companies is what we need in the industry but don’t have Napoleon syndrome

  18. doug says:

    first thing i did after reading that nightmare thing was ensure all the specs were on my website ;)

  19. TicToc says:

    The big guy callout was a bad idea. Minus a handful, everyone started out small and worked their way to being big. I am bummed about the arbor moving to china, the defense of that is the only part of this whole banter that I do not defend Avran on. Making stuff in Canada and USA keeps jobs at home, which gets more people income to snowboard and helps the sport continue to grow via small companies. The less we care about the planet and using products made as close to home as possible, the more big companies take over.

  20. Arbor is made in Austria not CHINA!

  21. RE: “The less we care about the planet”

    There’s good evidence that “buying local” does not help the environment, and is in fact harmful. Small companies usually lack the time, money, resources, experience, and oversight required to keep waste low and efficiency high. This is particularly true in farming, but extends to other industries as well. Lots of small factories require more energy to run than a single larger factory due to duplication of equipment, facilities, and jobs.

    There are good reasons to buy local—but planet saving isn’t one of them. The “more jobs for people that look like me” argument is a more defensible one. That said, I am unsure why factory jobs are the only job types that matter to the “keep jobs here” crowd. Companies that manufacture abroad create lots of jobs as well, and those jobs are of the higher-paying, less physically harmful sort. Plus the efficiencies of mass production are what make snowboards (and many other products) affordable for people not in the 1% (this includes me).

    Without that outsourcing, the companies will often go under, or have their growth limited, eliminating or reducing the total number of available jobs. Burton, as a big example, couldn’t exist without overseas production of most of its inventory, because most people won’t spend $800 on snowboards just so they can say “made here.” If they went under, hundreds of jobs, many of them high-tech, good paying jobs, would be lost.

    There are people here that work, or have worked, in snowboard factories. In general, while they take pride in their work, I doubt many would consider it a glamorous, or even healthy, job. Basically, there is heavy machinery, noise, dust and fumes to look forward to. If the final product and associated lifestyle wasn’t so cool, very few would want the job at all.

    One other note; you’ll often find a company that waves a flag RE their board production, but that also offers (either directly or through a sub-company) bindings, boots, outerwear, and more. Look closely, and you’ll see that most of these products are outsourced to Taiwan or China. It’s just the nature of a global versus local economy, and is just an extension of the principles in the first paragraph of this comment. Basically, “snowboard press” was the only piece of equipment these companies could afford, and so that’s what they make here. When they want to make something else, and can’t afford a Glass-infused-nylon molding facility or whatever, they look for someone that does. That places them overseas. And that is OK.

    One day, if these companies get popular, they will need to make a very hard choice on the board side too: stay small, or move to a consolidated production facility. This is what happened to Burton; Jake wasn’t a bad guy for closing down the Vermont plant. He HAD to shut it down to stay viable and protect the hundreds of other jobs and families he was responsible for. Regrettably, that meant some hardworking factory people lost their jobs. Hopefully, at least some were moved into new positions like QC, prototyping, design, etc.

    I’d welcome if there was a good OEM factory here in the states (IE, a good and affordable OEM factory like Elan, Matrix, or SBF) but sadly there doesn’t seem to be one. I mean, no one in the industry LIKES waking up in the middle of the night to Skype-call China and Austria :) . If you have a handle on a company that will let me produce using our own molds and technology, offer a 3 year warranty, great board feel, prototyping and R&D, and do it where I can offer boards from $320-$400 retail (because that is what people will ACTUALLY pay for a board, not what people WISH they would pay), I would probably pay that helpful person a finders fee for the info.

  22. Jason says:

    ‘Made in America’ only means it’s going to be more expensive for me here in New Zealand. In terms of boards made here, there’s only one board company the manufactures here in NZ and I’m not about to pay twice the price for their boards.

    My point? I don’t know if I have a good one, but ‘Made in America’ only has merit in America. It’s definitely a nice way to limit your market I guess. The whole patriotic spiel that OZ and Nope spout out is so… unattractive (for want of a better word)

    Why can’t these guys let their boards do the talking?

  23. Dosn't Matter says:

    It doest really matter where shit is made but everything says where its is. pick up the first thing you see and read it, says made in… When it comes to snowboards you see made in USA but no made in China (or made by skiers). If its made by skiers then it says Austria on it i guess. Also if all the companies that out sourced over seas all built a facility here, then there would be a facility here. (Big Picture)

  24. […] Ever wondered what it takes Arbor to make those beautiful top sheets? Well they put together this video below along with a short press release talking about it. So who says they aren’t the originator? […]

  25. Lanieve says:

    Seriously… WOW. Whoever that guy managing the OZ snowboards facebook page is a complete douchebag. He actually asks for your qualifications so that he can see if youre ‘qualified’ to judge other brands. Well guess what? Judging brands of any industry doesnt even require primary school level qualifications, as consumers, judging and comparing brands is what we do EVERY DAY. Arbors a great company, their boards look amazing and even though I havent ridden their boards yet Ive seen and heard good things about them. Arbor doesnt HAVE to make their boards in the states… by moving production they just decided to do what is the most beneficial thing to the company, and they would have known that they may lose potential customers by not being USA-made. Dragging down a brand just because of they dont manufacture in the states is stupid because by doing that you’re dragging down most of the brands in the snowboard industry… also OZ says its ‘low to drag down a small brand down just to write a readable content’… well OZ dragged down another brand to try taint Arbors reputation and to steal their potential customers.. thats what you call getting low and desperate.


    I worked for original NOPE and that is why I am writing this because you need to know what happened to me I am not saying my name but i was mentioned in articles about he buyout I am a student and I love snowboard graphcs and that was my job and i like working for original nope

    I went to work for the NEW NOPE people, you know the ones named in the article in Steez mag, the article that now is missing to protect their names. because they have money and power and i am some broke ass college kid

    Here is how it went down, the new owners, an attorney in Boston,aint saying his name cuz I aint getting sued, and the Christine Perkett women, who posted on your site about how great they all were (cant find the post anymore, but please find it) and the guy below, man I hate that guy, such a liar and creep with women give me an employment contract for 1 year money I needed for college and guess what ? they never paid me! ignored my phone calls never paid and now I am broke.

    Some rich Boston attorney Doug and Christine Perkett all stole from me. On top of that the guy listed below, he was thrown out of the company 3 weeks after they took it over for lying about money, these people told Brian and me that they had all this money, so he sold it to them figured they could make it bigger and I would make more money, they NEVER had a bank account no money the guy below lied about everything then got thrown out for lying and some other bad stuff all officially in a board meeting, was removed as President and thrown out on his creepy ass then the other owners Doug Attorney and Christine Perkett who is fucking rich thanks to her ex husband could not fucking pay me or return my calls – fuck them. I am broke and they are just fine and they fucked me over they fucked the owner over and they fucked NOPE over they should all be in jail for signing all those contracts with me and not paying. I know they never paid their rent on the factory, they never paid their riders and that is fucked, and they never paid me and I worked and I never got paid by the guy listed below and the attorney and Christine Perkett. Someone should know these people stole from people and never get caught and a lot of people got hurt by them

    Former happy employee until this guy

    Genesis Strategies, Inc.
    175 W. Main Street – Unit 11-3
    Millbury, MA 01527

    Domain Name: NOPEBOARDS.COM

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Genesis Strategies, Inc. [email protected]
    175 W. Main Street – Unit 11-3
    Millbury, MA 01527
    508-864-8965 fax: 508-519-0447

    Record expires on 28-Jul-2020.
    Record created on 28-Jul-2011.
    Database last updated on 22-Aug-2013 07:38:59 EDT.

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Whois Server:
    Creation Date: 28-JUL-2011
    Updated Date: 15-AUG-2013
    Expiration Date: 28-JUL-2020

    Nameserver: NS5.WORLDNIC.COM
    Nameserver: NS6.WORLDNIC.COM

    Registry Status: ok

  27. Sucks to suck. Should probably learn a thing or two about contracts and how to protect yourself. This company sucked from day one and continued to suck till it died. WAH I didn’t get paid Brian was a good guy. Go read all the stories about Brian and then ask yourself if he was a good guy. Move on and get a real job and stop crying.

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