Ski Blades Verse Dual Snowboards Which Sucks More

There was a point once that snowboarding was considered a fad passing in the night. The same was said about freeskiing and the twin tip ski revolution. Look at both of these different activities, they’re fully immersed into the mainstreams of winter culture and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. For having this mainstream success there’s the lesser acknowledged off shoots that have ridden their coattails.

On the ski side of things they have the often mocked Ski Blades or if you have ever dealt with the Revel 8 pro team then they should be called Ski Boards. Lets be honest here no matter how you try to spice it up they’re still lame under any name. The best quote ever spoken about these to ever grace my presence, “We’re not skiing we’re our own thing that’s far better.” Yes, they went there.

With snowboarding we get Dual Snowboards or as they should be called sideways ski blading. But to quote one of their mentally challenged inspirational models at Dew Tour, “We’re not taking anything away from snowboarding in fact we’re a completely different sport”. Yes because having the name snowboard in there makes you completely different and individual. Oh wait you have an extra chromosome and the mental capacity of a sea sponge so we should probably dis-acknowledge that statement.

Now that we’ve established that these sports are highly individualistic lets delve deeper into which one sucks more.

In the first round of this battle of two featherweight titans of snow sliding we have to look at recognition in the mainstream. Because as anyone knows if the mainstream even knows about them then that makes you ten times more likely for success. It’s true that Ski Blading used to be in the X-Games. Now that just proves that it had mainstream success yet in just three short seasons it tapered off and was removed from the competition. You know what else was removed from X-Games and very similar? Rollerblading! Notice the similarities of how these two different sports suck? Here watch this.

Judgement Round 1: Goes to Ski Blading solely for being the fruit boots of snow sports and being relevant enough to be recognized by the X-Games and to be fully pulled from the venue. Thank you for the laughs. Alas we could probably hope for Dual Snowboard Big Air but I doubt Aspen knows how to build a 10 foot jump for those things.

Round 2 lets look at which one is more detrimental to your bodies health.

In the beginning ski blades had non releasable bindings. This caused such injuries as ski blader ankle or as the medical field would refer to it compound fractures of the tib and fib. Hell yeah I want to get me some spiral fractures for getting radical. But alas as things progressed they discovered that being progressive with the release system would save the sport so they went to standard ski bindings.

Now Dual Snowboards on the other hand uses snowboard bindings and boots. The comfort factor of the boots alone instead of being locked into thousand dollar pieces of restrictive plastic could win this round for them. Although you have to look at how you ride these things, standing sideways with independent leg control doesn’t seem good. How does your groin feel after you perform a split on a green run? Probably not too well.

Judgement Round 2: It’s a draw as both of these things just scream instant death in various ways to people. After all who wants microscopic surface area when gliding across snow.

Round 3 lets talk about all mountain versatility.

Ski blades can actually carve to an extent even if they don’t have enough surface area to keep you stable. Dual snowboards just sort of glide and have no use of an edge. This makes Ski Blades a little more versatile except when removing them you have to walk in ski boots, Dual Snowboards you just walk on the boards themselves because it’s a lazy man sport and no one should bother to talk them off. Yay for walking through piss covered bathroom floors in your hard goods.

Then we have to look at riding powder. Both of these things just completely fail and there’s no reason to ever ride the white fluffy stuff in these. Sure you could get some Powder Ski Blades but that’s the equivalent of cross-country rollerblading. Sure it’s a little bit bigger but it still looks retarded.

Dual Snowboards in pow? More like slow shoes, be prepared for plenty of post holing. Then again you could just walk off into the pow getting stuck causing you to die a slow painful death and amusement to the rest of us that couldn’t believe you were dumb enough to ride these things. I opt for this as it would give us more content for the site.

Round 3 Judgement: Draw they’re both worthless other than for sheer novelty factor and the only acceptable day to ride these is gaper day.

Round 4 will be a test to the varying cultures behind these two phenomenon.

Here we have native pro ski boarders (yes boarders not bladers they take offense to this) encroaching on the native habitat of socially accepted skiers and snowboarders.

How on earth is it acceptable to wear a fishing hat under a helmet in skinny jeans tucked into boots? It’s not that should only as previously mentioned be suited for gaper day attire.

Alas here’s another photo of these clowns at the top of Breckenridges Park Lane.

A little more in tune with skier fashion although why do they roll up their pants? Is it to show how comfortable they are with their tiny little skis that they don’t need to compensate for something else?

Now here we have a dual snowboarder in the wild.

Look at how he’s all Cripe Walking up on that box. He must think he’s in the club. But at least he looks like any other kid from SoCal and if we photoshopped a snowboard onto him he might even pass for a snowboarder.

Round 4 Judgement: Dual snowboarders can hypothetically blend in with surrounding snowboarders and not stick out like a sore thumb. Ski Bladers not so much. This round goes to the Dual Snowboarders.

In conclusion after a four round battle it has come to my attention that both of these fringe sports that cling to the taint of snow sports like a case of genital warts both suck. In fact to actually take either as serious would denote that you hate all things snow sports related and are hence forth a snow sports terrorist on a jibbing jihad against normalcy. Please if you do interact with any of these in the wilds be prepared to put them out of their misery by pointing and laughing while saying statements like, “are those things for real” and “you can’t be serious”. Or if you must go for the finishing move fatality point at them and say, “How cute your mom washed your gear and it shrank”. This will infuriate them and hopefully shame them into doing something more respectable.

Causes controversy!

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  1. David Z says:

    LOL at “Your mom washed your gear and it shrank”

  2. Phil says:

    “sports that cling to the taint of snow sports” haha

  3. 415joe says:

    i see a crew of ski bladerszzzzzz rolling 20 deep @Northstar every spring. I presume “safety in numbers” is the crew’s mantra.

  4. Kling says:

    “i see a crew of ski bladerszzzzzz rolling 20 deep @Northstar every spring. I presume “safety in numbers” is the crew’s mantra”

    probably roller derby on vacation

  5. slcsnow says:

    Listen to u hating…..ever tried Dual Snowboards before? I have my groin in tack and I ride dual snowboards such a dumb thing to say……ohhhhhhh my groin Im so scared of a snowboard cut in half. its sooooooooo scary man up dude…. ever ride down a mountain before where u from Michigan? I ride dual snowboards and rip on them. Prob rode Duals 100+ days this year in addition to skiing and snowboarding during the day. U sound like such losers!!!! Cry me river you hardcore snowboarders. The real legit 2012 rider does all three ski, snowboard and dual snowboard. When Im ripping by all you in pow because I dual snowboard and built my riding up see whats up then. A wise person once told me don`t hate participate!!!!! Everybody knows your only ski blading if you had 10 beers on a day in April. Dual Snowboards are different go ride one before u write ur blog haterz.

  6. Aww how cute the regional director of Dual Boards is upset they got shit on.

  7. GoonBoarding says:

    @slcsnow I like how at the end of your gay ass comment you say go ride one!!! hahahaha I thought dual meant 2 you jack ass!!!! I saw couple riding these @ Sierra, I say couple cause it was two dudes and I’m sure their gay….. So i sprayed their gay little asses, next time I see someone “dueling” same things going down with the next little bitch like you.

  8. Mradamx says:

    What’s the hardest part of dual snowboarding?

    Telling your parents you’re gay


  9. Kling says:

    You guys are gonna have to eat so much crow when DualBoarding hits the bigtime!

  10. Majin says:

    What’s the difference between dual boarding and a dead prostitute?

    Dual boarding still sucks. *Bazinga*

    And its wrong to make out gay only people dual board…… I wouldn’t wish dual boards on anyone!

    Having said that being taking in the ass is probably more fun.

  11. […] has been towards the emergence of Dual Snowboards. Yes it’s no secret that we have been part of the open mockery of this horrible idea, but it’s just too easy of a […]

  12. ashleyswan says:

    @slcsnow Just because this is the internet, it does not mean you can throw English grammar rules out the window you ignorant idiot. If you’re going to effectively argue something as stupid as your precious dual snowboards at least use spell check! Oh wait, the comment box already did that for you, I’m assuming you must be colorblind because that’s the only way you could ignore an entire paragraph of glaring red lines. Also 100+ days on these? Just for that statement I’m assuming you’ve never done 100+ days in your life.

    These dual snowboards might be one of the worst ideas I’ve seen in the past month. It’s leg & groin injuries just waiting to happen! It’s pretty obvious to anyone after watching their promo video that these are fun for about 5 runs and then the thrill of wiggling your feet back and forth gets old and you’re screaming for some stability again. Try hitting that jump without the airbag and then get back to me. 1:18 in that second promo video, tail tap? I don’t even understand this.. they cut up a snowboard design, mounted snowboard bindings, used snowboard boots, and ride them on park features and jumps in a stance identical to snowboarding, yet they’re not snowboarding? Who ever funded this little project should be doing a face palm right about now!

    Skiblades for the win! Wait, did I just say that?

  13. […] as well.  Sure those are all great for the female shred but what about the guys? Well just ride Dual Snowboards the shame coupled with serious groin injury should be enough to prevent any form of […]

  14. Snollerblader says:

    The hate is understood. I mean, I remember when snowboarding was banned from most resorts when it first started. Now that snowboarding is mainstream and the entire world jocks guys like Shaun White (of course you hate on him because he’s some sort of sell out that is the reason so much money floods into your sport allowing growth through research and development) you can look down on sports that seem “less cool” in your eyes. The same goes with skateboarding and guys like Bam Margera. Regardless, people are going to do the sports that they enjoy. You can hate and mock, and even talk about how sports like skiboarding and rollerblading were yanked from the X-Games, but I guess it must be a harsh reality to you and bring you complete disgust that rollerblading is being brought back to the American version of the X-Games this year. Well, maybe that isn’t a surprise considering the Euro and Asian X-Games have had their ratings dominated by rollerblading for several years now.

    Oh, and while you’re busy hating on the skiboarders at Breck, 99% of the guys in Park Lane and Freeway role up to those dudes all the time giving them props for throwing and stomping rodeos, flats, corks, etc…

    Hate comes from those who are insecure.

  15. This statement is all sorts of win for stupidity. I live in Breck, I know and talk to just about everyone in Parklane daily they’re mocking those guys. From pros to ManAms they’re mocking. Also skateboarding>rollerblading.

  16. Kling says:

    As I recently read, the only excuse for rollerblades is to play street hockey, and I will add that you better be bleeding. Its kind of like fucking fat girls or riding a moped, you may be having fun, but if you’re smart you won’t let your friends see you doing it.

  17. Snollerblader says:

    Congratulations! They live in Breck, too. They hang out and ride with skiers AND snowboarders there getting much love. Those who mock may do so, but apparently haven’t said it to their faces. I’m not saying that don’t have the fortitude to say it, I’m just saying… Had they, there might be a different form of thinking, now wouldn’t there be.

    Looking at two different sports like skateboarding and rollerblading is comparing apples to oranges. Both have their ups and downs.

    Your hate comes from ignorance, fear of differences, and insecurity. This is your column, so you’ll no doubt continue your rants. But, just know that people out there see through your lack of self-confidence. Women will pick up on that like cheap cologne.

  18. Lets be honest here they don’t live in Breck they’re like the passing tide of snow carnies. Here for the winter and then gone. They don’t get any love they have their little click of 5 and that’s it. When guys that film with Level 1 pick on you, you’re doing something wrong. Saucerboy they are not.

    I love your mental assessment of me and you’re entitled to your uneducated opinion albeit one that is completely wrong. The only one with fear and insecurity is yourself for posting under a false name and not identifying yourself. But I wouldn’t expect a snowbladder to actually be able to have the balls to post a real name or even for that matter want to be named for doing the bastard offshoot of free skiing.

  19. Snollerblader says:

    No one picks on them or approaches them. If people did, I’m sure right away they would have an epiphany and realize, “Woah, wait a minute. This sport that we’re doing is so gay. We need to stop right away and switch to skis.” I mean, that’s the same feeling I had back in ’93 when I first started snowboarding. Oh wait, no I didn’t. The hate throughout the ’90s thrown at snowboarding never affected me.

    Wait a minute, oh no. You mean, a lame snollerblader is also an OG snowboarder? Well, that’s pretty pathetic.

    Dude, you can go on and on with your hate. But, there will still be skiboarders/skibladers infecting the slopes, in your parks, down your chutes, over your cliffs, and wherever else you dwell. It’s all snowsliding, whatever your own. Get used to it. It isn’t going away.

    By the way, get a clue on freeskiing and it’s development. The two groups, Line and Salomon, started at the same time. The development of twin tips comes from the development of the Line Skiboard company at the same time that Salomon was changing over. So, no offshoot there. Skiboarding is as much the factor for twin tip skiing existing as the influence of snowboarding and the early Salomon riders was.

  20. Snollerblader says:

    Oh yeah, and one more thing. The development and basis for most inverts (most, not all) done today in freeskiing AND snowboarding comes from the start of the misty flip which was created by Ryan Jacklone in the early 90s. Ryan was a rollerblader from NYC riding for K2, a company that skis, snowboarding, AND skiboards. You can try and dispute it, but it’s a fact.

  21. Lets be real honest with each other here they aren’t doing cliffs, they aren’t riding pow, definitely not doing chutes especially this season. They’re the razor scooter of snow sports. You can argue all you want that people don’t mock them I know I and many others do, people that ride Park Lane and Freeway probably people you talk to as well if you are actually up here.

    Salomon 1080’s next to no sidecut, cap construction, mid wide, twin tip, still mounted behind true center. Reverse camber in skis Shane McConkey and the Spatula from Volant. You want to go into construction I probably have a better comprehension of it than you.

    You probably didn’t let hate in the 90’s effect you because you weren’t riding more than 3 days a year. Although not sure why hate on snowboarders in the 90’s is even relevant to ski bladding unless you’re some douche bag cross over that quit snowboarding because you couldn’t hack it.

  22. killclimbz says:

    Someone is arguing the merits of ski blading? Really? The first question I ask a person on snow blades or dual boards, is “What state are you visiting from?” They are always surprised that I know they are from out of state.

    Anyway, what’s the point? You are just not going to ride knee to waste deep powder on those. End of story. I have yet to see any one rocking ski blades or dual boards on Berthoud Pass. Because they suck…

  23. Snollerblader says:

    I rode four days a week right right up until the beginning of 2011, where now only once a week.

    I’m well aware of the construction, but the conceptual ideas of twin tips came from the crossbreeding of snowboarding and skis, early with skiblades and the desire to be able to ride forwards and backwards. Feel free to look up the Line archived interviews.


    Skiboarders have been living and riding at WP, Breck, Keystone, A-Bay, and Copper for five+ years.

    The guy in the yellow pants in the photo above at the top of Park Lane was hucking backs off Nitro. His brother, a ski instructor and long time skiboarder at WP. He also stomped several Kangs and Risky Flips in Dark Territory this season.

  24. Killclimbz says:

    Nitro on a hard pack day maybe. Still don’t see ‘em touring (ha!) on the pass on a deep day.

    There is a reason it is no longer a sport in the X Games…

  25. Snollerblader says:

    Oh, come on. You know that all sporting events are purely based on money. Skiboarding still had large scale international events more than five years after it was taken out of the X-Games. Companies like Strictly still produce skiboards because of the high demand for skiboardercross events in Japan and Korea. Rollerblading was taken out of the X-Games as the mainstream market dwindled and now it is being put back in. Freeskiing’s large scale market has pushed for its entrance into the Olympics, and so on. It’s all based on mainstream money markets. That’s why rollerblading never left the international X-Games.

    Every sport has its place in the limelight based upon the money it will draw to an event.

  26. Bgeezus says:


  27. Dave Lynam says:

    I like skiboarding. I’ll admit that powder isn’t the best thing in the world on ‘em, but they are fun. As far as being socially accepted, I’ve never been one to enjoy blending in and being part of the crowd. Plus, I love the entire park crew of Winter Park lining up to watch me learn new doubles in DT on “blades.” The extra notice gives me more motivation to try stuff. You angry snowboarders can enjoy poking fun at us. I’ve gotten used to it over the last 12 years.
    Enojoying winter just as much as then next guy,
    P.S. All my trips and equipment are free because I skiboard :)

  28. People actually ride the park in Winter Park? What a fucking joke those people shouldn’t be taken seriously they might as well go hang out with Pat Milberry and rollerblade.

    Guess we know who the joke fruit booters are of the snow sports that are leaving comments.

  29. Dave Lynam says:

    Good one^^^

  30. Sorry your angry.

  31. It’s actually you are or you’re. I love how insecure you guys are about getting picked on it’s rather amusing thanks for the humor and spike in site hits for my readers to enjoy your commentary.

  32. Snollerblader says:

    I am all about correcting grammar, spelling, and usage, but if you’re going to knock the sport at least get the name right. It is skiboarding, all one word.

    And, thanks for the free publicity. You sure have noticed us enough to be following us around, snapping photos, and writing your frustration out on your website when you could have been covering some new edits, or maybe snagging an interview with the 12 year old who landed a 1080 on the mega ramp quarterpipe. Yeah, you probably wont be concerned with that because he was there with his friends and some rollerbladers. Don’t want people knowing rollerbladers and skateboarders actually hang out.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to watching Chris Haffey stomp dub rodeos on the Nitro Circus ramp. Adios.

  33. The sad thing is that every time I post a comment you feel the need to come back with how upset you are with this. Pretty sure the site name is angry snowboarder not angry skateboarder. Ski blading got it.

  34. It’s funny how skiboarders press snowboarders buttons. Just loled

  35. Snollerblader says:

    I’ve got no riding to do for a couple of weeks, so this is a great way to occupy some down time.

    I think next you should do an article completely on tail presses and butters. That one would get some positive feedback from me (not sarcasm).

  36. Dave Lynam says:

    I like turtles

  37. RS Mark says:

    …….so, thats a vote for dual snowboards?

  38. I find it more funny how much comedic value I can get out of you guys.

  39. Snollerblader says:

    I’m here all week. But, on my rider it says that I need all orange Peanut Butter M&Ms in a two-quart bowl, two 40oz of premium Old-E, 17 pounds of shaved coconut, and a 14oz filet of Flounder atop a bed of Foxy Iceberg lettuce.

  40. joshua ryan says:

    I don’t like skiboards as they are in between skis and boards and I like to align myself with one camp or the other. So I’ll be hatin’ on those for sure. Don’t much like dual snow boards either they’re dfferent. I don’t like different. Anything new sucks…

  41. Kling says:

    Now Josh, you just aren’t appreciating the real benefits here! Dual boards are vastly superior and much more versatile. They can be enjoyed for cross-country boarding – even during the summer! Just strap those fuckers on and start hikin!

  42. Harry Potter says:

    Wow. It is great to see the Duals getting so much attention all over the world. Even from angry people. Most of the people I see riding & talking about Dual Snowboards though are actually happy people. The press is rocking Duals in a positive light. Just look at the major TV network clips on their YouTube channel. Who is covering the Angrysnowboarder? I just came across this page by Googling Dual Snowboards forums and this popped up – thanks guys! My first and last visit here for sure – but great to see you putting in so much time to the Duals – especially those of you open minded guys (and girls if applicable, actually – gays and lesbians too!) making a stand in this angry, hostile environment.

    It seems this product has come under scrutiny by a minority of Core” boarders who have nothing better to do than to preserve their cool images and big egos by tirelessly spending so much time on trying to make anything else that comes near their ultimate coolness, look uncool. Do you board because you board, or because it is cool and you don’t look gay?

    The Duals are difficult to learn, but I did it in an hour. And during that hour, you look as pathetic as you did when you learned to snowboard – no more and no less. What is more gay than not trying something in case you look gay? My 10 year old son has a bigger set of balls than you guys slagging off here.

    I still snowboard, and always will, but I am proud to say I’ll try anything once (well just about). Hey, I tried the Duals, and guess what – if you’re not a little pussy, they actually f…n rock!

  43. Why you starring at your sons balls? That seems rather gay.

  44. Happyskier says:

    I respect skiing because you can do endless powder, which skiboards are not the best at. They look at me because skiboards are Snowblades on steroids, and they complement me on how cool they are. I know they would probable never do it, but at least they aint a bitch about it ^^^ We just want to have a good time on the mountain but then there is the few people who think they are the best, and start a stupid argument on how bad it is to have a good time.

    For rollerblading, We just want to have fun. We don’t randomly go hating on skateboarding. Its just for fun and you should not care what other sports people are doing.


    A person who does not give a crap about what sports people do…

  45. Having been a skiier for 4 years, a snowboarder for 1 and a skiboarder for 8 I think I qualify to state I love skiboarding and I love lamp.

  46. BHard says:

    Loud noises!

    lets do another rant

    whats worse? Ignorant Skiers or ignorant snowboarders.

    Neither. They are both as useful as an One legged man in an ass-kicking contest


  47. Oh looks like the ski bladers found this article and are all upset that they’re getting mocked for being inferior again.

  48. kev1n says:

    I like all snow tools, but on each of them you can meet asshole ;-)

  49. Are you saying you’re a tool?

  50. Hey Angrysnowboarder. And hi everyone else brave enough to post on this thread. Stick Your Trick here, distributor for Dual in Europe. Please don’t be mistaken though, we and our team ride still ride our snowboards. Some of our Duals team riders are sponsored snowboarders by a number of other brands. We also have freestyle skiers strapped in to our Duals.

    You could try Duals sometime and anything else that you slate – because you don’t have much credibility sitting at a laptop, ranting and raving about everyone that does not ride what you ride.

    I saw on another thread recently which started similarly to this one, a snowboarder / skier stand up and say that snowboarders have become like skiers in the 80’s – with their heads up their own arses. With boarders breeding hate threads like this one on your site, that person has a pretty damn strong argument. That sucks for the rest of the boarding community that have better things to do than spin hate and lose face with the snow sports community.

    This kind of hate thread gives us boarders a bad name. Ride and smile man. Peace!

  51. You want to know what the difference between skiing, snowboarding, and this crap is? You are legitimately something that will kill and maim a person just by the bad design you have created. Seriously watched 2 idiots on these fucking things that worked for the brand at Breck this last week crash and burn getting off the lift, then proceed to eat shit on a green run once they hit a moderate speed of probably 10 mph. Bad ideas no matter what you believe are just that, BAD.

    Also don’t ever try and say “us boarders” when defending these fucking shit piles. You’re not a snowboarder if you ride these things plain and simple. These are not a snowboard in any way shape or form and that is my biggest gripe as are tons of other peoples. Snowboard, get it? One board = snow board. These are sideways ski blades.

    I seriously want to sit down and talk to the fucktard that invented these and then ask him how much return he’s getting on his investment.

    Also final point chief go look at the name of the site, really look at it, you see what it says as the first word there? ANGRY what’s not to comprehend that this site wouldn’t shit on an inferior crappy product?

  52. Angryboarder. We feel your pain dude, but in all this anger you have missed the point.

    Let’s try to explain it to you like this. If a snowboarder goes for a surf, enjoys it and starts surfing…but he still snowboards…is he no longer a snowboarder or “boarder” because he now surfs? And should his snowboarding buddies start slagging him off because now he surfs too? That’s a bit silly, no?

    The guys you described crashing and burning…You will see people all day long looking like this when learning to ride any snow device. You and we all (don’t deny it) looked this bad the first day on our boards. But now that we are competent boarders, do we have to knock people who are learning…any device? That is a bit lame man.

    AAAnyway you be angry, we be riding and smiling. Peace!

  53. Spen says:

    Obviously Angryboarder is a complete cock! Probably just pissed off that he is not as good a boarder as he likes to think he is. So lets take the piss out of everyone else who doesnt snowboard and maybe somehow that will make me look and sound cooler!
    Snowboarding rocks for sure, but the duals do look pretty good fun. I’ll look forward to trying them soon.

    Have fun boarding angryboarder and stop fingering infant girls for kicks!

  54. thejugernaut says:

    I love how all you small dick pussies (skiers,snowboarders,ski bladers, dual snowboard riders) have to argue with each other over who is the coolest on the mountain just to hide the insecurities of Your tiny pricks and pretend Your choice of gear is the only acceptable sight on the mountain you all sound like a pack of teenage girls fighting over the coolest boyband now everyone order some extenze grow a sack and just ride enjoy the adrenaline rush and the fresh powder leave the dick measuring to the Fags at chip n dales

  55. Coming from this guy it is safe to assume you ride Big Feet with poles.

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