Skating Made Easy

Skating on a snowboard is just too damn hard, right? Seriously who likes being sideways pushing off the side of your foot and slowly gliding across the snow? Doesn’t it make things so difficult and if you’re going to be up enjoying the slopes shouldn’t you have a way of making it far easier? Now damn wouldn’t that just be peachy keen?

Well relax not only do we have one such company offering this but we’ve officially got one copy-catting the other. Seriously could there be two separate entities that thought up the exact same bad idea? Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery but in this case it’s more like the worst case of plagiarism.

Yes that’s right for skate ease we have both The Swivler and Boardhubz. For those that don’t know both products do the same thing your bindings sit on a plate that can swivel your front foot forward allowing you to charge onward towards the chair lift with a ton of ease. Cause you know snowboarders should face straight downhill like monoskiers and two plankers. Sure sounds like a great concept except once again more moving parts that make things more complicated.

Just what we need a riser plate that will deaden the feel of our board and that has the potential to move on us. Seriously how much do you trust this thing knowing it’s designed to move forwards with the flick of a switch or the pull of a cord? Which goes into the next design flaw, a cord? Seriously why would you put a cord that if you’re riding trees it could get hung up on a branch and yank on you! Yes I love having my knees torque forward in the trees.

Oh how nice they have a video showing how to put the Boardhubz together.

Now Swivler does one up Boardhubz by offering actual swiveling bindings. Yes that’s right for a mere 196.50 you can get a binding that does what their plate does without having to be raised higher off the board. Woo hoo I’m going to get right on a binding that looks like a reject from SP!

Man why wouldn’t I want to ride that binding with its stamped aluminum heel cup, chincy looking highback, and the fact that it can swivel? Anyone else think that the swivel knob on the side has potential to cause a stress point on the board and break the top sheet with its unnatural flex?

As far as names go we get one that can’t spell Swivel right and the other going the extremely extreme route by adding a Z to the end of their name. Oh man I don’t know who is more bad ass for improper spelling but OMGZOR I needz dem!

Unfortunately we can only give a half Bro-Cal award to Board Hubz as they claim to have offices in both L.A. and the east. Swivler on the other hand comes out of the great state of Washington. Seriously how could something that bad come from up there that state houses some legit companies. Either way I leave you with this question would you use this and why?


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  2. Scott V says:

    Some poor guy in his basement thought this was gonna be the coolest thing since the “snowboard suspension” and he was right

  3. Andy says:

    Possibly the gayest invention since flow bindings, if you think skating is hard your probably a very poor rider.

  4. Sounds like you’ve never used flows.

  5. Scott V says:

    Gayest since flows? BRB finishing up my run while you’re still strapping in

  6. e says:

    Gayest thing since flow bindings? Really? So many things you could have picked and you picked something that a lot of people like…weird. I’ve seen so many of these weird ass products that are born to fail, at least they have a high retail to make sure it does. You think before you shelled out a crapload of money to get this thing to the market they might have done a little research. Maybe I can mount these things to my hyarc, with miller releasable binders. Damn, I need some boots to go with.

  7. Marsh says:

    Swivler is lead foot only….bogus… Boardhubz is two that bot adjust less footprint than your binding there is no comparision …..changing stance or riding switch is simple with boardhubz not so at all with swivler but some people like to pay more for half of a product …go for it…

  8. Tim says:

    Wow…seriously..will these work with my Palmer plates? I hope so….

  9. Jack Dovey says:

    This binding looks like the old Hyarc snowbord that my buddy Dr. Shannon bulit and patented in 1995. I still ride on it every now and then and it is a blast. It is great on the hard pack and days when the snow is not new. Doctor Shannon’s board articulates and the back binding works just like the binding in the video. I was lucky to end up with some of his last production modles before he quit making them.

  10. John says:

    I was going to have to quit snowboarding because the way a snowboard torques my knee while on a lift. The Swivler changed everything for me. For the last 3 seasons I have used a couple Swivler plate sets with zero problems (I have yet to try a Swivler binding or the boardhubz) . Lube them up with silicone spray at the beginning of a season and I am good to go. I get about 30 days riding in a season. My only complaint is that the black cord has ‘Swivler’ written repeatedly down the length in rainbow colors. Had to use a black paint pen on it. Why not just white lettering?
    BTW, have used a set of Flow bindings for years. They were inexpensive and have been a fun and flexible binding.

  11. Diego says:

    As John said the torque on my lead foot is very painfull sometimes, mostly when I’m at the mountain from 10.00 to 17.00. I’m have 37 years-old and I’ve been riding for 10 whole seasons (Bariloche – Argentina). I’m thinking on buying the swivler, mostly, for the lift and the lift approach. Yes, I’m a little bit concerned about the strenght but John said that he used them for 3 seasons so I think that it will be allright.
    I had some Shimano clicker bindings when I started with snowboard and they broken twice in jumps (first the lead foot and later on the back foot), THIS is a good review of a bad product! Not just guessing that and idea is bad without try it or get the experience from others.

  12. Gavin says:

    Been using the swivler for about 5 years on and off, and not had any problems with them at all… they’ve never snagged on anything, and never ever swivelled on me by accident.. they require a reasonably amount of force to pull the cord to turn them in the first place, so unlikely to happen by accident.

    Useful for the lifts, etc and don’t add too much weight to the board (to be honest, I’m 6ft4 and about 17 stone, if that weight doesn’t effect the board, a couple of riser plates with inbuilt gadgets isn’t going to make a difference !).

    In terms of the leash.. meh, not a problem either.. and on the plus side means I’m unlikely to let go of the board and see if vanish into the horizon !

  13. How’s that uneven binding height helping your hip and back alignment there chief?

  14. John says:

    Swivler update: after 4 seasons of use the Swivler plates are still operational on two boards. The issue with my right knee subsided after a few years and have been mostly riding a park board/no swivler for a couple of years. @Angrysnowboarder – the swivler comes with a swivler plate and a riser plate for the non-swivler foot, making the height even. When riding lifts with skiers the swivler seems to make a lot of sense. But ya know, Travis, Gigi, MFM, Torstein, Romain De-?, none of those guys use the swivler so I should probably throw them away cause I chuck triples off of huge out-of-bounds cheese wedges like they do ………. pffffffffffffffffffft.

  15. Ah yes completely random person that has never posted here before we will totally take your word at face value.

  16. John says:

    Posted ‘here’? Twice on this thread because I have experience with one of the products in question.

  17. Now you’ve posted twice. Congratulation!

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  19. Ric says:

    These products would be helpful for an amputee riding with a prosthesis.

  20. Ur Idiots says:

    Why comment on something you’ve never used??????????????

  21. Someone is butt hurt their product was mocked.

  22. Ur Idiots says:

    I’m a skier you fool. I wouldn’t bother boarding.

  23. Common Sense says:

    Notice how nobody has posted a single reason why this isn’t a good idea. I’ve been using the StraightRide for over a decade, and the thing rocks. I will never board without a device like this.

    Why would you hobble around all day with your leg contorted, when you can simply get one of these devices? To do so is baffling, but to scorn this invention with no hard facts is sheer stupidity.

    Want to criticize the product? Then provide FACTS on why it isn’t good. Otherwise, you just look like a whiny idiot.

  24. How come I and every other competent snowboarder can actually skate around without an issue? Might say something about you and your last decade of riding.

  25. Kling says:

    The Norweigian judge is awarding 7points for the use of the word “hobble”.

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  27. Michael Wells says:

    I have used the Swivler with Flow bindings since 2005 as I was getting left knee burn after 2 weeks of chair lifts and skating from the lift or to the corral. The weight and twisting of the board on the chairlift was instrumental producing knee burn at night and this to me was my body indicating something was wrong! After searching the internet and fitting the Swivler with the Flow bindings I found no knee burn occuring and skating from the chair lift easy, also having the board aligning itself on the chairlift similar to having skirs on pleasurable, all in all a very good product that has not impeded on my snowboarding ability, videos on my facebook prove this! As far as not using the rear swivler plate, this has not cause any balance upset, in fact it assists with weight distribution for powder! I feel younger bodies may not feel any knee tendon issues and enjoy skating sideways through crowds, however a over extention turning of the knee could easly tear tendons which could see knee operations and rehabilitation!

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