Sierra Snowboards Officially In Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The rumors have been confirmed that it is indeed true that Sierra Snowboards has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the city of San Jose. Someone who went to serious lengths to remain anonymous to me sent over a series of emails documenting a decent amount of information on their legal proceedings. Here’s what’s been presented to myself and should be part of the public records for all to see with this situation.

10-55755 Michael Anthony Management, Inc.
Case type: bk Chapter: 11 Asset: Yes Vol: Judge: Roger L. Efremsky
Date filed: 06/01/2010 Date of last filing: 06/24/2010

Case Summary

Office: San Jose Filed: 06/01/2010
County: Santa Clara Terminated:
Fee: Paid Debtor discharged:
Origin: 0 Reopened:
Previous term: Converted:
Debtor dismissed:
Joint: n Confirmation hearing:
Nature of debt: business
Related adversary proceedings: 10-05182
Pending status: Awaiting First Meeting
Flags: PlnDue, DsclsDue
Trustee: Office of the U.S. Trustee / SJ City: San Jose    Phone: ( ) Email: [email protected]
Party 1: Michael Anthony Management, Inc.   (94-3388138)   (Debtor)
Atty: C. Randall Bupp Represents party 1: Debtor
Phone: (925) 277-3580
Email: [email protected]
Location of case files:
Volume: CS1
The case file may be available.

10-55755 Michael Anthony Management, Inc.
Case type: bk Chapter: 11 Asset: Yes Vol: Judge: Roger L. Efremsky
Date filed: 06/01/2010 Date of last filing: 06/24/2010


686 Westlife Distribution USA,LLC (10978620)
Bell Sports Inc. (10978625)
Burton Snowboards (10978626)
Coalision (10978631)
Dakine (10978632)
DC Shoe’s Inc. (10978634)
FedEx (10978640)
Flow Sports/Wells Fargo Trade Capital (10978641)
Marker Volkl USA (10978650)
Mervin Manufacturing Inc. (10978651)
Next Level (10978652)
Nitro USA (10978653)
Quiksilver/QS Wholesale Inc. (10978657)
Rome SDS (10978659)
Rossignol Ski Company (10978660)
Salomon (10978662)
Sessions/Samsung America Inc. (10978663)
Shaun Palmer LTD (10978664)
Smith Sport Optics Inc.                                  (10978666)

This was also attached to another email from the same person:

Case Information Associated Cases

Number: 1-10-CV-170404

Title: The Burton Corporation Vs Michael Anthony Management, Inc., Et Al

Category: Breach Of Contract/Warranty – Unlimited

Filed: 4/28/2010 Disposed: None Status: Open

Calendared Events Involved Parties Documents

Type Name Disposition

Plaintiff/X-Defendant The Burton Corporation

None None

Attorney: Paul S. Rosenlund

Duane Morris LLP , One Market Plaza, Spear Tower, Suite 2200, San Francisco, Ca 94105-1104

Defendant Sierrasnowboard.Com, Inc.

None None

Attorney: Jack C. Provine

Shapiro Buchman Provine LLP , 1333 N. California Blvd., Suite 350, Walnut Creek, Ca 94596

Defendant Michael A Harrosh

None None

Attorney: Jack C. Provine

Shapiro Buchman Provine LLP , 1333 N. California Blvd., Suite 350, Walnut Creek, Ca 94596

Defendant/X-Complainant Michael Anthony Management, Inc.

None None

Attorney: Jack C. Provine

Shapiro Buchman Provine LLP , 1333 N. California Blvd., Suite 350, Walnut Creek, Ca 94596

Doing Business As Sierra Snowboard & Ski

None None

You can check this site and search under Burton Corporation to find out more.

To quote the final email from someone calling themselves The Informant;

So yes. Michael H is currently in the middle of Chapter 11, with Sierra et all.  Court Documents go deep, and show a list of Sierra employees on Payroll who  were needing to be paid, while under Ch 11, so they had to get court authority to do so.  So rumors are no more.. and the truth is free

So for those that want to know more about Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and what it means I suggest you check out this link. But the basic gist of it is they’re in restructuring and trying to protect themselves from the amassed debt they have. From what I’ve heard this is essentially the tactic that Tri-Cities used when it was sued by Levi’s and then rolled the money over into Sierra. So don’t expect to see them gone just yet, but probably renamed. Although why would any company want to do business with them after this?


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  2. T says:

    Its sad to see how small, independent retailers are putting these giant warehouses out of business.

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  4. arild says:

    really fucking sad. will never forget when they sent me a floor model of a binding many moons ago. fuck em.

  5. upstate. says:

    soooo awesome. that place is run by fuckin scumbags and sell nothing but seconds…then people that work at real shops have to deal with it.

    We get about a person a day in the winter coming in (burton soho store) with a fucked up board/luggage/etc from sierra trying to return it to us haha! or looking for parts that werent sent with their stuff. such a shitty company…glad to see it end!

  6. Goodone says:

    Karma in action – however upstate the worst service i have ever recieved was in the Burton store in NY.

  7. Dustin says:

    I have bought end of year discounted stuff from there the last few years, never rubbed me wrong, great deals, good community.

  8. Sy says:

    Sad to see SS go, even with import taxes and delivery it was still the only place to sell Burton shit at a price it’s actually worthy of. The real shame though is that no one from SS has let the community know and it’s all having to be played out here, lame :(.

    I see a massive dip in the Burton market share coming from this.

  9. Snowfox says:

    From my understanding…
    Burton was planning on dropping out anyways due to brand decay with SS among various legal technicalities. In my opinion, if you see a dip in the Burton Market share it’s because they’re playing tighter with the prices on their boards and getting more back per board.

  10. The Intern says:

    Listen you fucktards, Chapter 11 is not a “going out of business” type of deal. Chapter 11, simply put, means the are restructuring the organization and in short term protects them from creditors and the Burton lawsuit. They may change name or something, but the same company all you sheep love to flock to will still be around.

  11. Ahahahahaha says:

    i love it. companies filing to get out of paying their bills.
    way to go patio store.

  12. E says:

    They aren’t the only ones to file chapter 11, other shop(s) have done that, but the bank wants the money so in short, we delivered, they sold it, they paid it & now the bank gets most of the money back. And now that shop, under a different name has already opened up again. There are a lot of brands that screwed in this while SS/Burton have their fun lawyer games.

  13. shralp says:

    What is the new name for Sierra? I vote Skierra.

  14. I’m going with Core Sierra.

  15. E says:

    Chapter Sierleven

  16. The Intern says:

    Heyyyy Joooeeeyyyy!

  17. Ahahahahaha says:

    Whicker R us.

  18. Storebrand snowboards?

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  20. idshred says:

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    “specializing in the sale of deeply discounted black sharpies for all your contract, dealer agreement, home & car loan, etc modifications.”

    *seasonal 70% off sales of red and blue sharpies

  21. idshred says:

    the *NEW* community forums

    “powered by 200,000 14 year olds that don’t know shit about snowboarding”

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