Shop Local Campaign

Since the inception of this website we’ve always pushed to make snowboarders aware that local shops are the cornerstone of our culture and that by supporting you they in turn support a local scene. Times have changed and the Internet has morphed the retail landscape changing the dynamics of the “local shop”. Here’s where we’re stepping in. It would be easy for us to load this site with affiliate advertisers to the biggest online warehouses/chains, but what does that do to support local snowboarding scenes? Nothing, and we’re not down with that. We want to help you local guys get the word out and that is why we’ve launched our Shop Local Campaign.

What does this mean for you as a local shop?

It means we have a voice to help you guys, one that has earned its respect by putting in the time and years to make a website that people value and trust.

It also means that we have an audience that could be potential customers for you. When we polled our readers earlier this year 68% of the over 300 people who answered said they were likely to buy based on our reviews. Reviews make up over half of the content on this site and as we go forward we intend to become the Internets number one source of snowboard product reviews.

How does it work for you?

We have the ability to place your ad in our product reviews, giving your shops web-store that much needed presence to a market that wants to buy. This direct placement means it’s the first store these potential buyers see when browsing our reviews. We also have reduced rates for shops for main page advertising placements. The best part about these ads is that unlike print or radio they are always on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and can be viewed worldwide. Now tell me that an audience like that isn’t valuable?

What about Social Media?

We fully understand the benefits of social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With advertising with us you also get recognition on these mediums through all of our channels. Having a special sale and want to let everyone know? We’ll put the word out to your readers all while tagging it back to you.

John Brossman manager The Big Hit Breckenridge Colorado. “For our annual labor day sale we worked with The Angry Snowboarder to get it out on their social media channels, because of this we reached customers in Denver who drove two hours to take advantage of our prices.

Vig Gaglione Team and Social Media Manager for The Big Hit. “Working with the Angry Snowboarder has gained us triple the amount of likes and reach we had since I started using social media in February.

Are there any stipulations or rules?

Well as mentioned we want to help local shops who are part of a local scene and community. This means that you have to be a brick and mortar, have a web-store, and some form of social media. What we don’t want are the mega online warehouses, fly by night discount sites, and one deal at a time sites.

How do we get involvoed?

Feel free to email the founder of Angry Snowboarder at [email protected] he can answer all of your questions and concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.