Sean Thomson FULL PART

STYLE…style is everything, and this kid from Ottawa got some to sell. Sean wasn’t filming for PIGEYE last winter, but you may recognize him from his cameo in Dillon Ojo’s part.


  1. Andrew Jackson says:

    As the proud Uncle of the amazing and EXTREME snow boarder, I am VERY impressed! I just viewed the video and was blown away by Sean’s skills and madcap spirit!

    I am sending the video to talent agents. With the abundance of reality television, why isn’t someone exploring the personal world of the snowboarders and the cutting edge sport. I think it would have an audience.

    Any thoughts????

  2. Do whatever you want uncle Andy.

  3. Andrew C. says:

    Glad you are doing everything that I taught you. Your mom would be proud.
    Andrew C.

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